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Veteran Spawning and Elite Revamp

Discussion in 'Ask the Team' started by Ultima75000, May 11, 2017.

  1. Ultima75000 Ultima75000 First Blood!

    Okay so after seeing how little Veterans are being utilized because of their precious single life and how crappy some of our Elite choices have been I began thinking on how to get more Veterans and Elites (yes Elites too) on the field without breaking the game. Now I do wish Veterans we're more than basic units with +400 LP and Elites we're not uninspired knockoffs of basic loadouts but I did not have the time or creativity to create new mechanics for every single veteran, every elite and every single faction for asymmetrical balance. Other than that we should do away with single, one shot wonder units we worked hard to earn, make the Elites feel like 'ELITES' and implement a different method of deployment for them.

    Veteran Spawn Tickets - All Veterans, instead of having a single life should have a 'Spawn Timer' similar to that of the vehicles that fills a personal pool of tickets you can spend to spawn as a Veteran. That way you can spawn/save your veteran spawns more often but not being able to recklessly enter in like playing a normal loadout. In addition this helps so you are not completely raging over losing your ONLY vet to something stupid such as friendly fire, spawning in an exploding rhino and of course redeploying. Ork Nobz in particular also should be immune to the instant death effect of WAAAGH!!! so Painboys have SOMETHING to pick up. This might seem a bit strong but remember that you can still insta-kill every other Ork trying to revive the Nob.

    In addition allow players to accumulate more Veteran lives into their pool should they choose not to play a veteran as time goes on. Starting at 1 spawn tickets capping at a max of 3 tickets that can be held.

    Additional Ideas: I had an earlier brainstorm based off the Combat Squads from the codex of adding Veteran Sergeants to leaders of Squads of 5 or more and even including a Veteran Squad, but then everyone would be fighting over the Squad Leader to spawn as Veterans and I have no idea how to work out the Vet Squad.

    Revamp Elites
    Stop making these guys pay to play, this makes this harder to balance them as you have to make it so they don't become pay to win.
    You'd be much better served making them alternate (and at this point rarer) Veterans with specific loadouts/abilities/wargear unique to them and whatever faction they belong too. Units such as Terminators, Honour Guard Wraithguards, Rangers, Meganobs, Librarians, Chaplains, Techmarines, Obliterators and Warpsmiths are choice Elites that should be fielded around the amount of Veterans we currently see on the battlefield right now (AKA '5<' )

    And stop marking them as 'Heroes' on the select screen. Heroes are people who should be very rare if not near-unique on the battlefield such as the Sorcerer Lord or a Astartes Captain. Create a Warlord position to command squads instead of sticking unique heroes in a PvP lobby shooter...

    How to earn money without Elites generating revenue?
    Get some more cosmetics out and get some good ones too. Can't afford a team to do it? Grant us Workshop support and we'll gladly do it ourselves. There are plenty of creative and dedicated 40k fans who would LOVE to make cosmetics for all the factions. The bulk of all your microtransactions are going to be from cosmetics, not from us buy crappy Elite units who are worse than regular units and have the spawning deficiency of hard earned veterans.

    On the topic of cosmetics, THERE HAS TO BE SO MUCH MORE. We're already limited to certain Chapters/Legions/Klans/Craftworlds. You can at LEAST grant us some killer cosmetics to match the ones you guys choose to be playable.

    In addition make RTC weapons skins rather than separate weapons (and remove the stupid ALT weapons because they take up space...) Stop making them cash paid Master-Crafted Weapons with EXTRAS on some of them. Your own loading screen message of says 'RTC weapons are purely cosmetic'
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  2. pinky EternalPink First Blood!

    The problem with increasing vet spawns is the advantage this gives to higher level players verse lower level players, how are you going to balance that?
  3. -WCA-Vola Talron Moderator

    Honestly I can agree with almost all of this. The only thing is the increased elite spawns thing however putting them on a timer is a Really good idea. Simple things help to improve this game. You should create a thread for votes to see what people think.
  4. Rathael Rathael Arkhona Vanguard

    Going to link my obligatory suggestion thread here:

    Yes please. Lets have a reworked elite spawn. A cooldown system would be fine and dandy. Different levels of power of elites have different lengths of cooldowns, allowing the elites to have different amounts of power and therefore eliminating any possibility of "pay to win".

    Something like this should have been in before these elites hit the markets. I do not know what to expect if this system isn't improved by the time terminators arrive. If the "1 life" system is not drastically changed, terminators will either be severely pay-to-win or far less powerful than they actually should be.

    Discussed this on discord.

    Frankly, I think having something seriously good to work towards makes players stay. If you know you're missing veterans while you're levelling up, you will seriously look forward to unlocking them. It really does not take that long to reach rank 5 either. Veterans are not powerful enough to be frustrating to lose to as a new player.

    That aside, if the developers are really that terrified of any scrap of vertical advancement, they could allow all players to use a preset veteran with a fixed loadout. Reaching rank 5 and unlocking a veteran allows them to create a new veteran with a custom loadout.

    This way, all players would be able to spawn in an elite and make use of the elite spawn cooldown.
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  5. Ultima75000 Ultima75000 First Blood!

    I didn't really touch on how Elite's spawned because I haven't seen too many and one of them is complete crap to be even worth spawning in the first place. The veteran ticket idea was mainly made for use with the Veterans we current have now rather than what we MIGHT have in the future.

    My original idea for the Elites was that they SHARE the Veteran Ticket Pool along side the Veteran Loadouts as currently they are par with them at this point.

    However after thinking a bit I'm actually fine with giving them one life per match (it doesn't have to be one though) in lieu of making them more powerful than normal loadouts and have capabilities beyond even veterans. Although this of course requires the Elites to be reworked as F2Earn rather than P2Play as I suggested so this powerup doesn't make them P2Win. In my opinion I really shouldn't be paying a for a unique loadout/class for a PvP game. That usually just invites more trouble than it's worth.

    As for a vote thread, I honestly wasn't thinking about adding a poll when I typed this up. Although if you guys really want I could.

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