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Warlock Psychic Powers

Discussion in 'Eldar' started by Joram, Dec 16, 2013.


Your Warlock loadout will be...

  1. full support

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  2. full offensive

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  3. mixed

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  1. Noctifer Noctifer Well-Known Member

    My absolute favorite class in any MMO, hands down, was the warhammer online Disciple of Khaine (dark elves). It was a support class that mixed it up, could hold its own on the front lines (and wasn't expected to stay in the back like a regular healer), didn't take over the job of other classes but could go in wherever the team was faltering and prop it up.. *whistful*. I hope some other game, sometime, somewhere, could capture the essence of that gameplay and bring it back. Warlock would be as good a place for it as any, but if that happened no way would I play anything else (unless some miracle happened that made the other classes as well done)
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  2. casting "Guide" could allow every 'x' bullet to home in towards a target and 'Doom' would cause an opponent to take more damage
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  3. As the devs will most likely base off the Warlock-abillities off of the tabletop ones (can't see why they wouldn't, really) we know their abillities will consist of:

    Augment - Implenting this shouldn't be too hard. Just have the every other Eldar using psychic powers near the Warlock getting a buff to the power of those attacks.

    Conceal - This may be a tad more difficult to implement. The description for this skill states that it creates a fog that shrouds the Warlock himself, making hitting him a more troublesome task. I suppose they could have an ingame cloud, but that could potentionally cause drastic FPS-drops, especially if used by many other Warlocks at the same time. The other description for this states that it creates a kind of "darkness" - perhaps this could work in a way that it just makes the player-model of the Warlock harder to spot by making him transparent?

    Destructor - Now this is easy. Just a flashy psychic bolt of doom that acts as damage.

    Embolden - Might be a tad trickier. Mayhaps this will just grant a buff, with maybe some nifty animation to go alongside it, as it's supposed to conjure images of Eldar victories and heroes.

    Enhance - Again, easy. A simple buff increasing speed and dodge-chance (presuming said "dodge-chance" will be a thing.)

    Executioner - This could be one of the trickier ones to implement as it is supposed to conjure a furious psychic image of the Warlock himself who would then engage the other combatant in mêlée. Perhaps an illusion that can take some damage could work to confuse the foe into attacking it as opposed to the Warlock? I am a bit unsure if said psychic projection can actually damage the foe. If so, it could work as a temporary 'familiar' kind of thing.

    (Weren't Doom and Guide Farseer-powers, as opposed to Warlock ones? Ah well, Behaviour Interactive will probably just roll them on the same class, so we might as well talk about them too)

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  4. Khaldam Active Member

    There should be a posobillity for both, depending on the gear, and some "basic" powers
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  5. Joram Joram Well-Known Member

    Conceal sounds like it could be kind of a smoke grenade? maybe the eldar could see through the cloud but not the rest? dunno if it's even possible lol

    And the dodge chance will be you moving your character.

    What i'm curious about is if the powers will be auras, single target or maybe squad buffs?
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  6. Depends on the power, I suppose, but for powers which can affect several targets, auras would be the most lore-abiding of the three.
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  7. Yes they are farseer powers but they are two of the Eldar classics and I am a classical person
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  8. Naurgalen Naurgalen Active Member

    I hope that they will have more that 1 psychic "special" (ranged autoatacks will probably be psychic if you don't equip a weapon) attack (melee or ranged), because it can lend to more offensive customization and can portray better the fact that warlocks are one of the most powerful psykers of all the races and can not be underestimated as a common "support" class.

    PS: Maybe warlocks equip runes ala DOW2 so they can personalize their abilities?
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