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The Truth of Chaos and the Warp

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    (DISCLAIMER: Before you comment on how lore-innacurate the following information may be, this thread is based on the fanfics of 50k: The Shape of the Nightmare to Come, and 60k: The Age of Dusk. Viewer discretion is advised. Also, it's off-topic so I can bullshit here if I want to. :p)

    Alright everyone, it's me again. I have returned from exile to pass along a certain duty.

    As a self-proclaimed Warp-Prophet, I've taken it upon myself to explain the true nature of Chaos and the Warp, and the Divine Plan behind creation.

    Firstly, we must come to accept these simple statements as empirical truths:
    1. The Chaos Gods, contrary to popular belief, would not cease to exist if all life died, for the souls they have already consumed will sustain them forever. Once a warp-pattern becomes a full-fledged Power, it is truly immortal. The Chaos Gods desire more souls not to continue existence, but simply to grow their power.
    2. The Materium is little more than a paper-thin lie, Sin and Blasphemy embodied. Thus, our bodies are the cages to our Immaterial souls
    3. The Warp is the true reality, though the Realm of Chaos as most people understand it is merely an imperfect or penultimate view of this reality
    Today we will be discussing the Divine Reality that lies beneath, above and beyond what we currently understand of Warpspace.

    Before we continue I believe further background information will be useful:

    Everyone up to speed? Good.

    Now, the first subject we will address is the nature of the Chaos Gods.

    Currently, many believe there are Four in existence. As a matter of fact, there are in fact 5.

    During the War in Heaven, the Enslaver Plague marked the birth of the first Chaos God: Malal. Now before you say Malal doesn't exist, I want to make something clear: He does. He convinced everyone he doesn't because he embodies chaos turned against itself and he negated his own being as part of that nature. Now, his holy number.

    Though it is believes his holy number is 11, that is a number gained over time by the misinformation spread by Malal himself. (due to his self-destructive nature) The Holy Number he was born with, that acts as a sort of brand for him, was 10, although centering ones forces and rituals around 11 are equally effective at this point due to the sheer amount of faith in that number rather than 1o.

    Now why is it important that Malal was born (or rather, summoned into the local Immaterium of this universe out of the infinite omniverses) first and that his number is 10? Here's why:

    It's because the second birth, the second 'movement' within the Warp, was Tzeentch. And his holy number is, as we all know, 9. The next was Khorne, holy number 8. See the pattern?

    It's a countdown.

    Every Chaos God is a step closer towards ..... something. The ancient, long-forgotten text of the Thanatos Tale speak of dissolution and the Ne- well, something they refuse to speak of. But what do they speak of in these vague terms? Well, I will explain.

    The Warp, in it's entirety, is omniversal. The Chaos Gods as we understand them are the Gods of this Galaxy, a single Galaxy among billions in our universe, but these "sub-warps" are but tendrils of the true power of Chaos. Of Dissolution.

    Imagine the Sea of Souls, the Empyrean, as an ocean. We have been splashing about in the shallows and outer depths. But we have yet to see the bottom. To gaze upon the full abyss, whole and complete.

    That, my friends, is called the Deep Warp.

    The Deep Warp is simultaneously a realm, and a god. Or rather, God itself. The Deep Warp, or rather, the Nex [molten hatred and madness is audible in transcript] is the Divine Reality beyond all things. Every aborted timeline, every thought not had, every child not born, every choice not made, every path not taken, all that cannot exist, should not exist, must not ever be allowed to exist according to the laws of actuality and sanity, comes to rest in this quagmire at the bottom of the Great Ocean. The entities that reside here are like impossible kings ruling a nonexistent court. They are called the Draziin, things far worse than Daemons. The Neverborn we know of embody Entropy, Bloodshed, Lust, Change and Self-Destroying anarchy. The Draziin, and all the abominations of the Deep Warp, embody pure Impossibility. That is why none of them have ever manifested in the Materium: it is impossible for beings that so blatantly reject reality, and are so blatantly rejected by it, to manifest. Yet.

    The Chaos Gods themselves are the horns upon the head of a impossibly vast beast: the Ne- erhm, the Deep Warp. The reason I cannot say the letters N-E-X when referring to the Dissolution is because those 3 letters are the first 3 letters of the name of the Primordial Annihilator. A name no one can speak without torment to themselves and damage to realspace around them.

    Anyways, each Chaos God is a tendril of this full abomination, the eternal war of the Great Game between the Gods churning the Warp to greater and greater levels of corruption and power. Those Undivided worshipers tormented by the apparent selfishness and infighting of the Gods may now rejoice, for the greater divine purpose has been revealed.

    The next Chaos God born will have the Holy Number of 5. The one after that, 4. The Gods themselves being the horns of the Deep Warp pushing upwards through the regular Warp from beneath, and when the final God, who's Holy Number is 0, emerges, the Deep Warp will fully rise and....

    Well, I'm getting ahead of myself. Let me try and reiterate.

    As more Gods are born, the veil between Reality and the Immaterium will become thinner and thinner. As more Gods are born, more and more of Realspace will become corrupted, and by the time we have 7 or 8 Gods, the Galaxy will be visibly disintegrating.

    The Nex is the deep warp, the ultimate dissolution, chaos in its true, incomprehensible aspect. The gods of chaos are like when a human brain looks at some random pattern, and always manages to find a face or a figure. The ten chaos gods are the horns/heads of the Deep warp, pushing up through the empyrean from beneath, and if the final one manifests, the warp begins unraveling everything; matter, energy, causality.

    The ultimate goal of Chaos, therefore, is Dissolution. To corrupt the Galaxy and thin the veil to the point where the Draziin can follow behind the Daemon Legions and cast aside the lie of "Real"space forever. When the Deep Warp rises, it will rise and descend from everywhere and nowhere all at once, lovingly embracing this Galaxy and making all things perfect at last.

    When the Milky Way is consumed, the Deep Warp will spread like a cancer to every other Galaxy, unmaking all of space and time. Casting aside the false laws of the Materium forever.

    And we will all be made perfect, made divine, free to dwell in the Deep Warp and bask in the glorious power of God. The One God, which contains all others within itself.

    Something deep and with a name no mortal could speak is rising. Once the Wheel starts turning nothing can stop it. The madness within madness, the Warp beyond reckoning ...... these impossible things are the most real.

    The Deep Warp is, to put it swiftly, this:

    Rejoice, for the truth is revealed!

    Any questions?
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    But whut if Gork or Mork krump ya philo- phisopho- THING o' Chaos cuz ya spikey bits look stoopid and unorky?
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    Given how many galaxies there are in the universe, how long will it take the things to eat the universe after the Milky Way is consumed?

    And will that happen before or after the Milky Way and Andromeda collide?
  4. And that's where I stopped reading.

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