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Why can't a Grey Knight sit on the Throne?

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussions' started by Dreadspectre, Feb 13, 2017.

  1. So Grey Knights don't have a Primarch but they are made from the gene seed of the Emperor himself.

    Shouldn't at least one of them with extremely potent Pysker abilities be able to sit on the Throne and hold the warp tear at bay long enough to see if the Emperor would fully die and then(maybe) be reborn if he is in fact an immortal like they say he is?

    I mean the guy who sat on the Throne for him the first time wasn't even genetically modified was he? I have to imagine a GK would be better than him.
  2. Galen Galen Arkhona Vanguard

    Nah the person that sat on the throne last time was the 3rd/or perhaps 4th most powerfull psyker in the IoM at that time.Im pretty sure gray knights are not that powerfull.Maybe killinng 100 of them could do the trick though!
    Edit- shouldnt this be in offtopic or something?
  3. Mileena Mileena Subordinate

    Big E planned on Magnus to sit on the Throne. That was scrapped when HH happened. Perhaps someone could convince Magnus to return? or find someone more powerful, ala Kyahon That thousand son sorcerer who just so happened to surrendered before the 13th black crusade. The one psyker powerful enough to bring down daemon prince primarch Magnus to his knees.
  4. That's the thing though, Grey Knights seem to be described as the most potent Psykers possibe able to wield psyker weapons no one else can. They're also, literally, incorruptible. Win Win?
  5. charlie cafrank Recruit

    1. gray knights aren't the most power full there are, there just the most power full pension on the blackship at the time. one source says they pick the best on the blackship when they need a replacement so there more power full then the norm but not often by much. 2. Any psyker who is trained can wield force weapons the gray knights just have better made ones. 3. the golden throne is made for the emperor and to yuse it without dieing from it take massive psychic power, great endurance and the emperor's DNA with out all three enny one will die in a few hours. magnus has all three so he was/is the best replacement, malcador was very powerful (more so then even most eldar) but the golden throne was made for the emperor so even he could only yuse it for several hours before turning to dust.
  6. Phalaris of Akragas Phalaris Nickname Change

    Nothing is incorruptible.
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  7. Khornatian Khornatian Steam Early Access

    It was never confirmed that the Gray Knights bore the geneseed of Big E, just one of the possible theories mentioned alongside them being an amalgamation of the remaining loyalists of the traitor legions, with Omegon, the brother of Alpharius, having quite a case for being the first Grandmaster of them.

    Kaldor Draigo's sheer Mary Sueness would probably make him viable to replace Big E entirely though. Gotta carve more names into Daemon Primarch hearts and such.
  8. Galen Galen Arkhona Vanguard

    Eh not really Khayon "surrendered" on Abbadons request not because he had a change in heart.And him "bringing Magnus to his knees" has more to do with Magnus "deamon" nature than Khayons might.
    According to recent lore Omegon (or was it Alpharius ) is kinda difficult to be Janus...someone else wearing red though(KILL THE FUCKING TURNCOAT!!!):mad:
  9. Potent yes.
    Powerful enough to sit on the Golden Throne? No.

    The GK were created by Malcador. And he was more powerful than any of them.
    He was the most powerful human psyker in the Imperium, and the third most powerful after the transhuman Emperor and Magnus.

    And he sat on the Golden Throne for a few hours whilst the Emperor took to the Battlefield to fight Horus' forces.
    What happened to Malcador? The strain of using the Golden Throne turned him to ash!

    I doubt your average GK would last a minute on the Golden Throne.

    1. Everybody is saying stuff like 'the Grey Knights are the most "Potent" of Psykers', but I think they forget that the full sentence should have something like 'against Daemons' on the end. Why? Because they were created specifically to fight Daemons! And there are Inquisitors who are there equal, if not more powerful, yet do not specialise in Daemon-fighting.
    2. You're right about Psykers and Force Weapons, but I would argue that the Inquisition has access to Force Weapons at least the equal of the GK Nemesis ones.
    3. The Golden Throne was not made specifically for the Emperor. It is an Archaeotech device that pre-dates the Imperium and was salvaged by the Emperor's forces during the Unification Wars/Early Great Cusade. We do not even know what its original puprose was, so to say that it was specifically built with the Emperor and his DNA in mind just doesn't track. If it was used for other purposes than forging a link to the webway, or holding the Warp Rift Magnus created, then Malcador could have survived his time in the Golden Throne with little to no negative effects. Plus, due to Magnus' breach of the Palace's psychic wards, the Golden Throne was damaged. So that could have contributed to the strain anyone sitting on it had to deal with.

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