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What Is Combat Like In Eternal Crusade?

Discussion in 'Ask the Team' started by BrentEllison, Oct 19, 2013.

  1. Brent Ellison BrentEllison Former Lead Game Designer

    We get this question a lot so I'm doing my part to get the word out:

    Even though Eternal Crusade is an MMO in a persistent open world, the combat plays out like a proper third-person shooter and in this regard one of our big inspirations is Space Marine. You point where you want to shoot or strike and hitting your target is based on skill. There are no ability bars or auto-attack systems, and if you want to evade or block an incoming attack, you press a button to roll out of the way or hold down the guard button.

    In terms of pacing, the game is slightly slower than Space Marine in order to play up the tactical angle, with time-to-kills longer than Call of Duty and shorter than Borderlands for now. For melee combat specifically, Dark Souls is another game that we're looking at very closely.

    Like many action games these days, an RPG system affects the otherwise skill-based combat in a variety of ways. For example, in addition to modifying damage and health, the spread on your shots comes from a variety of factors, including what kind of gun you're using, its upgrades, and an accuracy stat from your character. When you swing a melee weapon, the effect on your opponent in terms of stagger, knockback, etc., depends on the force value of the weapon, the type of attack, the stance of your target, strength stats on your character and stability stats on your target. You can see systems like this in games like Deus Ex and Dark Souls.

    However, since this is a PvP-focused (though not exclusive) MMO, your progression is largely horizontal, meaning that you unlock new things to equip on your character, but they'll generally have to replace other options and choose how to specialize. Think of the recent equip systems in Call of Duty, War of the Roses, or various mech games as examples here.

    Each faction has ~5 primary classes (this may vary on faction), and depending on how you build your loadout (accessories, weapons, items, etc) for that class there are a multitude of possible specializations. Eternal Crusade is also a massive tactical wargame so not every specialization will be equal when going toe to toe with each other - you should either bring friends to make up for your weaknesses or deploy your loadout in the circumstances that favor your specialty.

    Since you can change classes and loadouts whenever you deploy to the field, you're not locked into your choice for hundreds of hours or anything, though that's not to say all the choices you make in your progression will be easy to reverse.

    With a few exceptions, each character generally has access to both ranged and melee attacks at any time. For example, if your assault unit has sword, axe, or power fist in one hand, they're going to have a pistol in the other.

    There are exceptions, of course. Heavy guns prevent you from having much melee capability, of course, and if you choose to equip dual lightning claws then you're not going to have any ranged options in your loadout. But your average soldier on the field is able to do both in some capacity, just like in the tabletop.

    When a character hits 0 health they enter a downed state where they start bleeding out (unless they've taken so much damage they've blown past the death threshold of course). Friendly units can rescue a downed character and bring them back with a little health, or enemy units can execute them up close (with any weapon) to earn a little XP and prevent them from coming back.

    Both executions and rescue actions take time and can be interrupted, so you have to decide if doing so is worth the risk. Some characters may be better at rescuing than others.

    I'll add more to this post going forward and hopefully things will be a bit clearer! Some upcoming gameplay footage should also help. ;)
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  2. Masamune Active Member

    I'm wondering how you will balance the PvP elements with RPG elements. I find that RPG elements make it hard for a game to be competitive in terms of balance.

    Are you going to balance PvP in terms of team makeups or by individual classes?
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  3. Grigdusher Grigdusher Arch-Cardinal

    they talking about asimettrical balance: the game will be balance on faction.
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  4. Masamune Active Member

    Do we know how many classes per faction there will be?
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  5. VedaRa VedaRaVM Prefectus

    "I'll add more to this post going forward and hopefully things will be a bit clearer! Some upcoming gameplay footage should also help. ;) "

    I can't wait the see some the gameplay footage;)
  6. Grigdusher Grigdusher Arch-Cardinal

    for now we only know 4 space marine class and 4 orks class, from the artwork on the official site.
  7. Brent Ellison BrentEllison Former Lead Game Designer

    Updated with some more answers!
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  8. Brent Ellison BrentEllison Former Lead Game Designer

    We're still playing around with the definition of classes by the way - the pictures you see in the artwork represent character identities in the game, but how we officially break down "classes" is still a bit of a work in progress. As you can imagine, you might be able to make a VERY different character depending on what you equip even if it's still technically grouped into the same class.
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  9. Makes sense, let the characters Equipment define their class. Not some menu option. I mean physically there's no difference between an choopaboyz and an stormboyz except one has a rocket pack on his back.
  10. When you said think mech game I think of Blacklight (there is a mech in there). If you go half as deep as Blacklight then we got something good going on here.

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