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Trying to come back....

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Whiskey, Feb 3, 2018.

  1. Whiskey Whiskey Subordinate

    I played for awhile, then took a long break and I have recently been trying to get back into the game, however, I wait literally, hours to get a match. And then heaven forbid I chose to play LSM because that just turns into an "I am Spashe Muhreen pew pew" everyone running around willy-nilly doing Khorne knows what but certainly not helping each other.

    So, has there been a serious fall off in the player base? Or am I somehow not queueing properly? Should I not connect through steam...I dunno I am willing to try about anything at this point.
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  2. Make sure fortresses are on, you don't have it set to connect to a specific server, and check the world map to see if any games are almost done or if a load just started. Orks will take hours, as will Eldar (OP).
    And yes. We've lost players.
  3. Whiskey Whiskey Subordinate

    Thanks man
  4. Razmirth Sneaky-krumpin Subordinate

    Welcome back to the ghost town my friend. Current player base is abysmal. Average numbers per month right now is about 150, with a peak of around 200-300 players. Basically the player base is back to what it was when the game launched. That’s usually between 12pm-9pm in North America for peak, which usually has about 5-6 maps going at a time.

    If you’re an after hours/early morning player like me? I’m lucky to see 40-50 on at a time. Que takes about 15-20 minutes. So basically I don’t bother playing much anymore, as I can’t afford to sit around for 20 minutes in queues.
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  5. Leroy Twizzlers DemonKingBAAL Steam Early Access

    Game is anywhere from 280-450 during peak hour(s). Depends if it's weekend or not. Eldar/Orks are hard/impossible to get games for outside of peak time unless you warparty with a bunch of people, otherwise it's usually LSM/CSM. There are games 24/7, but only like 1 to 2 at once on LSM/CSM during dead time. And yea, as Data said, connect to all servers with forts on. Game has a small population but still has more content in the works on UAT currently, so there's still new stuff being created for the game to look forward to which is nice.
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  6. Whiskey Whiskey Subordinate

    Thanks all!
  7. Soo, as long as this thread all about comebacks, i want to ask a question - is there any reason to return? Any good news? Updates, perhaps?
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  8. Briefly and honestly: I would be surprised to see EC survive until the end of 2018 without an immediate and huge content update. The game is in agony.
  9. Whiskey Whiskey Subordinate

    Another issue I see is Clans like Bro- that blatantly exploit in any way they can, and then just kick the hell out of everyone they play. Even if a new player were to be interested that is going to turn them away in short order.

    So yeah, I changed my settings and got a few matches but it's nearly impossible to have fun when the only fights you get are against Bro- and their impeccable aim, and their weird ability to be on a point - literally - as soon as a match starts. I wish I knew that trick. Anyway, it was a not fun few hours and I doubt I will be back.

    @TheninthKeeper - no, not really any reason at all from what I have seen.
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  10. DavyBoy CuCulainn Curator

    Don’t try, just come back :)

    And don’t listen to the haters

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