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Who Is The Best Primarch?

Discussion in 'Space Marines' started by Grigdusher, Oct 19, 2013.

  2. Joram Joram Well-Known Member

    I don't understand how anyone can like Fulgrim, he is actually the weakest primarch, the daemon did all the work for him.
  3. Vox de Vacuo Vox-de-Vacuo Active Member

    I never mentioned I like him (he is my Primarch - I adore him!), I just stated the fact who of all primarchs is the best. Face the result, Fulgrim has defeated two other primarchs in battle, though one lays in mausoleum like Lenin and considered sleeping (and he smells like that bc he just can't control himself while sleeping, can you?). That is the fact. The score is 1,999999(999999):0. Nobody else is even close to him. Any excuses are for weaklings, go defeat Fulgrim first and you may talk about deamons, soothsayes or any other astral help.

  5. Uhh, actually, Fulgrim is trapped inside a damn portrait, watching in horror and despair what his once proud legion has lowered itself to, as the Daemon possesses his body. Hardly the best Primarch. More like one of the most pathetic ones i'd say. He fell for it way too easily.
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  6. Stefan Ecke New Member

    lemon more words are needed!
  7. Beriorn Beriorn Subordinate

    Nope, he took possession of his body again and ascended to the status of Daemon Prince shortly afterwards.
  8. kernowstig Member

    They didn't master chaos they became it's servants because they were weak. They utterly failed to muster the courage, conviction and fortitude to resist it's temptations. They were promised that they would rule the galaxy and yet they don't, they keep trying and keep failing because -they are weak. The Gorgon may well have fallen but Fulgrim and his allies didn't and haven't won so it stands to reason that they therefore are the losers. Losers who lack the foresight and intuition to understand that they have become the lap dogs to masters who care nothing for them. Fulgrim worked hard to be the best because his fragile ego and vanity couldn't handle being anything else -he failed and keeps failing. In fact the only thing he has achieved is being the perfect failure. ;)
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  9. Vox de Vacuo Vox-de-Vacuo Active Member

    So much psychologists around nowadays, every loyalists' puppy has his 'special' opinion. Fulgrim is undefeated and free from daemon's will. You, 'loyal servants' of empra, are no less slaves of evil bureaucratic machine than you consider all those who stride Chaos path. You know no difference, blind in your ignorance of the 'dark side' (aaand yeahh, all the cookies belong to us!)
  10. Murtag Murtag Cipher

    Alpharius and Omegon. Corax would have revolutionized marines if it weren't for the Alpha Legion. Those three primarchs are somewhat similar but they're my favorites

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