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Wat da ZOG?!?

Discussion in 'Orks' started by OrkCampaignLiason, Dec 22, 2017.

  1. One uv me Nobz shows me dis and I 'ad ta beat 'im, cuz I fought he wuz 'avin' me on. Den I turnz on da box in me Trukk and I 'earz dis tripe:


    I ask ya, Boyz: When 'ave I eva 'welcomed' anybody an' it didn't involve me Klaw? Don' fall fer dis poxy Panzie trick! Ya know why we'z 'ere; da Weird Boyz an I 'ave seen us runnin' dis place, and afta dat we go give ol Ghazghul a run fer 'iz teef, cuz Da Green Krusade can't be stopped!

    Orkona belongs ta ME, SKARBLITZ, DA BIG BAD BEAST A’ KRYPTOS! I crack ‘eads! I rip up dem ‘Umie Deffdredds an use da Klaws fer me arm an dere fuzzy “wulv” Squigs fer me new hat! I IZ DA VIZAGE UV GORK HISSELF! Now get out dere an show me a WAAAGH!

    -- Skarblitz
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    I need my 10 Orks victories but there is no Orks !! :( :( :(
  4. Maybe later....
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  5. ...

    Wat in da name a Gork iz you on about? "Servahs"? Ya mean like Gretchen? If deyz broken 'ave a Painboy look 'em ovah! I fink all dat time in da field 'az made ya brainz a bit runny...

    I sayz dat 'ooevah wrote dat ain't me, and dat you lot know we came 'ere cuz uv da vizuns Gork an' Mork gave me an da Weird Boys bout turnin' da WAAAGH! towards Orkona, an 'ow its da start uv Da Green Krusade!

    -- Skarblitz

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