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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Rentago, Feb 27, 2017.

  1. Rye Bread Bus Rentago Drill Abbott

    Iz not new, but i don't recall mak'n an' introduction. I like ta main da greenest an meanest faction, but yer may also know im as, "the best" faction. When i am not shoot'n an chopping, sometimes i fink about simpla times, like shoot'n an chopp'n knife eared gits kalled ‘da eldar. Yer may have heard uv im by dere more kommon referred title, "the girliest" faction. I don't like dere guns, i don't like dere silly dances, infact i jus don't like im at all!

    but dose space marines, now 'dat iz someth'n i also don't seem ta rememba lik'n at all eitha. Dey got tiny teef, like weak limp wristed grots. Dey do howeva have not so girly stuff. I like ta take dere stuff an’ den proceed ta use it on im when possible, usually all da time. Dumb 'umiez don't even know how ta use dere stuff korrectly, so i take it upon myself as an’ upstand'n propa ork ta teach im. ‘da price iz uv kourse small, usually a few many 'umie lives or someth'n. Should open ma own kollege uv grand stomp'n' lessons.

    chaos are like girls, dey don't seem any different, all dey do iz komplain an’ whine an’ kry an’ kan't even put up a propa fight. Dey jus like talk about suck'n hard an be'n worse dan 'da space marines. Usually dey proceed ta ponce around wit' dere fancy magik dey got for suck'n harda dan most. I got dere magik right ere dough, ma gun. Showz me a god an’ i'll showz yer a korpse miss'n its teef. dere Godz owe me ma teef dey do, an i plan ta kollect. Dial up ma kool phone straight ta da shadow realm an’ tell im Godz ta teef today or ma pain train pays im a visit.

    orkz four life,
    nignog ‘da god krumpah
    an’ part time dentist
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