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Tides Of Destiny (wh40k Fiction Rp) [voting]

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussions' started by Uriel1339, Oct 26, 2013.

  1. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    I know there is an other RP Thread but I noticed a lot of chaos in there with a small chaos squad, the major ork vs. imperium war, tau jumping in and now also Eldar and a Space Marine Chapter while the Ultramarines are on hold. Since I also wanted to participate in there I knew it would go downhill because there is no structure.

    I try to change this in this RP so before the actual RP then called "Tides of Destiny" I as the Administrator of this RP want to lay some rules for this specific RP.

    1. The World: it will be a non-lore existing world in the Ultramar System called "Lorias", so it is a complete fictional world. It's temperature is similar to Terra's. The spring is rather cool to warm, with a few rainy weeks. The summer is pretty hot, making it exhausting to work in the mines, factories and the fields. The autumn is similar to the spring. And in the winter it snows and gets very cold, sometimes avalanches from the mountains bring damage or delay transports close to the space port city, Koroa.

    1.1 Cities:

    1.1.1 Capital will be "Lorias City" ; then there will be 4 major cities in each direction of it in 50 miles distance. It is heavily protected by 4 walls, the 4th wall (most outside) being the biggest and constantly patrolled. Directly behind this wall are the most military buildings as the PDF has to be constantly ready to move out. The 3rd wall has several outpost towers where scouts and snipers reside and make sure no enemy comes close unspotted. Directly behind it are the cheapest residences and most of the people living here are the poor and many homeless which find shelter in the alleys and some others in the chapels. The 2nd wall being wide to provide space for artillery cannons and anti-air weapons. Directly behind it laying the more expensive residences. The 1st wall and inner wall is the last defense before entering the main administration building and the most expensive residences of the rich people of Lorias, due to the high security.

    1.1.2 Dretia
    In the North, close and partly on mountains will be the mining & industry city "Dretia" it is heavy accessible for major forces because of heavy terrain and uneven streets, though there is a cargo lift from the main mines at the top which transfer the mined goods to the bottom where they are transferred into trucks to transport them to the other cities. Aerial Drops into the city is as good as impossible because of all the steam from the facilities so there is no good observation from above.

    1.1.3 Ora
    In the west, in a very flat big area there had been built a city major for the use of Manufacturing and to provide space for population, the most of the planets workers reside here, also a big part of the miners from Dretia. Military Products as well Civilian Products are produced here.

    1.1.4 Koroa
    In the East, a strong protected City was built, first there was only the space port, but then it grew as more merchants from surrounding planets started to settle down there due to better Taxes and cheaper residences. Therefore Koroa became a City of cultural mixes as Men of the Imperium from different worlds settled here down, this led to riots here and there. Koroa is disliked by the residents of Dretia, due to their relaxed life behavior and the fear that some of the residents could be chaos cultists. But nonetheless Koroa is important for the whole economy because of the Space Port, also the most communication towers are constructed around Koroa.

    1.1.5 Limar
    In the south, the big wide areas of Lorias offer the perfect spot for the Agriculture, required to produce enough food for all residents. So naturally a city built up as the fields grew and grew along with the amount of Men on Lorias. The settlers of Limar are very proud of their city and would never abandon it in case of an attack. Also the most troops from the Planetary Defense Forces come from Limar, they are very well disciplined and do everything for their homeworld.

    1.2. Train Network
    Lorias' cities are all connected through a train network. This makes it possible for people from all cities to work and live in other cities and enables a fast transport of vehicles and troops of the PDF in case of war. The train networks' rails are fortified with automatic sentries, also PDF troops regularly patrol the railways. There are also different protocols in case of war to abandon or quickly fortify the railways.

    2. Planetary Status (Economy & Politics)

    2.1 Economy
    The economy of Lorias is very stable through the many ores that are mined and refined in Dretia, therefore the planet is well in wealth. A big thanks of that is also from the planetary governor who is a Fabricator Marshal. The people of Limar though would prefer a miltary leader. The Fabricator Marshal has also created the train network over the last few years he ruled.

    2.2 Politics
    Lorias City, Dretia and Ora appreciate the Fabricator Marshal and support him completely. Limar and Koroa on the other hand would prefer military leadership, because they fear that Lorias is too easy of a target for Heretics and Xenos. Though the people of Limar are more tolerating the leadership than the people of Koroa which are more radical, which also increases the fear of Lorias City's people thinking that the Chaos could spread among them.

    3. Space Defense
    In the space and orbit of Lorias there are different Outposts which constantly scan for dangers, but they also check always incoming traders and merchants for illegal goods or xenos transports. A few Imperial Cruisers are in the orbit in case of a surprise attack, this was decided after the sudden Tyranid Invasion against Tarsis Ultra and also because Lorias is one of the more outside worlds of the Ultramar system.

    So this should bring enough information about the planet and it's structure :)

    Now to the War setting....

    1. PDF is existing and are always on the guard on the planet and in space, this makes "sudden" or "hidden" deployments more problematic.

    2. The time for this is settled AFTER Tarsis Ultra and the Leviathan invasion, but before the Iron Warriors Invasion of the Ultramar system. (Important for 4th company of Ultramarines)

    3. The Ultramarines when contacted will need around 1-3 days to arrive.

    4. The most likely motivation to conquer / attack Lorias would be: Weakening Ultramar (much of the resources and production for the Ultramar system comes from here, could be good reason for Chaos and Tau)
    Searching for Artifacts which are rumored to be directly beneath Lorias City, but not known if Xenos, Heretic or Imperial Artifacts. Also not 100% proven that there are actual artifacts. (This is a good reason for Chaos and Eldar)
    Ork Waagh doesn't need a reason, but could be perhaps in Revenge for what the Ultramarines did on Espandor (prevent an Ork Invasion)

    5. There will be no Tyranids, Necrons or Dark Eldar, Okay are: Orks, Tau, Chaos, Eldar, Space Marines, Inquisition / Grey Knights, Imperial Guard (PDF)

    6. Each faction will only send 1 Chapter, Warband, Craftworld, Legion or other equivalent for a faction

    6.1 this means only Ultramarines or only Salamanders or only Blood Angels. Or only Thousand Sons, Iron Warriors, etc. Warbands for Orks are of course an other story but they require a Waaghboss.

    7. Each faction will have a leader. This comes on a mix of first-serve, first-come base and election. Let's say for the Tau only 1 applies to lead them, he will be it. If there are 2 people which apply for Tau leader and both get the same amount of votes, the one who applied / was nominated first wins the leadership.

    7.1 you can vote for leaders only if you will play for the faction. E.G. you are going to play for the Tau then you have no word to vote for an Eldar leader.

    7.2 A leader of a faction can create as many NPC's of his faction as he wants as long as it represents the faction properly. E.G. as space marine leader you cannot keep making new space marines as you have a limit of numbers.

    8. This will be turn-based. If the player you interact with did not answer yet, then don't proceed. If this takes too long (2 days) please contact a RP Moderator / Administrator (me)

    8.1 I want to prevent chaos in the posts and want to make proper RP, this needs patience so I hope this from everyone :)

    9. If there are worries, concerns or other ideas / problems please contact me in regards of this RP.

    10. Death. Your character CAN die. If fighting in 1-on-1 duels between main characters please make a conversation PM or a Out-of-character (OOC) post to clear who will win or if it's okay when the character dies, please stay in-character for this. No Character is invincible, a Devastator would never win a melee duel against an Eldar banshee.

    10.1 You can rejoin the RP if your main character died as one of the other existing NPC's (contact faction leader first!)
  2. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    !!! IMPORTANT!!! Votings are ended now, People which want still to join please apply at the leaders, you can find the list on page 1, post #2 or in this post below! And on page 16.

    I also leave the rules for the voting online in case this procedure will be copied ;)

    !!! IMPORTANT END !!!

    I closed the Voting .... So the leaders are decided!

    Mechaius - Imperial Planetary Forces (PDF & Government)

    UltramarineChapterMaster - Ultramarines - Captain of 3rd Company
    - Fijapowa - Seargent #1

    Tiberius Publicus - Imperial Fists - Captain of 2nd Company
    - Ohgr - Assault Seargent

    Farseer Urist - Eldar - Farseer of Il'Kaithe
    - Anthrillien - Warlock
    - Farseer Taec - Banshee Exarch #1
    - dx144 - Banshee Exarch #2
    - Idrian - Warp Spider Exarch

    SecureHades - Tau - Shas'O of T'au Sept
    - Urian Velos - Shas'Vre

    Alu Mordicus - Inquisition & Adeptus Sororitas (The Order of Our Martyred Lady) - Lord Inquisitor
    - Gladius - Celestian Superior
    - Zeb of Arkhan - Confessor
    - CattyVixen - Battle-Sister (part of personal guard to the Celestian Superior)

    Darkapostle222 - Chaos Warband - Dark Apostle of Word Bearers
    - LordFang - Chaos Lord of the Blood Legion
    - Warsmith Sarteth - Warsmith of Iron Warriors

    The Xenos or Heretic Enemy can NOT manage to deploy in stealth / undetected on the planet, except for the Eldar through a warp portal. But the warp portal is very far away from the major cities described above which makes it risky to be detected by the Planet Sensors or patrolling PDF. This also means that most likely when your forces arrive that the PDF will pretty much directly ask for help by the space marines but this will be up to the Fabricator Marshal player who will be elected.

    Please beware that the faction you vote for will be also the one you will have to join. Please also vote for a Chapter / Craftworld, etc. of the Faction you want to join.

    HAPPY VOTING! And happy RP'ing once this is all done! RP will most likely start November 2nd!
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  3. Mngwa Mngwa Well-Known Member

    I think I will keep at the previous RP, I am happy that you have already made such extensive structures here but I am entertained enough with the casual chaos back there.

    And also I cant pick Dark Eldar in here
  4. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    I left the Dark Eldar only out because of their nature and that I simply think they are unfit for this situation, furthermore I do not like to have a Kaurava MK2 or Kronus MK2 (Dawn of War Dark Crusade & Soulstorm)

    But I hope that others may join in here, good luck & have fun in the other rp though :)
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  5. Lovely Alucard Alu_Mordicus Forum Beta Tester

    I wish to toss my name into the Inquisition line up; If possible I'd like to be an Adeptus Sororitas
  6. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    I take this as a vote for the inquisition and mhhhh I guess most likely you can then lead your own little Sororitas squad or like 2-3 squads, but not too much as they usually are never send in big amounts

    ps: I split inquisition between Grey Knights & Sororitas, if Lord Inquisitors want to play they can join if either will be elected into the scenario, most likely there will be only 1 and that one will be the leader of the inquisition group (either Sororitas or Grey Knights)
  7. Well this looks like it could be awesome. Not sure if I really have the time to take part in something THIS extensive, however; and wouldn't it have been better to just come up with a planet in some random sector, as opposed to Ultramar?

    All that aside, I'm seriously concerning taking part in this somehow. You've done glorious work here, Uriel.

    Certainly better than that other thread.
  8. LordFang Member

    Could one bring a Custom Chaos War-Band? Or does it have to be one of the ones from the Lore?
  9. As much as I like A Beautiful Day, and the RP so far as been very fun and well-written I might add, I'm about to lse something fierce. So, I am most certainly interested in this for when I have to pull out of the other thread.

    For my votes, I'll put this in:
    Space Marines: Salamanders and/or Minotaurs.
    Chaos: Iron Warriors.
    Inquisition: Deathwatch.
  10. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    First of all: thank you for your compliments and about time do not worry, once a day is fine, I will emphasize before we start on the rulework (Codex Roleplay-Tartes) that it will be TURN-BASED, it's not your turn, do not post. I know this can then make stuff take forever but there will be a time limit of 2 days (48 hours) if till then no post from the person came who's turn is then I will take cover for that post.

    I know this can slow down stuff dramatically but I had once a Forum RP group which respected this and the RP was great, more like awesome! (same RP where I found my now-wife, lol!)

    Also because of the planet in a random sector, I know that would had been PERHAPS better but I wanted to give it structure and the Ultramar system is an interesting system because of the strong loyalty and the neverending war. There were many conflicts with orks before, tyranids came often by, even the Imperial Guard and the PDF in the Ultramar system are hard fighters if you have read "Warriors of Ultramar" and "Courage and Honour" then you would know what I mean :)

    I would prefer to go with the official legions / warbands but PM me what you have in mind so we can discuss.

    I would prefer you would only vote for the faction you are going to join.... except you are of course going to have a character for each faction. But thanks for reminding me about the Deathwatch!

    PS: I edited the voting times as not as many people as I would have anticipated are voting yet :) I will further adapt if necessary

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