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UAT Playtest - New Map + Stun Grenades

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by jbregg, Jul 27, 2018.

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  2. There's quite a difference between wafting about unsubstantiated allegations with the intent of character defamation, and pointing out instances of such activity as a means of self defense.

    Neither provide particularly useful results, the difference being of cause that one is against forum policy -and human decency- and the other isn't.

    Besides the best course of action is to just 'ignore them and they'll go away' - epic advice from 'mum'-

    But everyone deserves a second chance? Surely. Well maybe not bunny murderers and I don't know about a third chance but a second's probably a good bet. I'm sure @Deathwish would be happy to consider providing such charity.

    It's just a matter of choosing weather taking that shovel to dig a way out or using it to dig a little deeper is the best course of action at this point. For the fine upstanding forum citizen the choice is most certainly clear.

    Also good job on stun nades, interesting to see what toxic meta is born from this, lol.
  3. Just another shooter with melee stuck to the side with wet tissue. That was always going to be the fate of EC, nothing anyone could have said or done was ever going to be able to change that.
  4. acepost acepost Active Member

    Are stun grenades effective universally on all classes currently? Maybe it should have different durations and effects on different classes for balance reasons then...

    What is the feedback from UAT testers?
  5. Kjall Kjall Active Member

    Stun nades can still be tricked.
  6. Kjall Kjall Active Member

    1) Antheus is living proof that melee is more than fine and viable.

    2) The main role of melee isn't to get kills anyway, they're shock troops, they're there to distract the enemy and disrupt them to make it easier for their teammates to attack, they fulfil the same role as an entry fragger would in CSGO or R6S.

    3) Even with the two previous points, getting kills in matches is as easy as alternating light/heavy attack with the occasional dbash, while obviously not forgetting to use your sidearm, there is a reason why you have your handgun out alongside your melee, you're supposed to combo those two together, and no you don't need to use your pistol as your primary weapon.

    Also as a personal side note to the third point, Torin has shown me that melee combat can have more depth than what it seems, HOWEVER, this kind of depth barely comes into play in a regular match and is mostly smashed by the chaotic nature of the game, having luck take it's place, but it still doesn't reduce anything from the three mentioned points.
  7. Kjall Kjall Active Member

    No, the idea was to reduce their power, which is what it achieves, now for example, you can no longer get a stupidly easy kill just by spamming a nadetrick over and over (an issue that was extremely noticeable during the previous 5v5 tournament) as well as not being able to render a veteran absolutely pointless with a nadetrick.
  8. Construct_ Thraxus First Blood!

    Abuse power and it gets taken away. Poetic justice at work through the inevitable laws of thermo-dynamics, entropy and change.
  9. Iron Dragon ByeBye Well-Known Member

    No Antheus is proof that 1 or 2 exceptional players can make use of a fundamentally broken melee system. Just because 1 person is good at it doesn't mean that the system is fine. By your logic Leroy is living proof that the bolter (and by extension) is OP.

    That being said I don't believe that melee is as bad as some people claim, but it does need a few tweaks to make it more accessible to everyone. Speeding up the melee animations would help as well as fixing the durability loss when using D-bash against a fast attack. The only thing that the stun grenades will do to help melee is give JPAs a easier time escaping if they throw it as they jump away.
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