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The Infinites Solution [Elite Force 4.0]

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Uriel1339, Jul 8, 2018.

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    Trazyn has been pondering in his vault-world for decades since the fall of Cadia. Despite his intervention. Despite unleashing the most terrible things he possessed in his collection. The pylons failed. The grand scheme and pinnacle of Necron technology, the Warp nullifiers. They are gone. Having caused a grand separation of the galaxy that the humans refer to as 'The Great Rift' these days.

    As daemons and the Lost and Damned burst out of the foreign dimension that the Old Ones brought unto this galaxy as a curse, he worked on an alternate solution. Going through fabled tales and a vast amount of various theories how to stop the warp and it's plague from past civilizations. The advantage of being the biggest curator of the galaxy was the huge amount of knowledge stored away, readily accessible for situations like these.

    And that is when he came across something very interesting. A weapon or tool rather that was iterated over many different civilizations and always referred to as the same shape with the same attributes. A Gauntlet. And considering Trazyn was known as 'The Infinite', it was the only logical conclusion to give this ominous multi-named artifact a new name. One that would be named after its creator. Because interestingly enough, this gauntlet only ever has been fabled to be able to be constructed - but never was made as the resources were considered unattainable.

    "But I shall craft this Infinity Gauntlet and stop the warp once and for all." If the Necron was capable of smiling, he would do so now. The ultimate moment of triumph was much closer, finally an answer to the question he was pondering about on how to stop the old enemy. Albeit the eagerness, he could not leave his vault once more undetected. Some of his specimen somehow managed to escape, and he would not have anyone else get away or come without his presence. Clearly the automatons could be fooled, although he still is not sure how. Sadly, the foolish upstart human race was always on the innovative low-tech side of things. He shook his head - focus, Trazyn.

    Scrolling through his curated individuals he made a decision on who would be most ideal for his Elite Strikeforce to retrieve the crafting materials for the Infinity Gauntlet.

    Clint Ea'stwood, Non-Tau-Empire affiliated Tau. Former Ganger, proven diplomat and sniper. Quite an intriguing individual who seems to know the concept of 'Greater Good' only as long as it served him and his current gang, once their use ran out - why bother? Typical human in an alien species that revolved around nothing but that.

    Glyndyr Ogandaur, Custodian Guard. Legendary warrior of the time when the human Imperium was at the peak of its existence. But the fool made it too far into the webway and crossed paths with the Infinite. He acted on intuition to preserve such grand specimen of such a corrupted civilization, time would soon tell whether it was a good decision or not.

    Saint Julia, Living Saint. Most intriguing it was always told that these women of the Sororitas could only exist if enough faith was accumulated and passed certain tests of such in the name of their so-called God-Emperor. But Trazyn found a way to maintain the status alive, no matter what. The concept of faith was as useless as the concept of sorcery. All had logic, all had its scientific methodology. One only had to look close enough. Not only is it the only Living Saint in his collection, but more importantly normal humans would tremble in awe before her. And foes of hers stunned in awe.

    Nephilok, Krork. One of the ancestors to what today would be known as Orks. Towering as tall as a small titan of today's age, equipped with masterfully crafted gear fit to what the Old Ones would engineer. Quite an irony, that Trazyn as former Necrontyr would rely on one of their greatest enemies' creations. Nonetheless, he was certain that despite its size and clear imposing danger it would be of good use. Especially since he created a useful tool he was going to introduce the Krork soon.

    The four of them were brought to a teleportation deck in the shape of a circle with various glyphs around it in a secondary circle with floating circles going towards the ceiling. Trazyn bothered not to show off his defense legions, but instead relied on the stasis systems he could summon at any time to protect himself. The frozen individuals were given back control of their bodies with a swing of his scepter-staff. Although, they would feel weakened since their last time being under control.

    "Do not worry. I just injected some... Weakening agents in you, to make sure you do not annihilate me, or each other. Listen. You will be freed from my imprisonment. You merely have to get me various items. I will teleport you to the world and from there you will have to find the items on your own. I will know once you found one of such items and then teleport you back here to collect it and reward you with more of your strength returning to you, as well as new items as equipment for you to wield from my collection. Which you can keep even after your freeing. Since you went into stasis, a lot changed in the galaxy. Most of the information will be injected straight into your temporal lobe, to make sure you are up to date. The primary thing you have to understand is that there is a great danger called the Great Rift. If you do as I tell you. We will stop it and grant hope to your home worlds and civilizations to survive against the perils of the Warp. And if you do not do as I tell you..." Trazyn would give a sigh, if he could. "I will put you back in my collection."

    "If you can agree to these terms, give verbal consent and I will brief you on the first component to retrieve."

    @BadDo9 - Clint Ea'stwood, Ganger Tau Sniper
    @High_Adept_Zeth - Glyndyr Ogandaur, Custodian Guard
    @Vulpas - Saint Julia, Living Saint
    @TuskatheDaemonKilla - Nephilok, Krork

    You may assume that the memory injection includes the background of one another and pretty much anything from the death of Horus all the way to the Indomitus Crusade.
  2. Clint had been foggy as he came out of stasis, and looked around as he rubbed his head. Looking around, he saw three beings that he knew, but at the same time didn't know. And in any case, each of them seemed much more dangerous than he was, without any of his gear. Slowly he straightened and looked at the necron in front of them who was speaking. He didn't quite understand everything, but it seemed like the only way to be 'free' was to follow what he wanted. He glanced around, and eventually nodded. "Doesn't seem like I have much of a choice. I'll do what you need." he said, though was wary.
  3. Nephilok made a low grumble as he found himself capable of movement for the first time in... well he wasn't quite sure how long he was in that hell of being a living statue. Though from what he understood he was one of the older things to be in Trazyn collection. Having stood in a pose as if locked in battle for untold eons until this very moment, needless to say it felt good to finally move again, even if he felt he was not quite as strong as he was supposed to be. That damned metal monster was responsible for so much suffering, part of him wanted to destroy the puny thing right now with a single stomp but his judgment prevented him. He knew the Necron Overlord would have something up his metaphorical sleeve if he was approaching them like this. You don't survive this long without being a special kind of monstrously clever.

    Then the injection of information hit him, millions of years of information being available to his mind in an instant, he almost stumbled backwards as he grabbed his head. His footsteps causing the ground to shake before he caught his balance. Most of the information was inconsequential, the fate of the eldar mildly displeasing him as seeing creations of the old ones fail in such a way was a disgrace. But the fate of his kind, it was far worse as they had devolved into small violence driven beasts. There were a purposeless plague upon the galaxy that only lived on war, granted that is what they were created for in the first place but still. This revelation hurt him on a mental level far deeper than anything he would have expected. His massive armored hands clenched into fists and shook briefly, he also saw what appeared to be the backgrounds of those around him. He found them to be of little consequence as he looked down at the necron. "I accept the terms." He said, his voice naturally being quite low and more than a little loud.
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  4. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    Julia as the stasis field slowly dropped her weapon came down to the floor her hands gripping it to support herself, Julia's mind foggy as her vision. She could hear in front of her the voice of the machine that had taken her from her sister.

    Looking around her vision would slowly come back around, her she was surrounded by other Xenos of varying kind, a ork larger then she had ever seen and a tau and a gold plated as- her eye widened as her mind was bombarded with images of words and noises of the present and the past, She would soon come to realize the golden armored figure was not an angel of death but a warrior that had stood by the emperor himself a warrior that surpassed even the Adeptus Astartes, As she began attempting to rise the machine mentioned the word great rift causing herself to wince as visions of the fall of cadia, The cadians valiant last stand, and the despoilers rift cutting a bloodied wound across the entire galaxy diming the light of the Astronomicon to many and leaving many in darkness and within the darkness a light returning a son of the emporer himself returning to the imperium at a time most dire.

    Gritting her teeth and clenching her holy tool she forced herself up. She hated that she would have to be working under a xeno, But she would be doing it for the imperium to help aid them agaisnt the darkness that has been released onto the galaxy. "I agree to your terms." Julia said looking to the Necron lord.
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  5. High Adept Zeth High_Adept_Zeth Arkhona Vanguard

    Struggling not only with weakness coursing though his body, but with the incredibly amount of information the alien injected into his mind, Glyndyr struggled with the confusion as the xeno talked. The words faded into the background as Custodian processed the information of the past ten thousand years.

    Knowing better then to trust it' source, nevertheless the cursed knowledge made his heart turn into lead. A brief respite, knowing Horus Heresy was won, however the Emperor's ascension to the Golden Throne and his lack of action and those of his loyal Primarchs made him deeply suspicious of what is actually going on here and the Imperium at large. Mostly because he knew the true function of Golden Throne.

    Casting out the confusion from his mind, Glyndyr focused on his last memory - the flight from Calastar with the Adnector Magos and subsequent clash with Tarzyn. He could not trust anything or anyone in the thing's employ. The nature of the alien is clear. So he paid minimal heed to Tarzyn and almost none to his wannabe companions.

    Gathering the purple cloak of the Aquilan Shields, he focused at the task at hand, knowing his duty - to safeguard and protect the individuals that are instrumental to the Emperor's safety.

    My king, I shall not fail.

    With one arm at the Guardian Spear and other at Misericordia at the belt, Custodian gave his captor the briefest of nods signaling his readiness.
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    "Splendid!" Trazyn said with the tiniest enthusiasm. Then what could one expect from a metal skeleton in terms of emotional display?

    "Ah, before I send you off, here this is for you." A little device with an entombed green stone was in his hand, then suddenly it was in the hand of the Krork in a much more massive size.

    "I call it the S.I.Z.E.R. or Size Impact Zero Energy Reducer. Just attach it to your chest, under your armor and clothes. And hit it really hard with your fist." The instructions and straps for the weird living-metal harness with the glowing stone were easy enough that one of Nephiloks stupid descendants could have attached it to themselves.

    "I give you this, Living Saint." Trazyn presented a very similar item, but it had a small strap. Before she knew it, she had it suddenly in her hands. It was formed like a buckler but small enough to attach to one of her wrists, and it had an azure-blue stone instead of a green one in it's center.

    "Just hold it against whatever attack is incoming and it will absorb the entire blow. But it can only hold a certain amount of kinetic energy. Overdo it, and... Well. Just don't let it absorb too much energy." The Necron engineer and curator knew that the feeble human mind of Julia would not understand the intricacies of his device. And even then, none of these present would have appreciation for it.

    "As a Custodian to the Emperor you have seen many great items and warriors, I'm sure. But let me give you this to aid in your endeavors." The items in his hand were little wings made out of the living metal material and fine topaz-orange glowing power running through them. Like the other items, suddenly he would find them in his hand.

    "Attach them to your boots and they shall grant you swift speed. Use them wisely. Because of your armors weight and their small capacitors, you can only use them once every terran hour - give or take." Glyndyr would find that they just automatically would grow a perfect interface wherever he wanted to attach them.

    "As for you, young Tau." Trazyn turned towards Clint at last, having some sort of bionic-eye looking device in his hand, before it appeared in Ea'stwoods hands. "Just attach it to your helmet lens and it will give you far more sight than you could want. Night vision, thermal vision, wide zoom spectrum, microscope, electromagnetic spectrum, infrared, ectoplasm vision and various others. It will work just by thinking with your brain."

    ~~ Everyone ~~

    Again Trazyn wished he had an intellectual with him to explain all this to and maybe even find some improvements. But then again, there were maybe only a dozen or two life forms still alive today who could even comprehend his inventions. A shame really what the galaxy has come to. Maybe it was not worth protecting it after all? No. Then nobody would be around to visit his living museum!

    "Now that you received another of my gracious gifts. I shall tell you what we are going to get today. I will teleport you with my Starportal to the lovely world of Gharnus. Gharnus is a Shrine World that lies in the Segmentum Ultima. It is between the Scourge Stars and the realm of Ultramar. The Primaris Chapter, the Castellans of the Rift who are tasked with protecting this world along with many others have only a small presence here. Forces of Tzeentch are moving forward while Nurgle and Slaanesh struggle over some worlds in the scourge stars. So one of the reinforcing elements is no other than Marneus Augustus Calgar. Chapter Master of the Ultramarines, and more important - wielder of the Gauntlets of Ultramar." Trazyn let that rest for a moment.

    "Nobody knows what these gauntlets are made out of, who really made them, or even their material. Humans claim any attempt to even only break them open is futile and destroys any of their tools. If that is true, they will be the perfect template for the Infinity Gauntlet. I don't need the whole gauntlet. Clint just needs to get close enough with his new lens to scan it, should not take much more than a whole minute. Whether you chop his whole arm off and then look at it, or during combat, is not really important to me. All I need is a complete scan of either gauntlet. Although... I would reward you extra if you can bring me either or even both gauntlets." In that last sentence there was some sort of fascination, glee or maybe just plain old greed in Trazyns voice. He was a collector after all, and everyone knew that no replica, no matter how good, will replace the original. After regaining control of his emotions, he continued.

    "From my calculations, Calgar should arrive around 24-48 hours after your arrival, giving you some time to plan ahead. My personal recommendation would be to strike when Calgars forces meet the daemon horde of Tzeentch. Final questions?"

    Trazyn tapped his scepter, concluding the briefing, except for the questions that still might come. With a wave of it, the massive portal behind them would start to move and whir, before coming to full life with a vortex shooting out. The event horizon then glowed as a flat disc in a deep green. All they now had to do, after familiarizing themselves with their new wargear was to step inside. The group would notice that they also would have vox-beads in their ears already tuned into a secure squad-only frequency.
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    Julia would look at the gauntlet surprised at the speed it came on suddenly as if teleported she turned it over, It was no shield but it would half to do, she poked it for a moment as if seeing it would react in some way to a simple touch. only seeing a faint glow from her it after her gauntlet touched it before deciding to really see how well it worked in combat.

    Hearing already of the mission and seeing the dangers of the demon horse would be to the defenders and the world itself Julia began to think on how to get the being named clint close enough for a scan, She felt outright that it would be dishonorable to steal from such a hero that commanded the force of the Ultramarines or even near heresy to wound him and take his gauntlets.

    Hearing the necrons suggestion of possibly coming in contact with calger when his forces collided with the demons made sense. Possibly coming in at a critical moment could help turn the tide for the imperials physically and morally. maybe in the confusion, she could get clint close enough for a scan or possibly distract everyone while trying to turn the tide for the imperials clint could get a scan.
  8. After taking a moment to put on the strange device offered by the Necron, removing and shifting around his power armor was not exactly a simple process, but at least it had somehow grown to a size that allowed to to actually be handled by the ancient greenskin. With the device now secured Nephilok allowed his armor to reassemble itself, the advanced technology of the suit able to rearranged itself to leave the green crystal exposed. He assumed it would need to be exposed to work and as such hit it with an armored fist as instructed. The result was suddenly finding himself become much shorter, albeit he was still of a considerable size compared to the others but not nearly as large as he once was. About a head taller than the gold armored custodian. Without any comments to make and not really any other option he stepped through the portal.
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  9. Clint, somewhat curious about the devices that they were all being handed, would look at the one that he was given the most. He cocked his head at the explanation and turned it in his hand. After listening to the words, he would move his hands up and attach it to his helmet lens, wanting to figure it out. He'd begin to cycle through the vision modes, and at one point would raise his rifle a little so text how it interacted with his scope.

    Though before he stepped through the portal, he looked back at the Necron. "Are we expected to keep him alive?" he asked, perhaps because he didn't want to, perhaps for the more bloodthirsty of them. Indeed, Trazyn had brought up chopping off one of his arms, so the Tau had a slight suspicion that he didn't much care.
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    @TuskatheDaemonKilla | @Vulpas | @BadDo9 | @High_Adept_Zeth

    "It would be preferable. I care not about Calgars life or death. Another Chapter Master would be found, just when his predecessor passed and he rose to the occasion. Nonetheless, for the long-term success of my plan, his life is... Irrelevant. At least in my current calculations." Trazyn said, curious that the Tau would ask such thing. Did he want the Chapter Master's bounty? Maybe bragging rights and an excuse to rejoin his empire? Curious indeed.

    "As for you, Krork. Simply hit it again, and a Titan you shall be once more. I calculated that if you were to plan an ambush, you might not want to be a Gargant-sized Ork-like creature, as it would impede your chance of success." The Infinite merely wanted to assure the green beast that he was not sucking his size into some energy crystal or such thing. Or whatever crude thought process the Krork might have. Although undoubtedly smarter than a current generation Ork, even if compared to Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka, he was not quite on the intelligence or understanding of Trazyn.

    "Good luck. Remember, the fate of the galaxy weights on your success." Having dealt enough with fleshbags, he knew that to remind them that he was capable of killing them if he wished was less motivating than reminding them about the fact that whatever they fought for would otherwise simply eaten up by the warp.

    ~~ Arrival on Gharnus ~~

    The calculation of Trazyns' gate was slightly off, causing the group of four to fall flat on their faces from a good 5 feet fall. After getting back on their feet, they would find themselves on a clearing in a small forest, maybe half an hour marching distance out of it onto the main roads they could even see from their high vantage point. The primary place of worship was on an even higher point - but not quite a mountain. It was maybe two hours marching time away from their current position.

    The Governor's Palace was also a massive cathedral built in the name of the Emperor of Mankind, outside of it were smaller shrines and temples with houses in between and further out, only a small rockcrete wall surrounded it without presence of bunkers. On a mirroring peak was the chapter fortress of the Castellans of the Rift. A massive wall surrounded it and weapons all across it, probably behind it artillery weaponry, anti-air and other machines and soldiers of war.

    If one looked close, columns of tanks were already moving from the chapter fortress to the shrine-city and troop transports of all kind evacuating said city. It was not just Astartes vehicles, also PDF chimeras and leman russ tanks were moving. Maybe the PDF headquarters was part of the Astartes installation?

    Nonetheless - fact was, the population is preparing for war and without question, Calgar and his strikeforce would only have enough space to land in the fortress, unless they were going to use drop pods. Which was unlikely, except the enemy would arrive before them.

    The group would have 24 to 48 hours to prepare and think of how to approach the overall situation. The best start would be to get up-to-date intel, which would mean interrogating someone from the Primaris Chapter. Or they risk it and go based off of assumptions.

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