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Which Class (pole Version 2)

Discussion in 'Eldar' started by Noctifer, Dec 15, 2013.


Which of the following would you play as your main (that is not in yet)

  1. Warlock would be my main no matter what!

    28 vote(s)
  2. Swooping Hawks

    15 vote(s)
  3. Fire Dragons

    14 vote(s)
  4. Striking Scorpions

    31 vote(s)
  5. Banshees

    26 vote(s)
  6. Warp Spiders

    59 vote(s)
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Warmaster Nate Warmaster_Nate Well-Known Member

    The reconnaissance and over-the-wall capacity for Hawks is the real winner. Like I said, Spiders are good shock troops, you just reiterated that, but the effectiveness of these shock troops are purely dependent on how the in-game mechanic works. Is it a visual cue on a crosshair or a mini-map point selection? That makes or breaks their usefulness for penetrating fortifications. Hawks are like HALO jumpers and their actual attack effectiveness is wholly dependent on how fast they are permitted to move. They could be like Stuka dive-bombers at best, a man falling with a grenade pack at worst. Stukas are harder to shoot then you might think, but that's dependent on how they make guns work in this game.

    Let me tell you, Stukas are scary. Plus, Hawks carry a scouting edge that no army will have. If I can have them perform a flyover and tell me where the enemy is focused, then I can have them drop a pack at high altitude on the weaker side, and hit the other side harder with heavy infantry and crack the walls. Warp Spiders are ground-based shock troops, and Hawks are flying light infantry. Useful in their own right, they are completely different from Hawks tactically, and I'd rather have flying scouts than beefier assault troops. We have Wraithguard for that.

    Ultimately this also depends on how they implement the skein as useful are Farseers? If they can just as easily tell me where the enemy is weakest, and Spiders do have a means of jumping to a point through the wall, then I too would rather have them, but please believe me, the Hawks shouldn't be easy at all to shoot down. I've watched Planetside 2 light up like the Battle of Britain and hitting the bulkier aircraft is already a huge pain...size it down to a man with wings and any hope to hit your mark is all but lost.
  2. Joram Joram Well-Known Member

    You are assuming that the Hawks will fly Nate.
  3. Warmaster Nate Warmaster_Nate Well-Known Member

    Well...I'm assuming they stick to the lore. If the Hawks just go up and down like Assault Marines then yea, they're bloody useless. xD If they go along the lines of how the wing pack should work, then Hawks should be able to fly or at least jump and glide.

    Edit: Autarchs with wing packs have oft been described as hovering over the battlefield, scanning the situation, guiding troops and then swooping into areas that need them.
  4. Joram Joram Well-Known Member

    Yep i go with hover for a short time or maybe even glide (that can be really cool) but i don't think they will fly.
  5. Warmaster Nate Warmaster_Nate Well-Known Member

    We just can't be sure. This is all dependent on how the devs do it, so there's not much we can say right now. I'm just saying that if Hawks are done like the Hawks elsewhere in the universe then they could provide a serious strategic edge that I do not want us to overlook. Spiders are bloody great shock troops but Hawks could be a player hovering overhead dropping explosives and telling me where to send the tanks. If they're not able to do that...meh, going with Spiders. ^_^
  6. Quothe Quothe Subordinate

    Hawk's flight is a big variable, as is Warp Spiders jump.. I and others have detailed how it would be easy to implement a non line of sight warp jump mechanic using a similar system to city of heroes, but as for Hawks, well the idea that they could 'hover' overhead dropping grenades is simply a pipe dream.

    It would be frankly idiotic to create a unit that can attack others but not be attacked in return and making them able to remain airbound permanently would allow them to ignore half the combat mechanics (melee), again a very bad design decision.
    No, to quote the developers, "Swooping Hawks will definitely swoop". From this, plus basic game balance requirements, I'd expect their flight time to be limited and that they will need to swoop down to the battlefield and actually join in the engagement to be effective.

    Using Hawks primarily to scout would be a good way of gathering intelligence, but then we are not likely to be short on scouting units, what with Seers (assuming of course they can actually 'see'), Jetbikes, Rangers e.t.c. The altitude will help of course, but if their jump distance is limited they will most likely not be able to do more than approach the edge of a force and jump about trying to get a look at the army, like a kid jumping to see over a wall.
    Frankly I see scouting and harassment as their primary role.

    What we are likely to be short on isn't scouting units, but high impact 'assault' units to fill the same role as Marine assault troops, Chaos Raptors and even drop pods. Units that can get behind enemy lines to sow discord and confusion right where it counts the most.
    That appears to be the big gap in our unit composition, not scouting.

    In the case of Assault Marines they have really good armor to help weather the storm as they close the gap, and when they get there, being close combat specialists, they can engage Heavy troops in a type of combat they aren't really well suited to, making them doubly effective.

    We may not get choppy units for this, but we do have really great close up shooty units. In this case the fact that they can launch a surprise attack can compensate for the fact that they will most likely have to trade fire with Heavy weapon troops and other high value fire support units when they get there.

    No like I said, my advocating Warp Spiders is totally down to the fact that they bring something to the table in terms of combined arms that we lack.
    I'd even go so far as to say that, unless they really overdo the scorpion stealth ability and make it a full lore busting invisibility, they are the only unit we have that can fill this role.
  7. Warmaster Nate Warmaster_Nate Well-Known Member

    My apologies again, but I did say 'hover'....*sigh*...the better term is 'loiter'. As an aerospace engineering senior, I feel pitiful for not catching the terminology when I should have. I want them to be able to circle above the enemy's position. I'm certain there are things the enemy could be provided to help take them down, like target lead-guiding and genuine flak weapons, plus they might just implement a really low combat ceiling for the wings.

    Scouting and harassment. Yup, and that scouting can be a godsend for coordinated ground forces... back to the original point:

    Yes, if the Seers can 'see' in the ideal fashion that we all hope for, then we very well might not need Hawks. In terms of scouting capacity though, I imagine that might be a tad restrictive in short term needs. Seers may take a while or their divination may be intentionally fuzzy and we simply don't know how it'll work yet. I imagine the Hawks will give more accurate and faster ground if an Autarch could actually have a wing pack, that would be great. If jetbikes are allowed to fly, and one can easily look down from them, then they could also take it over, but I don't think they'll be able to do that. Finally, I thought it was established we wouldn't see Rangers at release?

    I'm just saying we can't defenestrate it until we get further along. I know Spiders are great shock troops, you need not reiterate that. ;) I know that we will need very coordinated mobility and intel however, as that's an Eldar warhost's bread and butter...and Hawks...or at last wing packs, could give us that additional intel. The more avenues of access to that intel, the better.

    This constant stream of needed speculation grows noisome...I greatly disdain having to say 'imagine', 'depends', 'might', 'if', and 'may' so much. :confused:
  8. WA_ZsamPe WA_ZsamPe New Member

    I wote warlock, but my if I can I will chose Farseer (that would be my ultimate goal :) )
  9. Jolpo Jolpo Well-Known Member

    Hmm but developers were talking about asymmetrical balance. Swooping hawks being able to fly could be one of our advantages.
  10. BatBane BatBane Preacher

    I voted Warlock, I will be a psyker the craftworld that I collect is Ulthwe and I love Eldar psykers.

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