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The Thousand Sons. Scions of Magnus

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by Lord_Zial_Ghoul, Aug 1, 2015.


Do you support the idea of the cult legions being added to the game?

  1. Yes! Soon we shall take to the field!

  2. Perhaps. It could work in theory.

  3. No. I think not.

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  1. [​IMG]
    Scions of Magnus, members of The Thousand Sons, the time to rise is now.

    To every Son and Daughter of Magnus,
    to those that would serve the Great Architect in his grand scheme of Chaos, I call out to you.

    It is upon Arkhona that our goals will be realized, and our plans come to fruition
    but first we must cast aside the petty strife that distances us, and unite under the banner that is war!
    Our hated enemy joins the field! We cannot let their past atrocities pass them by.
    The Space Wolves of Fenris shall answer, and the loyalists shall be crushed!
    For Chaos! For Magnus! All is Dust!

    About this guild

    We proudly bear the title of SoM- before our names

    ~The Thousand Sons guild is a team oriented group of players and fans of the Thousand Sons Legion
    dedicated to being a Stalwart attack and defense in the war for Arkhona.

    ~The Scions of Magnus will also forge a strong PvE presence for ourselves

    ~The Primary Language of this guild will be English

    ~Mics and head sets are required to join however, it is not mandatory to speak

    ~Light Roleplay in the Thousand Sons is encouraged for a more immersive experience in the guild

    ~A strict age requirement will not be enforced, however we expect you to act mature, so try to act 17+ those who fail to meet this easy feat will be expelled.

    *How to join*



    Weapon Choice:

    Dedication: (Tzeentch, Nurgle Malal etc)

    Time Zone:




    Due to the thousand sons not yet being implemented into the game all of our players
    will act as some sort of mercenaries to the higher Sorcerous Powers.
    That being said all players are allowed to play whatever faction they
    wish. Once The Thousand Sons are implimented we will be switching our factions over to them.

    The Hierarchy within the guild goes as follows:

    Magister Templi: Leader of the Thousand Sons

    Chosen: Secondary leaders of the Thousand Sons

    Champion: Squad leaders (must have a Mic)
    *Specific members of the Chosen form the corvidae*

    Warrior: Rank and file soldier

    Battle Composition

    Members will be placed into squads consisting of
    different roles to better suit the ever shifting battlefield.

    Basic squad composition currently looks like this

    2 Tacticals
    2 Havocs
    1 Sorceror
    1 Raptor

    There will also be a small number of squads devoted entirely to Assault troops so raptors
    can provide as scouts and fast attack units to our relatively slow force.

    Once offensive psychic powers are implemented squads dedicated to offensive sorcerers
    will be formed.

    Our terminator force will be an elite fighting force
    that will allow us to dominate the battlefield.
    If you'd wish to be in the Group please mention it in your entry form.
    However, terminators are a rare asset, one that we can only use in
    our most dire hour , so only a limited number
    of players will get the privilege.

    How we play the game
    We plan on playing as a strategic defence and assaulting force in
    Eternal Crusade. In war numbers does not always ensure victory in battle,
    something the Thousand Sons are very accustomed too. Based off this ideology
    we will play as a very resourceful and adaptive force, supporting our brethren
    throughout the field and holding our ground aganist the filthy Xenos and loyalist scum

    When we play the game
    To any and all members that will be present during Founders access,
    events will most likely be hosted on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays
    though these dates may change depending on circumstance

    ~~~~~Our Website~~~~~

    ~~~~~Our Discord~~~~~

    Finally, be courteous, and polite and respect the other members.

    All Is Dust

    Current Roster Featuring 41th Legionnaires, 37 of which are Battle Capable


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  2. AHHHH brother it looks like you finally made the guild you were dreaming of i will be with you every step of the way
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  3. Thank you torque. The support will definitely be needed on our trek up there. But we'll make it there some day :D
  4. Name: torque the priest (in game it shall be bellamere)

    Role: tactical (i would enjoy being a terminator)

    Weapon Choice: storm bolter/ or a combi plasma if it is needed in the squad. And my side arm will be a hand flamer


    Time Zone: forgove me on this i dont know my own time zone ive always been told its eastern standard time in the usa


    SteamName: small_island_shrimp. Or bradbro either or still trying to find a good name
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  5. Of coarse we will one day we will make ot their i have the faith that the great archetect will bless us with many other followers big and strong and others who will need to train
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  6. Any and all are welcome. We will see a wide variety of followers, but Tzeentch chooses wisely :)
  7. Well said my brother may this chapter prosper ever more
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  8. SkalkaianOfTerra Subordinate


    Role:healerNAH JUST KIDDIN
    It's actually defender (mostly a defense guy)

    Weapon: Incinerator (flamethrower)

    Dedication: Tzeentch (JUST AS PLANNED)

    Time zone: pacific standard time

    Steam name: Stig Salt-Plank (so far)
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  9. High Adept Zeth High_Adept_Zeth Arkhona Vanguard

    All is dust!

    With that said,i pledge my soul to the Weaver of Fate as I been given the body by the Crimson King!

    Name:Lord Zetharius Baghodat the Scion of the Cyclops(also known by my guise as a Mechanicum,High Adept).

    Sorcerer....what else?!

    Weapon Choice:
    Whatever serves the Crimson King!
    Dedication: Tzeentch

    Time Zone: GMT+1

    Background: Knowledge is power!....thus I give none!

    We can work a bit on that...cant we? :p
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  10. Excellent! Another joins the ranks!

    Heh... yeah I suppose so :D

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