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The Lore of Eternal Battles

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    In here are written what the Remembrancers, Adeptii and Loremasters have gathered over the last periods of war happening on Arkhona.

    Introduction to Eternal Battles
    "The warp whispers. It has always been like this around Arkhona. But as of lately, it is telling new secrets. Stories about a Cabal, a coven, a group of hidden masters in the shadows over Arkhona, scheming and working, setting events in motion, that will soon shake the pillars of all the factions currently stationed on Arkhona.

    Events, that will lead to destruction, battles between the major agents and groups fighting over the dead rock. Events, that might even lead to Brother fighting Brother."

    Eternal Battles Test Match the Webway opened, the Eldar were at first irritated...They expected an ancient relic that would shed light on their past, not something commonplace. As they started scouting the area ahead, it soon became clear that something was amiss.

    The first signs of trouble came when the Orks stopped looting and noticed the crystal shimmers sneaking about the ruins. The fighting instantly became fierce. Although the Eldar were outnumbered, they were never outgunned. The Orks looked like they would have surely won, if not for the warp storm that was raging across the battlefield.

    Forced to retreat into the eye of the storm, both Ork and Eldar clashed in the middle of the territory the mon’keighs call Pegasus Station. They faced off in a brutal onslaught, involving grenades, taunts and bloody close combat.

    Just when the Eldar were about to kill the Warboss, the Storm errupted fully and dark tendrils entangled everyone, pulling each of the combatants away from the fight, halting the slaugther...for now.

    Eternal Battles Match #1
    - Strike Force Ultra vs. Bizarro Bloops Squad


    When the heavily armored doors of the Thunderhawk opened, it was clear that the Ultramarines came at the right time:
    Pegasus Station was covered in black, pestilent ooze, blistering with the so-called gifts of Nurgle . The presence of Slaneeshi musk made the air stale and thick. False Sorcery and corrupting promises of power lingered in the atmosphere. In the distance, the battle cries of the Khorne Berserkers twisted every marine's emotion, trying to lure them into violent battle.

    Without hesitation, the Captain ordered commands to his troops, then disembarked the Thunderhawk. It was not the first time his Chapter fought against the Arch-Traitors, and it surely would not be the last. This time felt different. The Captain was unable to figure out what it was, but his decades as a hardened experience told him that this battle would not be easy at all. Giving the last of his orders, the Captain made a final glance over the battlefield, then shouted:

    "Onward, Brothers. Let us cleanse this place of Traitors for the Emperor. Let him, who resides on his immortal throne, guide our hand today. Show them the Imperium's Might!"


    The grin on the Chaos Lord grew wider and wider, when he saw the amount of blood sprayed on he ground, the walls, the vehicles and his warriors armors.

    Sure, they Loyalists did fight hard, but the Chaos Gods were smiling for his Warriors today. He picked up the helmet of a fallen Ultramarine, just to chuckle seeing a decapitated head fall down into the mud.

    He ordered the Marines to finish setting up the effigies to their lords and embark their rhinos. "What a wonderful day. The Dark Gods have been with us. Those Ultramarines didnt even stand a chance at all. Once in 10.000 years, i will surely see someone make an effort in beating us. No make haste...there are more skulls to split, spines to break and chests to chop. Chaos...will..prevail!"

    Eternal Battles Match #2
    - Catins du Warp and Exalted Hunters vs. Warriors Of Prophecy and WoK


    The gate flickered one final time as the last Eldar crossed the threshold. The Great Enemy was here in the wretched form of the fallen mon'keigh warrior.

    "This should be an easy fight. Those primitive apes stand no chance against the combined might of our warhost!"

    The elder Warseer turned to the young Avenger bristling with furious wrath, and calmly replied:
    "Those ...apes," he said, pronouncing the word as if holding something disgusting between his thumb and index finger, "are more like gorillas...clad in heavy plated armor, wielding weapons of great destruction. Would you still call them such when they enter your shrine, destroy your home and slay your family? Never underestimate the enemy. Now go and assemble. We have a place to cleanse from corruption..."


    ...brushing the plasti-crystal remains of shuriken that stuck to his armor, the lone survivor of the Chaos Warband rose up. He breathed heavily with dozens of oozing wounds.
    The Eldar Ambush was deadly and unsuspecting. He blamed the Alpha Legion for not having set up scouts or the Iron Warriors of not having fortified enough.
    The Chaos warrior spit out a particular thick and bloody piece of spittle, gnashing his teeth:

    "To hell with those weaklings. And damn those Eldar..." He took a look around the battlefield, filled with the corpses of weaker Chaos Marines.

    The Eldar had paid a harsh prize for this win. But they won...and it would take him another century or two, to get enough Chaos Marines back to start another incursion. With a bloody grin, he turned around and left through the Warp Portal that had just opened. He'd have a talk with those Chaos Gods for leaving him to die on the battlefield, not granting him any victory against the Eldar at all...

    Eternal Battles Match #3
    - Wolfs of Garmr and Templars of Caliban vs. Da Lead Belcha’s and Free Bootaz Inc.


    The Vlka Fenryka had a long standing tradition in fighting Orks since the dawn of the Imperium.
    It was no surprise to see them on Arkhona, heading to the Medusa Relay to fend off another savage assault of the Orks.

    They were surprised though when the Dark Angels chapter arrived to make hast for the same Relay.

    Tradition would have asked for both parties to provide a champion for the age old duel (some call it more than just a mere feud) between the two chapters, reenacting the fight between the Wolf and the Lion. Times were desperate and the Orks too close to indulge tradition. An alliance was made. Both parties shared the same hatred for xenos and had the same pride to be the first in battle.

    "I pity the Orks, for they know not what comes their way."

    Eternal Battles Match #4
    - BLOP vs. Lash, IVSB and Sons of Lorgar


    A red flower of blood blossomed from the forehead of the Machine Priest handling the relay’s controls. The station was overrun by the forces of Chaos spilling the sanguine fluid of every single member of the Adeptus administering the relays, radios and cogitators of the forward post.

    The Chaos Lord turned around, when two of his Marines brought him a captive Machine Seer. Not fully upgraded and augmented like most of his brethren, he trembled with fear and emptied his bowels in front of the massive Behemoth.

    “Do whatever you have to do, but i will stand strong to the Emperor! Chaos will not gain my soul!” he whispered while cowering in terror.

    The ChaosMaster let something that resembled a laughter tremble through the room and with a sinister grin replied: “Oh my dear mindless drone. We do not want your soul. We have something far better in be the obedient slave you are and activate the coms and call in for help. Send on all frequencies and make sure, that those bastards of Loyalist Corpses Praisers hear it. Go on, what are you waiting for!”

    And as if in trance, the young Adept worked the controls, sending a distress call to all Space Marine Chapters on Arkhona, before he did forfeit his life as a broken slave to darkness.
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    The Lore section in here contains lore directly associated to the Eternal Battles Guild events.
    Those are stories written for those events only.
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    So, if we reproduce our stories in real guild events, i.e. everything happening in our stories is staged in-game itself (characters, phrases, occurrences etc.), they can be added into this section, right?

    @Vaanes , time to assemble some guys and bring everything we had written into life! We need at least captain DisDat, sergeant GirlSpaceMarine, Khorneblitzed420 and apothecary IvotedforTrump, I'll bring characters for eldar roles.
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    Not entirely correct.
    Eternal Battles is a bE support team that works out events for guilds that are official supported.

    So, while you are always free to write down all the stories, they do not fit in here, as those events in here are officially signed off.

    IF you partake in an EB match though and want to write your own Lore, that might be a complete different thing then.
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    I was kidding, Lore master, you would have seen that had you read just a bit of our "stories" ;)
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    Angry Marines and Girlmarines have a right to exist too
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