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Will of the Word Bearers: OOC/Planning Thread

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by DeranVendar, Oct 6, 2016.

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    Hopefully some of us will get more lucky this time around :D
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    Hopefully you've got five character back ups in mind? :D Dice always -love- you.
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    @Virgil_Corbec As a heads up your on the chopping block at the moment if you don't respond soon-ish. I'll give you a few more updates to respond or let me know what's up before I gotta side-line/off Mordethac. @Keidivh @Vulpas , if either of you are still interested I won't be locking y'all out of joining until the deployment post in another day or two.

    Character Sheets: Will Edit to reflect changes once everyone had done their armory stuff
    Name: Arnok
    Class: Dark Apostle
    Former Allegiance: Word Bearers Legion
    Scorned By: Khorne
    : Pale and deformed skin, covered in scars. His entire eyes are pitch black, like deep pits within his face. His teeth have all been made to have sharp points, and his tongue has been split in two like that of a serpent. His hair is pitch black and sloppily hangs to his shoulders. His height and muscle mass are slightly above average.
    Weak: Scorned by Khorne Arnok finds that his flesh now betrays him to all manner of wounds increasing the pain they inflict and often leaving sores that weep blood at a worrying rate. Arnok takes a small amount of extra damage from all sources and attacks that hit him make a separate roll that can cause a bleeding damage over time effect.

    Name: Nemeritus
    Class: Blademaster
    Former Allegiance: The Forces of Fabius Bile
    Scorned By: Slaanesh
    Equipment: Bolt Pistol, Twin Daggers
    Appearence: Pale skin that bears the scars of Fabius Bile's experiments, surprisingly well-tended hair, polished, but sharp nails.
    A Void: Of course Slaanesh would punish Nemeritus with denial. Anything that Nemeritus attempts to eat has no taste, and there is only a void of pressure where food has entered his mouth as if he has not eaten anything at all. Not even a hint of foulness is allowed for the fallen champion. All the worse his hunger is never truly sated and urges to consume remain powerful as ever. Every time an engagement ends Nemeritus will gain a stacking debuff known as Cravings. Cravings will carry with it more and more debilitating effects as it grows in stacks. Nemeritus may attempt to remove stacks of Cravings by feasting on the dead after a fight for a slim chance at removing a stack, or spending a turn eating a live foe he has 'slain' in close combat for a slightly higher chance of removing a stack.
    Stack effects - 1. Enemies gain +1 to hit. 2. Nemeritus can only crit on 20s and crit fails on 2s. 3. Enemies gain +2 to hit. 4. Critical failures Nemeritus always stun for 1 turn in addition to normal effects. 5. Nemeritus re-rolls results of 19-20.

    Name: Silim
    Class/Archtype: Warpsmith
    Former Allegiance: Thousand Sons
    Scorned (Enslaved) By: Tzeentch
    Equipment: Bolt Pistol, Spear, Knife, Bolter
    Appearance: Of medium height and build for an Astartes, Feridoun is an olive-skinned, dark-eyed Prosperine. Scholarly and contemplative of mien, melancholic by nature, his chronic ill fortune over the centuries has left him haggard and scarred, his voice soft and raspy from a throat wound that claimed his life.
    Vengeful Spirits: Many a slighted man, or worse, haunts the steps Silim took throughout his life and they too have made bargains or been offered places to stay involved with the living failure himself. Whenever Silim kills a foe or inflicts the bulk of a damage to a slain enemy there is a chance it will be revived for several turns with augmented stats depending on means of death and other context specific factors. Perils of the Warp rolls always summon a daemon or multiple daemons based on character strength. Attempting to bind demons also becomes significantly riskier.

    Name: Mordethac
    Class/archetype: Berserker
    Former allegiance: Crimson Slaughter
    Scorned by: Khorne
    Appearance: Pale with brown hair and heavy scarring
    Equipment: Shotgun, Bolt Pistol, Blade ( Sica ), Fist Weapon (Scissor )
    The Voices: Mordethac has never stopped hearing the voices and in his time incarcerated upon Sicarus the number of screaming and wailing tongues has swollen to the hundreds. Whether blood surges or lay stagnant he hears them and whether he likes it or not they've claimed influence over his actions. Mordethac now counts critical failures as critical successes against a nearby ally when attacking. Things he hears or reads may be altered by the damned who have fallen at his hands. (Represented by DM intervention, do not alter anything yourself if it comes from another player or myself. Feel free to alter things he sees or hears in personal posts though. )

    Name: Viator
    Class/Archtype: Blademaster, Traveler
    Former Allegiance: Unknown
    Scorned By: Slaanesh
    Equipment: Bolt Pistol, Rusted Sa'vr'sen'stvo
    Appearance: Pale, corpse-like skin, long ashen hair, regal, almost knightly facial features, violet eyes (going for the look of a vampire count slash traveling knight\ronin slash slaaneshi devotee :)). Somewhat reclusive, introspective and focused on his own skills and abilities - and how to improve them - rather than those of others. A philosopher, interested in finding the truth behind things and often having such conversations, offering his council and knowledge to those who shared his view.
    The Novice: An untrained hand and limbs that neither know or feel the motions. Cannot score critical hits.

    Name: Aphael Sum
    Scorned By: Tzeentch
    Former affiliation: Prodigal Sons
    Equipment: Bolter, Bolt Pistol, Knife
    Description: Aphael carries to look of the "average" Thousand sons sorceror, though clearly he has lost whatever recouses and influence he once carried, his armour has hairline cracks and spotted paint, and his robes are old faded and tattered, despite this he still seems to carry himself with some sort of purpose.
    Wild Mutation: During his trip to Sicarus Tzeentch visited the crafty little sorcerer with a gift of wildly unstable warp energies. These energies are unleashed during periods of great stress and will temporarily transform Aphael into a broken reflection of what awaits those who cannot withstand the gifts of Chaos. Aphael's critical failures are now critical successes, however these cause him to mutate in some random fashion that may be useful or useless to him. If five of these mutations happen within a single mission Aphael is doomed to become a spawn.

    Name: Alkaz the Summoner
    Class/Archtype: Sorcerer
    Former Allegiance: Thousand Sons
    Scorned By: Tzeentch
    Equipment: Bolter, Combat Knife, Bolt Pistol
    Appearance: He was surprisingly tall amongst Astartes, though not brutishly so like one expected of any primitive Khornates, nor as 'muscled': his reliance upon his armour and sorcery left him (relatively) weaker than the more combative sort amongst his kind. Silvery-white hair was upon his head, with a set of violet eyes from being within the Warp for such a long time.
    Stripped: Even in freedom Alkaz is still bereft his abilities as a psyker. Once terrifying prowess as a sorcerer remains a faded memory at best and even as body has returned to form mind is still broken and fragmented. Alkaz is significantly weaker at wielding any and all warp magics. Vulnerability to the predations of daemons is increased.
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    <Rubs hands after a moment> We wouldn't be needing an extra Heretic to add to the group, would we?
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    After reading my original description of Viator, I realized how far off am I with his characterization now damn ahhaahhaahha
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  6. Sorry for not posting was at a birthday
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    Drop yourself a sheet fella, I'll whip up a flaw for ya once I've read some history and what not! Please be sure to read the first page description and what not for rules/set up.
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  8. Sorry Sorry! I have been really busy lately but I'll try to keep up now! Promise.
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    All good man, just hadn't heard from ya!
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    Apologies for going missing for some time, had some issues with my tablet involving its screen being busted and not being able to do long posts do to cracks interfering with typing,and had some things to deal with IRL, I Shall try to get back in a posting mood with for Garrick but may likely need to be side lined.
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