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Veteran Apothecary: best build?

Discussion in 'Space Marines' started by NebirosZael, Jan 9, 2017.

  1. NebirosZael NebirosZael Subordinate

    I just unlocked the Veteran Apothecary Class, and was wondering: since equipping both Relic Power Armour and Halo of the Saviour is a no go, because they just take 1000 LP together, which is a stable build who can use at least one of them?
    Also, I own both Chainblade of Fury, Mercury Pattern Bolt Pistol and Quicksilver Pattern Boltgun, as also both master-crafted boltgun, bolt pistol and chainsword.

    Usually I go melee Apothecary, but I'm willing to switch to ranged if needed and focus more on healing.
    I normally would try every combination of items, but I just can't seem to make it right. Any help?
  2. Forgrim Forj Battle-Skald

    If you can get Heavy Barrel, Textured Grip, and Drum Mag, Bolter Apothecary does pretty well.

    My personal preference is to use Relic Armour if at all possible, due to the Toughness. Per point, Toughness will increase your survivability by significantly more than a point of either armour or health. But to be fair, I'm using that to counter my trans-pacific latency and medium skill, by giving me a few extra moments to react. I then build the rest of my loadout around weapon+armour.

    Since I don't play Apothecary, I can't give you more specific advice than that - I'll leave that to others.
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  3. NebirosZael NebirosZael Subordinate

    Gonna try and get them, I should have only Textured Grip (if I'm not wrong, both Heavy Barrel and Drum Mag are from 30k boxes), I'm gonna try building a basic setup with the Quicksilver Pattern Boltgun (tried that with normal Apo, good weapon), then I'm gonna fix the weapon set when I find the other mods.
    At lastly, thanks for being the first to answer here in two days XD
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  4. Forgrim Forj Battle-Skald

    No worries, things can be a bit slow in here at times :).
    Pretty sure Drum Mag is 30k box, but I have an uncertain memory of the Heavy Barrel coming from 12k box - hopefully someone can confirm. In my opinion, it's the Heavy barrel that makes the build worthwhile.
  5. Kesslan Kesslan Arkhona Vanguard

    I always go with the Relic Armour on my veterans. I almost never use the Iron Halo and other than trying it out a few times I never use the 600LP Class specific Halo ever, because that combo literally leaves you only 400LP to play with and that doesn't go far even with a tactical, much less the Medic who is very LP front heavy because of the mandatory Main Weapon+Pistol+Narc+Vial and then you'll almost always want either one of the beacons or healing grenades (Which is another 150-220 LP)

    The upside is, if you don't take one of the Halos you can still rock the 150LP medic icon for the health boost (Which to me is worth more for the medic since you can heal yourself any time you're not directly in combat) and if you prefer melee you can rock a chain sword with life steal for extra healing goodness. Otherwise you can use a bolter with some decent mods for ranged and rely on the narc for all melee combat. It's base damage and durability are quite low, but it's a fast swing and more importantly, poisons your target.
  6. Redfingers Recruit

    Halos are incredibly overpriced, especially compared to ork wargear. Apothecary halo is by far the worst halo of the bunch. The 150 wargear piece is far, far more reasonably budgeted.

    The stat budget is whack.

    On my bolter apothecary I use master crafted narthecium (extremely, extremely, extremely important) relic armor, master crafted boltgun with drum mag and angled grip, the 220 medic grenade, seal of forging, seal of solidarity and the rest is trinkets.

    On my chainsword apothecary - relic chainsword, not bothering with that other garbage - impact mod because it is beast. 220 grenade, plasma pistol, relic armor, 50 LP armor/regen x2, trinkets.

    Most important thing on veterans that I've found is staying alive in melee. One jump pack douche can ruin it for your ranged vet. So can getting your weapon broken. Use impact mods and master crafted whenever possible with knives and swords IMO.
  7. NebirosZael NebirosZael Subordinate

    Thank to both Kesslan and Redfingers, gonna try also that combinations and find out my best playstyle on them. I used to play normal Apo only in melee, but a good ranged may be better at situations.
    Also, gonna have to drop the master-crafted narthecium, is it in 12k or in 30k boxes?
  8. 0strum 0strum Arkhona Vanguard

    Heavy barrel, textured grip, drum mag and master crafted Narthecium are all from 12k boxes, not 30k.
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  9. Plongo Subordinate

    Never ever use the 300lp vial or 300lp grenade. They have to be the most useless item in the game. Grenade stays on the ground for a little longer, and the vial just makes the effects last a little longer.. No benefits.
    Just make yourself as tough as nails so you can survive and make others survive.
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  10. Vigilante thesovereign Subordinate

    Guys could y advise for a newbie in Wolf Priest , what skills should I get, and what gear set should I buy ( pref melee apothecary)

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