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Usage of the Eldar runes in Eternal Crusade (Analysis)

Discussion in 'Eldar' started by Arphenior, May 26, 2018.

  1. Arleniel Arphenior Steam Early Access

    After looking through the Eldar Runes in the main menu, I have realized, that they were placed carelessly, just to create the illusion of the Eldar writing, as meanings of the displayed runes completely do not match the surroundings of the game. The mistakes are different, but there are especially lots of irrelevant Harlequin Runes. Look at the introduced parsing below: (You may click on images to expand them)

    1. Lettering number one:
    • Actually, the first rune is referred to the Harlequins, not the Craftworld forces.
    • Rune number 2 implies Jetbikes, which are not connected with Eternal Crusade.
    • Lettering rune number 4 is inverted, it should not look in a such way.
    2. Lettering number two:
    • Runes of Storm Guardians (1 and 10) and Vyper Jetbikes (3 and 13) are not only completely far from the mark, but also repeated twice.
    • Runes number 1, 3, 6, 7, 11, 12, 13, 16, 17 are inverted.
    • Numbers 5 and 9 are even not Eldar runes. They are empty symbols from the "Eldar Runes" windows font. The most irritating blunder.
    Here you can see the table of symbols from "Eldar Runes" windows font, which was used by the EC developers. All these rectangles - are empty symbols. They are not Eldar runes at all.
    In order to correct these defects, I suggest to change listed runes with some Lettering ones.
    3. Runes, which surround the character, are even more inappropriate. No doubts that they were placed blindly:

    • Number one is a rune of Solitaire. Completely out of place.
    • Number two means Crimson Hunters. Not related to the character by any way.
    • Number three indicates Storm Guardians (Again).
    • Number four denotes something related to Exodites. Completely out of place.
    • Number six is a concept rune of Exodites. Completely out of place.
    • Number seven's main meaing is the Great Harlequin. Completely out of place.
    • Number 9 repeats number two.
    • Number 10 repeats number three (Four Storm Guardian runes in the menu of a game, which does not have them!)
    • Number eleven means "The Soulless Ones". Does not suitable for the Eldar character, is not it?
    • Number 12 implies Support weapon (Grav platform). Completely unrelated to character.
    • Number 13 repeats number six.
    • Number 14 would have been relevant if it had not been an Exarch rune.
    • Number 15 repeats number seven.
    • And number sixteen denotes Margorach. Completely out of place.
    As you can see, most runes are not suitable to surround the character. It would be better to place some Aspect runes instead of them. Only runes number five and eight would be appropriate if irrelevant context did not appear. I propose to replace these runes with the various Aspect runes, surrounding of which around the character will produce a better impression.
    4. Rank runes appearance. The rune of the first rank is in actual fact a Farseer rune (Or of Enhance/Drain), but it should not represent the rank. The subsequent rank runes do not exist at all, and I do not think they should be used, as they are based on above-listed Farseer rune. Instead of them, I suggest to apply real Eldar numbering runes, which can be seen in the codex.
    5. Autarch rune. The symbol, which can be seen in the Eldar elite heroes shop and in the players table before the name of an Autarch-player is not an Autarch rune. It is the rune of the Outcast and it does not have any relations to Autarch. Look at the image below where in-game rune is compared to the real ones.
    We need just to replace one symbol with another.
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  2. Arleniel Arphenior Steam Early Access

    Application: I recommend to lead the correction by this miscellany, which includes most of known Eldar runes.
  3. Krayt Krayt Preacher

    Are you serious ?
  4. why do you care if he is serious, I thought it was cool learning about the runes. Here this guy puts all this good work into explaining things and tall you can contribute to the conversation is "are you serious" ? LSM players are frigging fanatical when it comes to lore so don't even go there "brother".
  5. Krayt Krayt Preacher

    I am not an lsm player , and he is asking that the devs change the runes wich no one cares about and devs have better to do than this
    He did a great job but its serves no purpose for now
  6. Errebes Errebes Drill Abbott

    Apparently someone must care about it, because he not only noticed it, but provided a well written post about it. This is something that can be filed under : Fix When The Game Is Stable. If one person notices it, others are likely to as well. Don't shut it down just because it's not a main priority for now.
  7. Possessed Chaos Lord volimnir0 Steam Early Access

    Harlequins... Mmm K.O. Vets would be nice. :3

    Who knows the lore and care about it also care about misinformations! lol.
  8. nikel nikel Arkhona Vanguard

    exellent work, but its dead game

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