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The Greater Good Will Stand With You, Noble Eldar...

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussions' started by ShasO-Kais, Oct 21, 2013.

  1. Dioxin Voicesinmyhead Subordinate

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  2. enjoy your lots and lots of orkz, 11 burnaz burnin, 10 Nobz a crumplin, 9 boys a fightin, 8 looters shootin, 7 dying tau, 6 trucks ramshacklin, 5 mighty WAAAGHS, 4 ork teef, 3 zoomin jets, 2 boom guns, and a storm boy stuck in a tree
  3. Monty'r Montyr Preacher

    It is quiet rare to see one agree with such without some type of opposition to the idea of ending there struggle
  4. Monty'r Montyr Preacher

    I am curious to know how many orks it took to fataly injure 7 tau im estimating about 59 to about 79 orks

  5. 3 ork boyz and a big mek with a teleporta
  6. Fino Fino Well-Known Member

    It pains me to hear such a thing,especially considering we have much more consideration for you than the Imperium of Man as a whole.Tell me,is there no way for bygones to become bygones?

  7. Help free the souls of all my kin stolen by Slaanesh, cease your encroaching on our system, and send each Ethereal that plotted an attack on us to our wraith tombs to beg mercy from our honored dead--and then face execution at their hands.

    Then, then we will begin making progress towards recovery.
  8. LordDarkhan New Member

    So much to say to this:
    1. "Admiral"? What are you, a mon-keigh? Get a real rank.
    2. If you need that much reparation, you need to grow a thicker skin (I have a friend who can help you do that... literally). They beat you; retaliate, start a scheme, or move on. Stewing in your defeats does nothing to make you a better Eldar.
    3. If you can't push back a young race like the Tau, you hardly deserve to call yourself Eldar. Maybe if you're an Exodite, you could get a pass... but if you're from a Craftworld, grow some spirit stones and get slaughtering. Hell, you can even hire a Kabal or Kult from my kin to help you. And since you're family, you can even get a discount.
    We will always aid those fighting the Great Devourer or the Necrontyr. As for the brutes and the bugs: we'll help our kin, but anyone else is on their own.
  9. 1. it's a name deal with it

    2. several thousand of our guardians and aspect warriors have died because of their "greater good"

    3. we've pushed out dozens of invasions, The Exodites of Lethanuul will not submit to them, and will accept death before defeat.

    The Harlequins show great interest in our system and thus they assist us often so keep your dark kin in Commorragh, you might be Eldar but we rejected the ways of both dark and craftworld Eldar, for, both lifestyles are wrong in our eyes.

    in short: Tau filth has tried to dick us in the face enough times that we will no longer accept peace with them
  10. LordDarkhan New Member

    Listen, cousin. I already said that if you were an Exodite, you get a pass on losing to those primitives. You don't have all the advantages that my kin and our Craftworld cousins do. You should already know that your Dark Kin (and I assume your Craftworld kin) have nothing but respect for you and any other Eldar that works to reassemble our empire.

    That said, "Admiral" is still a mon-keigh title. I hope you mean it sarcastically, or that it's some... really strange Exodite custom. Either way, it's weird.

    As for submitting to the Tau, that will never happen; I never said submit. If the rest of the Eldar decide that a peace or a cease-fire is in order, though, you will halt aggression for the duration of the truce. That is, assuming you have the same reverence for each and every life of our race as all three branches of our races (Dark, Craftworld, and Exodite).

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