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What's your Favorite Map?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by jbregg, Jul 26, 2017.

  1. jbregg jbregg Dev QA

    Hey All,

    I was wondering what your favorite map(s) were and why?

    My top 3:
    1. Olipsis
    2. Pegasus
    3. Zedek

    I love both Olipsis and Pegasus because the objectives are all relatively close together. Pegasus has more closed rooms and hallways, Olipsis more open space, but there are equally great places to hide/choke points to take out enemies.

    Zedek I like because of the type of game mode and the map in general is great. So many different ways to attack and defend the points. A can be rushed quickly, or defended well when units are placed correctly. There are tons of sneaky little ways to attack and defend on this map that it had to be in my top 3.
  2. 1. Zeddek
    The best fit of EC gameplay. A lot of flankings and nests.
    2. Pegas
    Points are close. very dynamic gameplay. There is no cruel need in mobile spawns.
    3. Harkus
    I thoungt about rhonan, but harkus is less laggy than all and good for defence and attack both.
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  3. FoxDie Sonbot Well-Known Member

    1. Olipsus:Combat is usually always intense and only the landing Platform is usually not used. Lots of places that all classes of all types can benefit from. IE: Towers, roofs, sandbags.
    2. Zedek: Good Map Dynamics. Can fight in buildings/ruins. Point C and B are easily the Best. Lots of opposing cover, flanking, pipes to jump on, underpasses, overpasses, etc.
    3. [edit] the rest of the maps Im neutral or salty. They have good and bad quirks.
    For people who are bad with map names like me:

    Sneaky # 4. Old Blackbolt . Use your necromancy powers to bring it back :X @jbregg
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  4. Asyran Eldritch Arkhona Vanguard

    1. Zedek, its just really well made and each point feels different.

    2. Olipsis, for nostalgia purposes.

    3. Medusa, I like the look of this map, however there is a lot of empty space on it too.
  5. 1. Pegasus I have the most fond memories of as the map has a nice sense of verticality at most points and you rarely need to cross vast stretches uncovered in firefights.

    2. Olipsis because there is less of a reliance on transports so their inevitable loss isn't as painful and the points are close enough that you can usually respond without redeploy cheese.

    3. Medusa, it's grudging though. It's similar to Pegasus but the distance you need to travel between points kills it for me, however I really enjoy the aesthetic and the little outposts dotted around.

    Honourable mention goes to Zedek for being tolerable as a ticket map goes, would like to see it redesigned/chopped up for a CQC focused supremacy.

    Forts are bin tier in my humble opinion.
  6. acepost acepost Active Member

    1. Harkus
    2. Olipsis
    3. Agnathio as defender
  7. Ghetsum Ghetsum First Blood!

    1. Agnathio
    2. Zedek
    3. Maggon

    Honorable mention to the other Fortress Maps, because I love Fortress fights as either attack or defense.

    As to why, I feel that the ticket gameplay is a much more productive style of play than the Supremacy matches. I really just think Supremacy is terrible as a gamemode, I enjoy those the least for that reason.
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  8. Eagle 11 Eagle_11 Well-Known Member

    1. Pegasus
    2. Ronan
    3. Zedek
  9. Lutherian Lutherian Subordinate

    1. Torias
    2. Medusa
    3. Olipsis
  10. 1. Olipsis
    2. Pegasus
    3. Attacking Zedek(despise defending both Zedek and Maggon)
  11. Lady Rheeva Steam Early Access

    Olipsis is great because it supports all playstyles, not just digging in with heavies, does not rely so much on transports and the points are actually contestable as attacker with equal force.
    The map also has some strategic depth most people dont realize, which is why many try to take C first (if you are one of them: dont do that, unless maybe if you are alone)

    Most maps have their pros and cons, whereas the defender often seems to have a slight advantage. I believe, it is easier for a single or a few good players to make a vital impact on the match as defenders.
    Also, the less tanks, the better.

    By far the worst map in design is Agnathio. B point is pure hell for the attacker. I dont enjoy being on either side of a futile assault. The second A falls, the attacker should be locked in auto-running, so the team can no longer waste time exchanging fire at the gates.

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