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Wolf Priest: Why can't i equip my Boltgun?

Discussion in 'Space Marines' started by Gisborne, Sep 29, 2016.

  1. Gisborne Gisborne Confessor

    Just got Boltgun from 1k Pack but can't equip on Apothecary? I thought they could use them?
  2. Gisborne Gisborne Confessor

    Anyone? can;t seem tog et an answer to this from anyone on either forums.
  3. Morderian Morderian New Member

    Wolf Priest cant carry a Bolter, because he has basically a Powermaul which is quite strong especially the Burning one
  4. Gisborne Gisborne Confessor

    wait wtf? so other SM apothecarys can? does that mean he can't use a chainsword either?
  5. Rei_Shepard Rei_Shepard Active Member

    In my codex they can even use a Storm Bolter, just saying.

    Nope we can only use the Crozium.
  6. Gisborne Gisborne Confessor

    what the actual fucking hell... So upon making an ultra Apoth i see now only can they use more guns but also have more customisation, are you fucking shitting me...

    So i guess i won't be playing a fucking space wolf then for Christ sakes, anything else i need to know about the gimpish space wolves or other sub factions?
  7. Morderian Morderian New Member

    actually wolf priest is better then the other apoth cause he has that powermaul, as he is not only able to heal people but also good at bashing the heads of most enemies in melee an apoth on the other hand is either a standard Tac with the crappy Bolter that cant cap or a ground assault without better weapons
  8. Tarkis Apollyon Adamusar Arkhona Vanguard

    Wolf Priests, if you're not aware, are the Chaplains as well as Apothecaries for the Wolves, so they have to have the Cronies. Shame they can't use that and a bolter at the same time but oh well. Tradeoff is that the Priest is better in melee whilst the regular Apothecary is better at ranged. Both have the primary job of healer though, so you should focus more on that than what weapons they get.
  9. Gisborne Gisborne Confessor

    So wolf priests can Cap?
  10. Morderian Morderian New Member

    no... only tacs can cap, where did you get that idea

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