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Which Class (pole Version 2)

Discussion in 'Eldar' started by Noctifer, Dec 15, 2013.


Which of the following would you play as your main (that is not in yet)

  1. Warlock would be my main no matter what!

    28 vote(s)
  2. Swooping Hawks

    15 vote(s)
  3. Fire Dragons

    14 vote(s)
  4. Striking Scorpions

    31 vote(s)
  5. Banshees

    26 vote(s)
  6. Warp Spiders

    59 vote(s)
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Jolpo Jolpo Well-Known Member

    Wow! Some serious love for spiders.
  2. Policenaut Policenaut Forum Beta Tester

    I DISLIKE POLLS THAT ALLOW FOR MULTIPLE SELECTIONS because there's that ONE GUY who votes for all of them and then the poll is useless
  3. Mngwa Mngwa Well-Known Member

    It's like a regular election, each candidate votes for themselves thus providing one additional vote for all!
  4. Quothe Quothe Subordinate

    There's no stopping them... No upturned glass they fear, no bathtub they can't escape!
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  5. Warmaster Nate Warmaster_Nate Well-Known Member

    But...but...Autarchs have to tread so many paths! :confused:

    Nah, I just picked Dire Avenger. Somebody has to be the backbone!
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  6. My home, Keuartoc, knows well how to use the sting of the Spider to our advantage.

    Lhykosidae's chosen it is.
  7. Naurgalen Naurgalen Active Member

    Warlock ofc, but if Swooping Hawks actually fly/glide instead of just jumping they can be my second most played path.
  8. Hosk Hosk Curator

    I would love to see swooping hawks as true flyers, just unable to use the dive attack that assault marines in Space Marine can use. That being said, I'd also love to see falcons and prism tanks, that are both capable of low altitude flight, zooming around. In terms of the tanks, I think gameplay will certainly overrule lore, because giving us space elves a huge array of flyers is (probably) not going to happen.

    Swooping hawks, however, would be the only non-melee assault troops (so no dive bombing) and are eldar so are in desperate need of cover. I don't see giving them true flight as so game breaking that they won't allow it. That being said, in beta there might be a slew of swooping hawk attack wings that spend their time dropping huge amounts of grenades on enemy lines before flying back to base to re-arm... that might change my mind a little.
  9. Asclepius Asclepius Subordinate

    If the Rangers services are denied I shall become the gruffest Dire Avenger the Craftworlds have ever seen.
    If the Dire Avenger Shrine is not accepting more warriors then perhaps Fire Dragons will be looking to replace their losses.
  10. Luciasar Luciasar Well-Known Member

    Warp spiders need a phoenix lord.

    EDIT: implemented
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