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We are at a point where bE straight-up pretends that EC never happened:

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Zael, Aug 9, 2018.

  1. Zael Zael Well-Known Member

    Love how our Devs that are working on Deathgarden dont even claim in their own welcomeing posts that they worked on EC. Thats where we are. a Stain on someones profile. Really go read their site. Micheal, Katie, mention of EC at all. We're the step-children under the steps now boys.

    Behaviour Digital is dedicated to developing unique experiences on PC and consoles that are compelling to watch, not just play. Our mission is to “Create remarkable games WE would play, our way.” We make our own products on our own terms, through creative control, good choices in production, business and player engagement. Our games are prototyped and fully playable before they even go into pre-production. We have rigour in our development; this is a business as well as a passion.

    Our first title born from this vision, Dead by Daylight, is an asymmetrical multiplayer horror game released in 2016 and still growing. We strive daily to make this studio a fun, compelling, and rewarding place to create products that we can all be proud of.

    DBD was launched June 2016. EC was launched September 2016. DG has just entered Closed-Beta.

    So, we have the youngest child, Death Garden, hogging all the attention.
    We have the oldest child, Dead by Daylight, the pride of the family, being continually praised: "creative control, good choices in production, business and player engagement"

    And the middle-child? Eternal Crusade? Was it also made with "creative control, good choices in production, business and player engagement"? Hard to tell, BECAUSE THE MIDDLE-CHILD WAS LEFT OUT OF THE FAMILY-PHOTO.

    Not even a link to the EC-homepage.

    It's simply sad. bE doesn't even think of Eternal Crusade as a real game. To them, it was nothing but a failure that is only good for learning from your mistakes.

    Does anybody believe Nathan's proclamations that this game has a future, when its own developers and its own company are trying to cover up its existence?
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  2. Catnium Catnium Well-Known Member

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  3. Krayt Krayt Preacher

    Zael's post of this week is interesting
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  4. Rathael Rathael Arkhona Vanguard

    I think it's fair that they want to avoid the risk of using Eternal Crusade as a front-cover for their business. They are under no obligation to do so, and it would absolutely with 100% certainty hurt their sales prospects. Eternal Crusade, regardless of how good or bad the game actually is, is a spawning-pool for negative press and angry trolls. It has a terrible track record and too many angry customers spouting trash on every attempt at reaching out to social media.

    I do not think this affects their wish for it to become successful, especially Nathan. I think it is also fair that the company does not want to risk pouring more resources in to it, given it's unsuccessful track record. Eternal Crusade is what it is, with small updates here and there, until something drastic suddenly causes player interest to surge.

    I do not feel any need to "rise up" and get angry about the fact that they do not want Eternal Crusade in the public eye. Business is business. Furthermore, I don't imagine it actually hurts Eternal Crusade's visibility all that much. Who the hell, especially 40k fans, finds games through the company's website? 40k fans will find Eternal Crusade through steam, 40k game news or actively searching for 40k games to play. That doesn't change.

    I believe there are still possible avenues to be taken that could improve the playerbase. We will see what they do with the resources they have. The rule of thumb at this stage is to just to not invest a huge amount of emotion and passion in to Eternal Crusade. Monitor it's progress and praise them for the good things they do. Offer constructive feedback and hope they can find a way to increase public interest.
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  5. Zael Zael Well-Known Member

    Do you have anything to contribute to the topic? Apart from ad hominem attacks?
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  6. Krayt Krayt Preacher

  7. Construct_ Thraxus First Blood!

    bEhaviOur media panel ^
    *edit* just realized I was comparing behaviour to the nazi Regime, Totally forgot Hogans Heroes was about an prisoner of war camp lol. Yeah that's a bit harsh and not what I intended, Schultz was a good guy I'm sure. lol.
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  8. Gravord Gravord Active Member

    And he is right. Those are fine models. Noticed terminator that never got into game there? :)
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  9. Gravord Gravord Active Member

    Id rather start believe in crap wrote in bible or the tv news than anything pouring out of his "mouth".
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  10. Leonatos Cyberjankie Active Member

    Not just the terminator. There is a bunch of realy nice building models, that I never saw ingame :confused:


    Where is that stuff? We could really use them for more variety in the new maps, @jbregg is doing? :EldarWarlock:

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