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Victory Conditions in Supremacy gamemode

Discussion in 'New Player Tips & Training' started by Data8671, Jan 8, 2018.

  1. Here is a rough graph that I made of how fast the bar fills (numbers aren't accurate, but it shows my point) Y axis is bar filled and X axis is time
    Red = 1 point captured (capped)
    Blue = 2 points captured
    Green = 3 points captured

    While a point is being captured (red circle forming around the symbol at the top of your screen) the attackers' bar does not get filled from that point (it does not count as being captured.
    If a point has a little clock next to its symbol, it means that when it is captured, it adds some time- 5 minutes I think- to the game. Prioritise defending these points.
    When the bar is completely filled, the attackers win.

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  2. Lady Rheeva Steam Early Access

    If you hit the 50%-mark, you either need to hold 1 Point for 10 minutes or 2 Points for 5 minutes.
    You can assume that each Point will be contested for 1 in 5 minutes.

    This is a simple guideline you can base your tactics on for almost every match.
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  3. Rhonono Rhonono Preacher

    Do we have an actual number ?

    from what lady is saying it's
    5 minute 1 point controled give 25% of victory (1% every 12sec)

    I remembre reading somewhere on the forum a long time ago that it's was 30% for 5 minutes (1% every 10 sec) but no source to confirme that.
  4. Lady Rheeva Steam Early Access

    It is precisely 50%, it remains consistent with all observations.
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