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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Fiendly, Feb 14, 2017.

  1. Dharchaon81 Dharchaon81 Arkhona Vanguard

    This seems to be my thread.
    Playing since 2015, founded early, about 300 hrs of gameplay with RealLife besides, like others too.
    Getting rank 6 at end of the week, I guess.
    Getting free-locked 98% of the advancement-tree, yet.
    I prefer playing my CSM (only) Raptor, by using Powersword/Chainsword + Bolt-Pistol (strandard-version).
    Dislike using one-hit-weapons, it does not fit my play-style at all.

    I have nothing against the patch (aka hotfix 2.0, aka content update with 1% of content),
    everything that pushes EC is very welcome. But...

    An Eldar nerf was expected (I do not feel Eldar OP, but ok) and the result is a cut of the HP pool of JPA (Raptor),
    and a loss in armour.

    I .
    CSM won many games against Eldar, I cannot get the idea where they seem to be OP,
    just their vehicle style of play is some kind of weired.

    Isn't it so, that a basic Traitor is even with a Raptor in basic HP and Armour values,
    both wearing (normal) Chaos-armour and were "created" in the same biological treatment way (HP-pool)?
    => I get the point, that a Raptor class should not be able to equip a lot of tank gear, and I am fine with it.

    Most melee contributions were against the one-hit-wonder Powerfist and equivalents.
    I am also fine with it, but for know it feels like this nerf just pushes a jetpack-player
    into using nothing but a one-hit-power-weapon or just play fast-attack-spamming until death & repeat.
    Were is the tactic behind this class for now?

    In short time hitting rank 6 and it seems like after playing 300 hours of pure melee fighting against everthing, even against a TANK (..just dancing around 360° and taunting the cannon, while teammates kill the tank with anti-vehicles stuff...), now a Raptor should stay at the spawn point, just sneaking in the dark searching for some heavy dudes to back-stab, skill-full, thanks.
    This is truly a part of every JPA/Raptor class, sure, but it should not be the only thing.
    No more defending cap points, or dealing with 2 attackers at the same time, except using Powerfists were you still be able to crush them in 2 clicks with your mouse-button.

    I've achieved only 2-3 times the top seed in match-summary, and it is ok for me (dont need e-peen at all).
    I never get more than 30 kills in one match, normaly it deals with 12-18 kills and it is fine,
    if a match could be won, because this will remain the main goal of every match.
    Never felt the way of being overpowered against anyone.
    Died, pre-patch, also a lot of times on ranged ones, d-bashes-n-shotdowns, one-hitters and so on.
    Atm I feel like getting killed 40x per match, and in between a campaign it would be 40k deaths I guess.

    It seems hard to imagine what will happen on fortress maps, esp. Agnathio, were you need strong Raptors at some point, when rushing balconies at B.
    Now with this glas-cannon-fodder, I will salute all of you ranged players. GG

    Should a D-bash deal damage...
    Pre-patch, I dont care. Because there was enough HP and the opportunity of a bit of tanky gear on my Raptor.
    Also feel confident, when my opponent is able to bash me, because of fairness.
    I have the chance to get a second hit in most cases, and if not ok => it is just a game.
    Now, after playing a duel and luckily get a win, I stay with 5% of HP and get a d-bash from behind...DEAD.
    I am a Chaos Space Marine, I think I should not die of a simple kick on my back.
    Getting stumbled and stunned for a second is quite ok, dying in this situation even though.
    But killed throughout a foot-kick...are you DukeNukem, getting all out of gum?

    Thanks to this contend update, I have to re-build my paid content for an hour yesterday.
    I played two matches, both were won. One match was CSM-pugs (me) vs. SM-full-guild...
    I managed to kill 6x (first try) and 10x (second try).
    As long as my team wins, I am quite fine.
    But for the first time it felt like, I was not able to help my team in the way I did before.
    Yesterday I helped more by driving transport and firing on anti-vehicles boys or writting directions in the chat.

    Feel free to comment.
    If anyone got some nice builds and playstyle tipps, please show them.

  2. Lucius Vinicius JojoKasei Arkhona Vanguard

    I tried the JPA yesterday and while the class still works, you basically need a third eye, a sixth sense and tons of fuel. It is possible to play it, but certainly quite a step harder.
  3. RageScreama RageScreama Well-Known Member

    Honestly a bigger problem than lowered durabilit, which can be played around, is a borked up lp system that limits what wargear and consumables you can take across all factions.

    Should you be able to take max fuel, armor, grenades, and a power weapon? No not really but you should get more bang for your buck if you decide to roll a chainsword or a choppa blade most def.

    Btw Jpa do pretty damn well when you use your pistol. Too many people seem to wanna ignore their sidearms entirely. You can't really balance a class with a sidearm around never using it so start working it into your damage rotations.
  4. Sorry Brother but i can let you tell that.
    I try yesterday to use JPA i'm killed by everyone from heavy to tac passing by support because i can't close the gap anymore (for Support because their armour is so low that contact will be their death) and against all other because they have between 1,5 to 3 times more EHP and one d-bash see me dead.
    JPA iteration in this patch is shit and not enjoyable at all. Thank you range only players, you made your point now you got your game.
  5. Lucius Vinicius JojoKasei Arkhona Vanguard

    Guess it depends on where and when you use it, but I came out fine, all in all. It is more difficult since a fart in your general direction can kill you, but as long as you stay off the wind...
    Seriously, if you take your time to assess the situation and then decide whether to act or not and if yes, how, that can save a lot of trouble. I may go so far as to say it is necessary now.
    In my opinion, the nerf was not called for in the dimensions that it came in, but wile it weakend the class, it did not kill it entirely.
  6. Rathael Rathael Arkhona Vanguard

    Gave JPA a swing today.

    I'm not really sure what the purpose of gutting the armor is. They already seemed to have their fuel regeneration reduced from earlier builds. This seems like enough to me.

    I am a bit rusty with JPA, but I feel far too flimsy. I tried various builds involving varying amounts of survivability and mobility, but no matter what it just felt like the moment I landed I had to be in the air again to survive. It never takes more than a single defensive bash to keep me still long enough to kill me.

    This is troublesome on top of the already-existing problem of tacticals being able to shoot after Dbash and deal far more damage than intended by melee. The advantage afforded by a slightly higher impact weapon doesn't make much different when eating 2 (at most) bashes (usually 1) is enough to kill the JPA.

    Once again, I do not understand why the game is slipping back into "you screw up 1 time, you die" mode. We moved away from that last year, now we're coming back to it.

    Either way, the statistics should speak for themselves over the next few months. Melee KDA was already equal to ranged, and the armor gut should cut that harder. Today I rarely saw any JPA's at all. Chaos basically don't play raptors. A few die hard orcs and marines still do, but not out of the ability to perform well on them.

    Melee also has zero place in PvE right now unless you have a storm shield. I tried all sorts of various builds for chaos, mostly maximizing survival to try to be a tank for the team, but the damage gaunts do is so insanely high.

    In general, hard times upon JPA... still playable and not bad, just very much below par right now. Also for the record, I'm glad they gutted support armor. It gets tiring seeing so many apothecaries running around. Now there is a good reason to play tactical if you prefer dealing damage to actually supporting and healing (something I've noticed with a lot of apothecaries).
  7. Construct_ Thraxus First Blood!

    Oi! you lot! get over to The 'Exclusive' 3.1 Satire Tread you look like you could use a good laugh!

    And bring your stories of woe and hillarity post patch 3.1, we're gonna need them if we're gonna get through this!
  8. Construct_ Thraxus First Blood!

    On a bad match I'll get around 4 kills and 20 deaths

    On a good match I'll get around 7 kills and around 15 deaths.

    On a great match I'll get around 15 kills and around 40 deaths.

    All the while Ranged just casually derp around getting 30 to 60 kills without barely having to lift a finger, litterally! they just hold down LMB and derp away = Profit!

    This is the best build I can come up with and I can still barely get any kills in edgeways.

    1000 LP:
    • Top tier Power Armour
    • Standard Power Sword with Penetration Multiplier
    • Standard Bolt Pistol
    • 1x Fuel cell Jump Pack

    Rest In Peace my trusty Jump Pack.jpg
  9. Antheus Fiendly Confessor

    Watch my good friend and feel the nerf hate overtaking you ! Then proceed to bash skulls @Oveur AND @Oveur AGAIN !

    Check this out !
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