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The name of our CSM Tacticals

Discussion in 'Chaos Space Marines' started by Djemo-SRB, Jul 15, 2015.


Do you like the name Traitor for the CSM?

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  1. DjemoSRB Djemo-SRB Preacher

    Okay so i wanted to see how the community feels about the name given to our CSM Tacticals.
    They are currently named Traitors, or CSM Traitors.

    To those new to our community we were previously asked to name the CSM Tactical for the Chaos faction by the ex Narrative Designer.
    Even though Traitor wasnt the one with the most votes it still ended up being the one the team chose. There was problems with some of the more popular ones and the lack of GW approval.

    However i think we should still seek to change the name of our Tactical class. Traitor would fit well if we were playing a game consisting of the SM fighting CSM. However we will have both Orks and Eldar. Seeing the spotting system is present in the game it might by relation entail a bark tied to it. To elaborate basically when you spot someone with your spot button your character speaks the pre-recorded sound identifying what you spotted.
    Its not something they said the game will have, to be clear im giving an example. But think of an Ork spotting a CSM and screaming "Boss, i see a Traitor!", immersion breaker for me right there personally, an Ork would not be calling us Traitors.

    So what do you think, are you content or not with the name Traitor for our Tactical marines?
    Note that i just went with a yes or no vote cause if we can gauge some interest in change we can easily make a new brainstorming thread for a name. And ofc ask which actual names were revoked by GW so we arent wasting votes when we do make such a thread.
  2. I would rather it was traitor marine, rather than just traitor

    edit :
    Would an Ork make any difference of a traitor or loyalist? Surely they are both just 'umies?
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  3. All Chaos Space Marines are also called Traitor Marines.

    It doesn't feel right calling just one type of heretic 'Traitor'
  4. Indeed, it feels odd to call a class "traitor" when every CSM is a traitor.

    Wait, no. SMs are traitors because they follow the emperor who is a traitor to the crusade. So im fine with the name. Also because i cant think of a name much better which is still sort enough to use in teamchat.

    Ps, THEY are the traitors!
    Pps, Death to the traitor empra!
  5. Ashgarn Ashgarm Master

    I really believe the "traitor" class should be renamed, I mean surely arn't ALL chaos marines traitors? They could give names like Marauder or something evil-y. my 2c
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  6. Grigdusher Grigdusher Arch-Cardinal

    beakie 'umie and spikie 'umie
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  7. I too, feel that Traitors is not a particularly good term for a class. Firstly because Chaos Space Marines of all classes are traitors, secondly because some Chaos Space Marines were born (and implanted with the Geneseed) outside of the Imperium, they are therefore, by definition, not traitors (unless you want to get all philosophical about it, at which point any living being could be considered a traitor to something.)
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  8. Viktor Aramorae TheWarpsmith Well-Known Member

    They called Chaos Marines "Spiky Boyz", and Loyalists "Muhreenz" or "Umies"
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  9. Viktor Aramorae TheWarpsmith Well-Known Member

    If they wanted to go so broad a term they couldve just went with "Chaos Marine", it is just as all-consuming yet non-specific...otherwise i couldnt think of a better term
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  10. Okay so I don't like it, and yes, part of it is emotional, I don't like being called a Traitor.

    However, I also have reasons asides from personal preference I don't think the name was the right choice.

    1. It's not really a military term, at least not in the manner of a battlefield operator. A traitor turns on his side, which yes, we did. However, CSM are now dedicated to Chaos, or have at least embraced anti-Imperium sentiments wholesale. To betray Chaos is to undermine us for the sake of undermining us, as a Chaos Marine can't really join any of our enemies, so being a Traitor to Chaos just makes you a lone renegade, which is more of a rebel anyways. Point being, treason is more of an action than a role, unless you're embedded by the opposition, so if you're an active traitor that means you're working for somebody else, and as I said, your average CSM really can't work for anyone else at this point.

    2. It's a term rooted in the Imperial perspective. When the Colonies broke away from Britian, do you think American's patriots referred to themselves as Traitors? No, only the royalists did that. The same here. The Word Bearers don't see themselves as Traitors really, they chose loyalty to their Primarch and the truth over their oaths to a tyrant. The Night Lords though the Emperor betrayed them, and none of the others (asides perhaps AL) would consider themselves in the wrong, which leads me to...

    3. It's invalidating. Betraying the Emperor was just a part of it, there are complex reasons and valid disagreements against the Emperor. The way I see it the title is like, don't listen to them, they're just a pack of traitors.

    4. Is a mild concern, but still, names have power. If about a fourth of Chaos' forces are to regularly refer to themselves as Traitors, I think that may create a poor atmosphere where newbs think it's okay to TK and stab us as a faction in the back because: Roleplaying.

    But yeah, I don't like the name as it's too rooted in the Loyalist perspective and it focuses on aspects of Chaos that I feel make us less viable as a faction, I would much prefer a name like Legionnaire(the actual most popular submission) or honestly, of they had said "we can call them traitors or not change the name at all," I would have just left them as Tacticals, as I personally thought the name was the worst possible submission.

    Now, a possibility that we weren't allowed to use that name(or any of the other, better names suggested) was overlap with other units in the setting. This is simply bullocks and I'll tell you why. Traitor is already a unit designation for the Lost and the Damned, the Traitor is the Chaos Guardsmen equivalent, I know this because I can look at it in my Eye of Terror Codex that while I know hasn't been updated to the current edition, I do not believe they actually retconned it. So, yeah, Traitor is a class title already being used BY CHAOS elsewhere.

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