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Which Chaos Legion Will You Be Joining?

Discussion in 'Chaos Space Marines' started by StevenLumpkin, Nov 4, 2013.


Which Chaos Legion will you be joining?

  1. Black Legion

    501 vote(s)
  2. Iron Warriors

    551 vote(s)
  3. Word Bearers

    500 vote(s)
  4. Night Lords

    695 vote(s)
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  1. Naracha Naracha Curator

  2. barricade barricade Subordinate

    Black Guard for now. Until the world eaters are added.
  3. Where is everybody coming from with "Iron Hearts" and "Black Guard"? It's Iron Warriors and Black Legion.
  4. Loadza Dakka Skull_Splitta Well-Known Member

    I'm gonna join the Alpha Bearers.
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  5. you are really trying to bait us, aren't you? :D
  6. Xeltan Xeltan Well-Known Member

    What about Thousand Eaters? XD
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  7. alias, Nihilus Carpathia, (birth name was discarded, when the Word Bearers purged their ranks of loyalists,and a new name taken to symbolize my rebirth to chaos!)

    Word Bearer, since the heresy fought on Terra alongside Erebus.
    due to my relationship with Erebus ,i have received the gift of harboring a child of the warp in my flesh, its name is Carpathia.
    the daemon enhances my senses even further than my astartes geneology already have. allowing me to hunt my prey more efficently.
    my weapons, are the deathlock cestus power fist and the reapers tounge plasma pistol.
    with the aid of my jump pack, i fall upon my enemy's and tare them apart,or melt them in unholy plasma. before leaping into the air and escaping any pursers.
    hit and run are my tactics.
    due to my unorthodox tactics and my devotion to a single god,Slaanesh.
    my own legion regards me with disdain, and go out of there way to avoid me,and on occasion consign my soul to the warp! They did not succeed, and now embrace Slaanesh in the warp.
  8. I was torn between the zeal and fanaticism of the Word Bearers and the cold brutalism of the Iron Warriors. Going Iron Warriors though as I've got a soft (pustulent) spot for Nurgle and Death Guard / Iron Warriors kind of have something in common in the utilitarian brutality of them.

    I can imagine an Iron Warrior turning to Nurgle as his flesh betrays him and his wargear is powerless to help, etc.
  9. BeatZ BeatZ Cipher

    BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD! I'll be playing World Eaters when they are released, until then Night Lords.
  10. If World Eaters/Khorne Berzerkers are ever an option, I would change to that from Iron Warriors.
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