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What Should Our 5th Craftworld Option Be?

Discussion in 'Eldar' started by GrimLord, Dec 5, 2013.


5th Craftworld

  1. Alaitoc

  2. Yme-Loc

  3. Iybraesiil

  4. Altansar

  5. Lugganath

  1. I did vote for Alaitoc, since it has a nice background, but more because it's colours (blue/yellow) are closest to the colour scheme of my Eldar army (midnight blue/orange). :)
  2. aleony kia Active Member

    It'll be Alaitoc most likely however Mymeara could be a cool option with corsairs (both have shadow spectres though so I'm happy.)
  3. Nether Nether Master

    I am almost positive it will be Alaitoc as they have already declared that Space Marine chapters will only be 1st founding. In stride with that, means they will only choose major Craftworlds for Eldar which in this list is only Alaitoc.
  4. Boss BlakkFlagg WillBilly First Blood!

    I thought the whole fluff behind Alaitoc was that they were so uptight that they generated tons of outcasts, not that they were actively encouraging outcast...ism.

    Anyway, maybe they became outcasts because the regular uniform sucks?
  5. aleony kia Active Member

    But light blue and yellow are my favourite colors :( they look so nice.
  6. Angelic Angelic Arkhona Vanguard

    Did someone say yellow and blue^^?

    I'm not sure why anyone is surprised Iyanden was included in the initial four.. Wraiths are one of the things completely unique to the Eldar and without much in the way of equivalents and Iyanden has been representing that since 2nd Ed (I believe).

    I believe Alaitoc generates so many Outcasts because they are ridiculously uptight even in comparison to other Eldar. Their colours are nice, seems like GW was lazy though since it's basically Iyanden reversed. Either way Alaitoc is the next in line out of the major Craftworlds.. they just need Rangers not to be Elite classes.

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