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The Greater Good Will Stand With You, Noble Eldar...

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussions' started by ShasO-Kais, Oct 21, 2013.

  1. *swaggers on in* I smell xeno-women and heresy. .
  2. Fino Fino Well-Known Member

    Oh Commisar-Kun,please dont declare me guilty of heresy! *swoons*
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  3. Dark kin, you have no authority over Lethanuul's people, the next time you "tell" us who we will have peace with we will have to reconsider who are true friends are.
  4. Mr. Trigger New Member

    All that find themselves within the view of my scope shall find a well place round stuck firmly in their cranium. All I ask is that I may one day duel with an Outcast; tis my only wish.

    Life or death, love or hate. It doesn't matter. Why rationalize that which is absurd? We are all doomed. Trillions of years from now, other lifeforms shall walk where we once walked. The shall find no traces of us; and they will be doomed to repeat our mistakes, forevermore.
  5. LordDarkhan New Member

    You seem to have difficulty understanding simple language, Exodite, so I'm going to repeat myself, slowly this time and with emphasis:
    "As for submitting to the Tau, that will never happen; I never said submit. If the rest of the Eldar decide that a peace or a cease-fire is in order, though, you will halt aggression for the duration of the truce. That is, assuming you have the same reverence for each and every life of our race as all three branches of our races"
    The Dark Eldar are the last people to tell you how to live your lives (we're happy knowing we're doing it correctly and looking down at the rest of you). But if you endanger our race as a whole... well, the fighting pits could always use fresh blood.

    As for who your true friends are, do not delude yourself into thinking that we are your friends. You are family, and as such, we feel obligated to protect you. But we are not friends. Allies, yes. Cousins, yes. More important than any member of any other race, yes. But you're still Exodites, not Dark Eldar. We put ourselves before you.
  6. First of all 'cousin' " have no authority over Lethanuul's people...".
    Secondly it is the will of Lethanuul that drives war against Tau filth.
    We are always first into battle and last to leave, not vultures picking from a fresh corpse.
    Lethanuul, although exodites, maintain some views from Biel-Tan, at all times we have a Bahzhakhain deployed against either the Tau or in the wilds on our farthest worlds learning the art of hunting and ambush.
  7. Dioxin Voicesinmyhead Subordinate

    HARHARHAR. Jus uh mek wit a Shokk Attack Gun.
  8. Monty'r Montyr Preacher

    you are right you know...
    we do not ask you to submit,
    a truce is it and in return we ask for nothing,
    we are doing what the Greater Good demands of us which is to help a fellow race in need.
    what we are doing is showing the generosity of the Tau Empire nothing more.
    Hopefully this will help all of your kind see us not as enemy's but as brothers and sisters.
  9. LordDarkhan New Member

    Do not mistake my condescension to my Exodite kin as me siding with your kind, TauKoro. Truce will likely come only in one of two situations:
    1. When your kind has returned any lands lost by my Exodite kin to you and paid whatever severance the Lethanuul deem appropriate, or...
    2. My kind have literally no other choice but to call in the Lethanuul to a conflict that impacts our race as a whole.
    You risk annihilation continuing your war. When my kind see your war as a true threat to our people, we will step in for another "cultural exchange". I'm sure you remember what happened last time.

    Then again, I'm sure AdmiralAvocado has his own thoughts on this.
  10. Fino Fino Well-Known Member

    *Ahem*Lets try my Ork speech.

    Oi,youz want ta trade some of dem Shokk Attack Gunz for some of our Dakka?Iz really flashy an stuff,and wez can even paint it green,cause its best.

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