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What would we as a community want next?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Talron, May 24, 2017.


Next big feature.

  1. Maps

  2. Cosmetics

  3. Classes

  4. Vehicles

  5. UI improvements and guild improvements (had to put them together)

  6. Gear (weapons, trinkets, armor etc)

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  1. I was once an advocate for the Imperial Guard, Tau and IG being the coolest factions imo, so I've seen this before.

    But the default Tau Fire Warrior is technically heavy infantry, aren't they? I never played TT so I go mostly off of DoW and fluff. The Dire Avenger, and most Eldar, are light infantry, and they're currently in and squishy as jelly. From what I recall, the default DA, or Guardian since that's what they had, melee attack was only slightly higher than that of guardsmen, who were only slightly above Fire Warriors. The Guard had numbers/low damage falloff, the Eldar had damage/speed, and the Tau had armor/damage (about the same numbers as a Guardian squad, I think).

    The way I could see Tau working would be to have some pretty high armor values and lower health values by comparison. That's already how it works with most Eldar (work being generous), and to model the terribleness in melee we could give them the honor blade with only half as much durability as any regular knife, and perhaps less damage. The default melee for most ranged classes atm is to DBash any melee and then shoot into their face, something Tau melee doctrine already reflected, being keep them at bay and shoot them to pieces.

    As for melee assault classes, rather than overkill with something like a battlesuit or un-fluffy like a Tau with a katana, the solution lies with the Kroot and Vespid. Vespid are a rather easy jump attack unit, being a hybrid of Swooping Hawk and generalized Jump Assaults, while Kroot would act more like Eldar banshees and scorpions.
    The support class could be some sort of drone controller, who dispatches medical, shield, marker, and gun drones. As for if you wanted a short range Tau themselves, the Pathfinder comes to mind, their carbines have much lesser range but a suppressive element, and within this you can give them their rail guns for sniping. Or we could just use the 'longshot pulse rifle,' which apparently exists now, for the default Fire Warrior.

    As of the 7th edition, we could also emphasize aliens a lot less (possibly removing them, creating supposedly less work and the illusion we are one person), and possibly remove most/any melee for the Tau, and use Fire Warrior Breachers as close range assault classes (they do look pretty awesome) and stealth suits for disruption and jump units along the lines of Swooping Hawks only more heavily armored and meant to fight on the ground.
    Going this route also lets us have more customization for our character since they wouldn't need to bother with kroot and vespid models and could instead model male/female Tau units and the different Septs. If we really really stretch it we could make human units as well, being the whole Gue'vesa thing as well as being confrimed to happen in a recent Tau novel (forget the name currently).

    The biggest issue would probably be a heavy class, since the default XV-88 battlesuit wouldn't fit in, but maybe this could be remedied by a combination of the other classes. From what I recall, the Vespid had an ability to disrupt the armor composition of large structures, making them much easier to damage, even with infantry weapons. We can use this to apply to tanks, and along these lines using markerlights on vehicles could make the susceptible to standard infantry weapons. For a default 'dedicated anti-vehicle' the rail gun could come in again, or we could use an ion rifle. I'm not sure what exactly a 'Phosphor Flare' is but apparently causes massive explosions so maybe this could be a melta stand-in. This leaves the Tau with less raw AV capability but the potential and incentive to concentrate fire and cooperate to achieve results.

    For grenades we have pulse and emp grenades, and these would basically just be a reskin of the Eldar ones. We can add a photon grenade as well, being just a flashbang.

    Vehicles would just be the Devilfish APC and Hammerhead Tank skimmers, and would probably just be similar to Eldar vehicles due to how vehicles have been untouched for so long.

    Edit: As for stretching credulity with the survivability of Tau, we already have tons of bastard classes with elites weapons, elite armors, and random things they should or should not have. The Eldar as it stand are somewhere between being an exarch and a regular unit. The Tau would be somewhere between Fireblades and regular units, if at all

    I don't think the issue is implementation or how to do it (besides what side of the galaxy we're on), but the primary issue is manpower in the development team, lack of funding, and the overbearing weight of GW trying to kill its licenses. Of course I have no hope of this actually happening
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  2. Lootmasta Kaptin_Pokkets Arkhona Vanguard

    Map and melee fixes. I'd ask for fixes to Orks in general but I feel like that'd be too large of a rework at this time.
  3. Catnium Catnium Well-Known Member

    Give other races some cosmetic's
    Give Chaos a new and better Elite and give them a free version aswell because this current one sucks balls.
    New Maps.
    New Maps
    Fixed old maps without glitches that gets you stuck
    better net code.
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  4. Valentine Iyan Firebrand

    As an Eldar player I'd like positive attention. =(

    Xenos feel forgotten right now.
  5. People are still playing Eldar? Nerf!

    The lack of attention to the two smaller player bases and lack of incentive for people to even try them will kill them off eventually; as is, it is almost impossible to get a match between Eldar and Orks because their limited players are fighting SM. This issue even extends to CSM to a degree.
  6. Then I expect my $40+ back, along with everyone else who bought this for the xenos, because what you're describing is just Space Marine again only with less stuff.
  7. Neni Neni Steam Early Access


    and a proper eldar elite please
  8. jest jest Recruit

    Make melee fun.
  9. Avlaen Avlaen Arkhona Vanguard

    Gear/weapon types and maps are the top 2. Combi/kombi )for my ork bruthas) would be fun and easy to implement
  10. "Entitled?" What bullshit. Maybe you didn't notice, the game is "officially released," not "WIP." Meaning that what was in it at the moment of that release is what is to be expected and the only guarantee of what will be in it at all. I.E, the Xeno factions. The product was sold on the premise it has a certain amount of features, and while tweaking can be done, to delete them entirely and being pissed off is not being "entitled," it is a logical response to getting ripped off. Even if everyone here knows the game was released woefully unfinished, it was released.

    Sure they can hide behind 'hiatus' for the features that they promised to add and never will, but deleting things already in deliberately throws that in to a shitstorm, possibly even legally. What game ever has deleted its features, which were already implemented, and survived?

    Maybe you're the entitled brat coming into a game that isn't Space Marine in the slightest and expecting it to be. Maybe you're an entitled brat for assuming no one will have an issue with their faction being deleted. Maybe you're an entitled brat for assuming everyone wants what you want.

    Go back to Space Marine. It still exists, is on steam, and still has more content for the SM and CSM than this game does.

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