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What Do You Not Want To See In Game?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Ultenth, Oct 20, 2013.

  1. Ultenth Ultenth First Blood!

    A lot of people have mentioned Grey Knights, due to thier lore breaking to fit into the world created here, but what other classes, vehicles, weapons, augmentations or abilities or even game mechanics our events etc. do you all think should be verboten to the Eternal Crusade?

    Please mention reasons why if you can, in order to facilitate discussion. Thanks!
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  2. Lodo Lodo Subordinate

    Tau! I hate them lol.
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  3. Jared Jared Subordinate

  4. Stormbringer Wolffkhran Subordinate

    Can't think of many aside from Safe Zones, and PvE only areas.
  5. Ultenth Ultenth First Blood!

    lol, I didn't mean just stuff you don't like, but stuff that would either make the game not fun or that would break the established lore for the world the game will take place in....

    Also, please if you can elaborate on why you don't want to see whatever you mention that would be great and help the conversation and debate.

    Game mechanics you don't want to see are also welcome for discussion.
  6. Lodo Lodo Subordinate

    Ah. Sorry lol.
  7. Fireeye Fireeye Well-Known Member

    Marines with hair (Space Yiffs excluded)
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  8. Lord Zaranax Member

    Valentine's Day events
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  9. ronnie proctor New Member

    Kinda hard to say. Maybe some kind of die rolling system in the background that determines crits ,ect.
  10. Fireeye Fireeye Well-Known Member

    I just almost covered my entire keyboard with coffee. A curse upon your name, vile sorcerer!
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