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Update 1.0.21e - Oct 27

Discussion in 'Patch Notes & Updates' started by Houman, Oct 27, 2016.

  1. Houman Sadaghiani Houman Well-Known Member

    Steam BuildID: 141772

    (For those who are having issues when patching the game, you can verify that you have the correct version by matching the BuildID above with what you have listed in the "Properties" window, under the "Local Files" tab. If it's the same, you're good! If it's not the same, you would need to force an update by either logging out/in Steam, or choosing "Verify Integrity of Game Cache" from "Local Files" tab.)

    New and Noteworthy Additions:

    -Combat improvements and balance changes!

    -Improvements to targeting with Psychic powers.

    -Polishing/fine tuning the Inventory system.

    -More Shrines for Eldar! Deck yoursELF out :p (bah doum tsss!)

    -Lots of background work on campaigns and other juicy features not ready to be unleashed…

    -Tons of bug fixes! Over 250 bugs and dev tasks cleared from our DB!

    Gameplay Tweaks/Improvements:

    -Psychic powers can now aim properly over cover.

    -PVE: Players will now succeed an objective if at least one player is within the sector lock.

    Weapon Tuning:

    -Meltaguns and Fusion Guns are now less effective against vehicles. (Multi-Meltas should be roughly the same as they were before).

    -Meltaguns, Multi-Meltas, Fusion Guns and Fusion Pistols no longer have ranged falloff. They still have a limited range which you can see in their FX but it now applies the same amount of heat across its entire range (with the exception of the Vulcan Melta).

    -Storm shield no longer takes durability damage from poison grenades.

    -Tempest Launchers are now more precise (the projectile was always landing left of reticule).

    Vehicle Changes:

    -Reduced Eldar vehicle health from 80% of equivalents for other factions to 60%.

    -Vehicles now regenerate much faster after a 10 second delay.

    Menu/UI/Chat Window Improvements:

    -PVE: Changed the way match start-up works, to allow for 2-4 players to go in for a harder encounter without needing to wait around for a 5th. Players beware! PVE has been balanced for groups of 5 with moderately well-balanced groups made up of defense/DPS/support classes. Enjoy the bloodbath :D

    -Default FPS limit is now set to 60 to improve smoothness in menus.

    -Garrison: Target dummies now show damage numbers for ailment effects.

    Art/Visual Improvements:

    -More shrines are now available for Eldar.

    Server/Backend/Steam Improvements:

    -A lot of background/behind-the-scenes work has been done to the in-game Campaigns, stay tuned for more news on this later!

    -Several tweaks and changes were made to improve player metrics data.

    Bug Fixes:

    -Over 50 visual/cosmetic fixes across all maps (things like misaligned textures, seams in walls, debris/scenery items that were not placed correctly and appeared floating, for example, in maps like Zedek, Medusa and Agnathio).

    -Over 20 navigation/vaulting/cover bugs addressed across all maps.

    -Many fixes made to weapon, armour & appearance items, both visual and names/descriptions (e.g. Master Crafted Heavy Bolter visuals were not being applied correctly).

    -Several fixes to missing or inaccurate gear icons in the Loadout and Inventory screens.

    -Certain factions were not able to get everything unlocked in the Advancements. This has now been fixed!

    -Several fixes made to Ork and Eldar walk/sprint animation blending in certain situations, as well as some polishing/tweaks to the Ork vaulting and evade anims.

    -Fixed an animation issue with the Storm shield.

    -Tweaked a few buggy execution animations, but we’re not done yet!

    -Fixed a visual bug with visible wargear and Eldar Striking Scorpion stealth.

    -PVE: There was a spot in one of the lairs that allowed players to see outside the map into the void… this has been fixed!

    -PVE: Fixed some matchmaking issues that would result from unresponsive clients (crashes, hangs or disconnected players).

    -Fixed a UI bug with the Warp Hunter’s overheat bar.

    -Fixed an issue with turn in place animations not playing for other players.

    -There was a bug with the Eldar Dark Reapers when aiming in certain situations. Fixed!

    -Fixed a UI issue with XP from commendations not being added correctly upon returning to the HUB after letting the time until next match run out.

    -There were some animation/posing issues in the Loadout screen when equipping certain pieces of gear, which has now been fixed.

    - Eldar and CSM psychic abilities were getting cancelled when aiming downwards from low cover. This is no longer the case.

    -Fixed a display issue with Force/Power weapons where they would occasionally stop glowing.

    -Fixed a UI bug where players accepted into a guild after loading into a map would not have a guild tag next to their names.

    -The 'Max FPS' slider end was cropped after certain manipulations... This has been fixed.

    -Fixed a weird animation bug when transitioning from and to certain menus.

    -Fixed an incorrectly timed server broadcast message in Fortress game modes under specific circumstances.

    -Addressed a few animation bugs with the Swooping Hawks.

    -Fixed an obstructed view when switching spots inside an Ork Gunwagon.

    -Fixed a few clipping issues with some Heavy class weapon cables/tubes.

    -Fixed animation glitch that was sometimes occurring when switching between loadouts and weapons in the loadout menus.

    -There were a few crossed wires in some of the Supply Box opening sequences showing the wrong box. These have been fixed!

    -Fixed a bug in Harkus where fire damage was being incorrectly applied in some locations that were near but not on open flames.

    -Spamming certain keys in various sub-menus caused the menus to bug out and infinitely loop menu animations. This one is fixed!

    -Super Stikkbomb wasn’t doing the correct amount of damage when thrown in a couple of situations. This is now fixed!

    -Fixed a display bug with shields during executions, where certain weapon + shield combos caused the shield to be invisible during executions.

    -There was an animation bug occurring with jump pack classes when trying to jump + sprint at a certain timing during the anim, which has now been fixed.

    -Fixed a stability issue with the Friends tab of players with many many Steam friends… All you social butterflies!

    -Fixed a bug with the shot impact effects of some Eldar weapons that were delayed.

    -Addressed an animation bug with Eldar Warlock’s evade attack anim.

    -Fixed issue where the zoom slider could become stuck to the mouse cursor in World Map and Advancement screens.

    -Fixed a bug where weapons could fire when the player’s view is obstructed when in high cover and facing the wall too much.

    -Fixed incorrect class icons from being displayed for SM Space Wolves.

    -Fixed a couple weapon alignment issues with the Power Fist + Storm Shield during some of their anims.

    -The icons for some of the faction Supply Boxes were not matching the tier of the box. This has been fixed!

    -Addressed a bug with tooltip info for all Narthecium weapons incorrectly displaying the same stats across the board.

    -Fixed the bug where the character stands up abruptly when vaulting over low cover in certain ways.

    -Fixed a rare case of an “Invalid Loadout” error message that was happening when transitioning to the HUB screen

    -Fixed an issue where the character would rarely go through the floor of Maglift.

    -Fixed a bug where shields could incorrectly block ailments from non-projectile based sources.

    -Addressed a visual bug with the way cloth materials were being displayed for male Eldar versus female Eldar.

    -Maggon: Fixed a visual bug with the skybox.

    -Fixed some animation bugs with the Nid Warriors and performed some polishing/tweaking of several Nid animations.

    -Fixed an issue with a few executions that were not properly killing the victim.

    -Addressed an edge case bug that made it possible for vehicles to despawn while a player has respawned inside one, if it was previously empty.

    -Fixed a bug that incorrectly allowed characters to gain XP from healing abilities in PVE.

    -Rarely, an ork would stand up during an execution if being executed by an Apothecary with a Narthecium. This has been fixed!

    -Fixed an execution anim bug when CSM Sorcerers using a Force Sword executes an Eldar.

    -Addressed an edge case bug related to the way characters are “built” and show up on-screen on the player’s end.

    -Fixed a placement/visual issue with Eldar Burning Rune on certain class/armor combos.

    -Eldar with the Burning Rune equipped would be able to see the rune on the ground even after they’ve died, which has now been fixed.

    -Several SM Power fists had floating gauntlets visible. This has been fixed!

    -Fixed a bug where Orks took cover in the wrong direction when attempting to take high cover.

    -Finally fixed the bug with the kill screen that would show the previous AI/player that killed you!

    -The ability to aim downwards is inconsistent when bracing heavy weapons on a specific fortified low cover that can be found in several maps. This was fixed!

    -Fixed a bug that gave the thrower of SM and Ork healing grenades an extra unintended bonus…

    -Fixed several lingering rare issues with guild tag display in-game that would occur at certain timings (getting accepted to a guild while transitioning between menus to gameplay, or vice vera, for example).

    -Fixed the issue with cover prompts being incorrectly displayed for Swooping Hawks (which, like Heavy classes, cannot take cover aside from crouching behind a cover node).

    -In the same vein, we fixed a bug with Swooping Hawks being prevented from shooting while crouched behind a cover node.

    (HS: Now you know that I’m as serious as cancer when I say (no no, not rhythm is a dancer ;) ) that there were TONS of bug fixes in this patch! I had to condense the map/art/visual bugs into 1 line to save space!)

    Known Issues:

    -Just a few. For the full list of current and past / still occurring known issues, have a look at the thread I've created here:
  2. Houman Sadaghiani Houman Well-Known Member

    HOTfix 1.0.21h - Nov 2

    -Fixed several issues with male and female Eldar shrines not appearing correctly (particularly with the Fire Dragon).

    -Addressed a few edge case bugs with relinquishing items, as well as fixing a couple more obvious bugs with the way relinquishing works on equipped items.

    -Fixed an anim/gun placement issue with Warlocks holding pistols… No more gangsta gat-mode for them :p

    -Fixed an issue with the way mods were being calculated in the LP budgets for loadouts.

    -Fixed yet another grenade exploit, but we’re not done… the QA team is onto a few leads, thanks to everyone for the community who shared this instead of using/abusing it!

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