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What's your Favorite Map?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by jbregg, Jul 26, 2017.

  1. Yvelfir Yvelfir Arkhona Vanguard

    1) Torias Refinery
    2) Pegasus Station
    3) Medusa Relay Station

    Torias is fun for its verticality and point assaulting. Also rain.

    Pegasus has plenty of small areas and routes to take to allow for some cunning flanks and brutal melee. Also snow.

    Medusa because I'm a scumbag that plays haywire Hawk and I like to ruin peoples fun by trapping transports miles away from the objectives.
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  2. Slough Monster Slough_Monster Arkhona Vanguard

    1. Olipsis
    2. Pegasus
    3. Old Blackbolt (with @Sonbot here, that map was fun)

    Almost the same. I like small infantry battles with close points with lots of entrances.
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  3. Tough choice, but I guess it goes like this:

    1. Zedek - It's just very diverse. Open fields, close quarters - it got everything and you can have fun with every class. Usually most of the map is used.
    2. Torias - Reasoning is similar to Zedek. I can have fun with every class. Also, in my opinion, Torias is one of the best maps for tank play.
    3. Olipsis - No special reasoning, I just like it. Don't care if I have to play it 3 or 4 times in a row.

    I think Zedek und Torias made top because (besides fortresses, but sadly those still tend to fall below 30 fps on my computer) those are the only maps I really enjoy playing assault classes. Zedek got lots of points that are more open than usual, and Torias at least got A (assault paradise).
  4. Kyros Drakonite Preacher

    1) Zedek
    2) Pegasus
    3) Maggon

    Short maps packed with action. Zedek is just all around the best. Which is funny because I remember the first iterations when it was just absolutely horrible.
  5. Olipsis first. Even after my first few games it stood out as the best map. As others have said it's not so reliant on transports and you can traverse the map quickly to attack or defend as required, with plenty of action in between points.

    Torias second I'd say. Same reason it's fairly small, not completely reliant on transports and the balcony system allows you to quickly get to around as needed and provides lots of flanking opportunities. Some of the best games I've played have been on this map.

    Pegasus third. It's a bit bigger but you can still traverse the map in relative safety and then the shit really hits the fan around those objectives, some crazy intense fights to either hold back the attackers or take the point yourselves .... which both sides have a good chance of doing if the team plays intelligently.

    Dishonourable mention to the fortress maps. In concept they sound really good. In PUG reality they are a mindless meatgrinder. They also need a supercomputer to maintain even close to an acceptable level of performance.

    EDIT: Fair chance I got my map names mixed up as well, hope you guys know which ones I'm describing here.
  6. Bob Mr_Bob Member

    Olipsis seems like the most refined, even though I do miss the fight for the old C point under the platform back when it was Tug of War. Lots of ways to attack makes it an aggressive map with a lot of back and forth.

    Pegasus is great all around quick access aggression with nearly all parts of the map being used.

    Blackbolt is wonderful with a team that can move together, or can quickly change focus, though I do miss the pushes and defenses of the old A and D points. The place where old A was (opposite B) is mostly unused now. Current C probably could use another route up from ground level, maybe the backside of the platform that connects B and C.

    Maggon has an amazing C on either attack or defense. B and A have their charm as well.
  7. 1. Olipsis
    2. Torias
    3. Pegasus
  8. Shiani Brujah Preacher

    Torias. It's gorgeous, each point has multiple entries of attack and requires very different tactical approaches to storm.
  9. Anvil The-Forge-Dragon Arkhona Vanguard

    1. Pegasus Station
    2. Assault Station Maggon
    3. Forge District Zedek

    I like Pegasus because once you take a point you have access to the other points via connected gantries and catwalks. The open space inside of B means jump characters can function inside and on the connecting pathways outside while A is very close and at C you can use the distance from the balcony on one side to the point area on the other or take up position on top of the boxes for the height advantage. Basically, each point is not too far away from each other and each one has elements that a different class can use their strengths for.

    Assault Station Maggon just feels good when done right. There are infuriating moments, but A has a lot of approaches if you take the time to go around the long ways and B is a real hunker bunker, but once you get inside the enemy has to fight to push you back out. C Entrances can be locked down but you have to be careful about enemies taking up position at unexpected angles. also it forces infantry combat in a close scenario but still gives heavies good use in covering chokepoints.

    Forge District Zedek is love-hate. If the enemy runs you down quick or just caps A early it feels like fighting a losing battle all the way through. B is where the real fighting begins with heavy weapons in the ruins and in the station itself trading fire. People will flank behind your lines to the next point even to use the height and range against you, but the fighting around the point can get intense. C is on top of a building with the streets beneath feeling like trenches. The different paths, elevated positions, and everything else make it one of my favorite points. It's also wide open, meaning jump assaults can move freely. D is like a mini fortress. Enemies pouring through the front door making a break for the eleavators and stairs, trying to dislodge enemies from overlooks and throwing grenades over edges.
  10. Nyhilist Nyhilist Active Member

    1. olipsis (most refined map imo)
    2. pegasus The weather and scenery is legit love it!!
    3. torias I'm more of a lone wolf type player (i know doesn't work well in ec) so I love the dark setting lets me sneak around more!

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