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When will we finally fix this game's AWFUL audio?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by NocturneOfSolace, Oct 12, 2016.

  1. I wouldnt mind seeing the stormbolter and heavy bolter getting a new sound either tbh.
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  2. using my reproduce they have found an issue and are currently working on a fix, so hopefully this will be the end of that one!
  3. Silly SM' and Eldar.

    You won't hear my Slugga footsteps coming up behind you anyway, not with DA KLAW LUUUUUNGE!!! *superman leaps*
  4. Icario Idaeus Subordinate

    So i'm guessing im one of the few that are stuck some matches hearing Imperial Fists taunts on the distance even when i'm pretty sure i'm alone
  5. duffmek duffmek Well-Known Member

  6. Wow, this has to be my least divisive thread ever


    I don't know any of any specific bugs, I just know bE needs to get off their rumps and make fixing the audio a priority
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  7. I think if it would be so easy to fix they would have done it some patches ago

    NoiseMaker needs to know when and where sounds start to get weird
    If you can provide any of this info then give it to him
    Even if it is just a guess
  8. Or a vehicle magically appears right on top of you and runs you over and you wouldn't hear it coming a 100 yards away? Or you don't hear the 800 pound Ork with a Jump Pack running up,behind you?

    I agree this is all very, very, VERY frustrating. All of these little frustrating aspects of game play are adding up and are completely overwhelming my desire to play the game right now.

    I haven't played all week. I have other stuff going on and could still get in some play time. It's all just so frustrating I'm not having fun.
  9. Ian Chuprun NoiseMaker Senior Sound Designer

    We need bug reports from you all because when we play big games and try to hunt down what you are talking about we simply cannot reproduce the problems. We do not hear buggy audio. Same goes for our QA. It is possible that what we try to do to reproduce the bugs you mention is nowhere close to what you are doing, or the problems being experienced are not global and are actually tied to your own rig or the server or some other relationship between your local audio and the wider game system.

    Please either give us repro steps to what the audio problem is, or video, or both, so we can attempt to retrace your steps and find these bugs, which I agree, are serious but elusive. Thanks!
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  10. Ser DJ Hodor TheBurgerMeister Well-Known Member

    Srsly, its bad. I have said it before too. Most of the guns sound AWFUL as well. Bolter, Eldar weapons, tank guns/cannons, etc. Like... where did they get these sounds? Free open source sound website? They're just 100% garbage.

    Then there's the sound channels. I don't know why but this game has HUGE sound channel issues in the big fights. Sounds cut in and out all the time and its sounds horrible. Just adds to the already bad user experience.

    Plz fix

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