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Update 1.0.0 - Sep 23

Discussion in 'Patch Notes & Updates' started by Houman, Sep 23, 2016.

  1. Houman Sadaghiani Houman Well-Known Member

    Steam BuildID: 1351600

    (For those who are having issues when patching the game, you can verify that you have the correct version by matching the BuildID above with what you have listed in the "Properties" window, under the "Local Files" tab. If it's the same, you're good! If it's not the same, you would need to force an update by either logging out/in Steam, or choosing "Verify Integrity of Game Cache" from "Local Files" tab.)

    New and Noteworthy Additions:

    -We're LIVE, snitches! After 3+ years, we finally made it :D Thanks for the wild ride, but it’s not over! Strap in and get ready, it’s gonna be a fun ride. WAAAAAGH!

    -Last minute launch fixes and some (but not all!) Appearances added (and some fixed).

    -Backend/server fixes to accommodate the launch crowd + guild creation. (We’re aware of some guild bugs that are preventing people from creating their guilds, we’re working on it!)

    -Most of the big and missing features were already added in our pre-launch Patch #24, check out the details -> here <- in the full Patch #24 notes!


    -Some more last minute LOC and translation bugs and terms updated.

    Bug Fixes:

    -Fixed some incorrect out of bounds in Agnathio!

    -Addressed several visual/cosmetic bugs in Agnathio, as well as a few of the other maps in rotation.

    -Fixed the Female Eldar armour pieces not being aligned correctly.

    -Fixed truncated/cut off text fields in Supply Box screen as well as a few other spots.

    -Fixed voice over barks bug that would occur when an ally was nearby.

    -Fixed a few lingering bugs with the Advancements that were either not unlocking properly or were not awarding what they were meant to!

    See? To all those people worried about missing/late launch patch notes... it was mostly small fixes in prep for launch! ENJOY!

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