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The Fallen Red Comet (Space Hulk RP)

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Uriel1339, Mar 12, 2018.

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    The Red Comet a benevolent vessel. A ship that dates back into the Great Crusade. A ship, once classified as a Gloriana Class Battleship. It belonged to the Blood Angels and was later on handed off to the Sanguine Templar as one of their flagships. Alas, it was not meant to last as it was lost forever in the warp on it's 13th deployment. Already having rang a bad omen for the number '13' amongst the successors, and one of the few reasons they never expanded beyond 12 companies.

    When The Red Comet re-appeared near Baal for the first time in millenniums it was seen as a chance to retrieve artifacts of old. But what exactly might be found on this once Chaos annihilating vessel was left to the unknown. When the Blood Angels deployed, it was all for naught. They perished horrible deaths at the claws of wild daemons. Reinforcements failed to recover the dead in time before The Red Comet disappeared once more, leaving yet even more artifacts behind.

    And after that... It would appear more and more rapidly throughout the centuries, adding more and more vessels around it's chassis. Wreckages, intact ships and everything of all sizes. This continued well into the 41st millenium until it's very end.

    Many souls of different backgrounds dwelled on The Red Comet, the sense of time totally distorted and seemingly even slower or faster between individual vessels. Orks, Tyranids, Daemons, Tau, Space Marines, Techpriests, Imperial Soldiers, Eldar, Mutants, Lost and Damned and so many more souls have wandered and still do to this day the hallways of The Red Comet. Some came for knowledge, others for relics, and of course some might even have come for power to utilize such mighty vessel akin to what the Devourer of Stars, former vessel of Angron, caused in the First War of Armageddon.

    Even as the survivors tried to achieve their goals, all of their plans would be thrown into disarray as suddenly the moon-sized collection of ships would be thrown out of the warp with the creation of The Great Rift. It was nothing like a regular entry into realspace. The entire Red Comet shook, swirled and headed for a crash course on a distant world unknown to anyone. It hurled like a true comet straight for the south pole of an oceanic world. The re-entry into the atmosphere heating up the 'front', melting various ships that once were glorious strike cruisers in an instant, while others chipped off like parts of a heat shield. In fact the chain of events was so severe, that daemons phased back into the warp, unable to sustain in realspace.

    Through a miracle the remaining mass of the Space Hulk, now reduced to maybe half it's size, collided on the only continent of this unknown world. On impact it shattered into various pieces, plenty of them sinking into the ocean around, while the heart of The Red Comet laid on the tectonic plate, slowly pressing it down into the water. Through the various tears in the hull, plenty of sub-freezing cold water flooded in, adding weight to the mass and it's slow impending doom.

    Far in the rear was a former Necron Shroud Light Cruiser, half-way sunken and with every hour lowering further into the water. For those that were within this vessel, the only way would be moving towards the former center, now tip of the space hulk remains. In the obsidian black hallways, only illuminated by the dark green glowing of Necron power cells and insignias, wandered at least seven sane minds, scattered across.

    Room 1; Storage Room:
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    1. Eltaris, an androgynous Eldar who was in stasis and expected to wake up in the familiar hallways of Iyanden, instead found themself staring in the face of a blue skinned foreigner who managed to open the stasis capsule before it would have caused the Eldar to suffocate from stasis capsule failure. Their bag of personal goods as well as weapons were still stored within the capsule's storage once he would get the chance to check. While commonly anyone would be concerned about imminent survival, their psychic abilities only sensed tranquility and friendliness from the stranger with an awkward 'Y' slit on its forehead. And worse, the surrounding did not include any other stasis pods, and was clearly of Necron architecture. What by Isha went wrong?

    2. Oxana, a Tau who was rather bulky for a Tau. which of course was due to her being a member of the Earth caste, found herself alone after waking up. She was knocked out from a hit to the head, but other than that was fine. A buzz that seemed like it came from inside her head woke her up. After a quick investigation of her own body, she found all her possessions on herself and miraculously no major wounds. She couldn't even remember how she got there, but after getting on her feet, she found a stasis capsule in the adjacent room. A humanoid creature was within and in potential belief that person might know something of where they were, and in attempt to show hospitality to the locals, she used her technical expertise as an Earth Caste Engineer and a small battery she had on herself to trigger the thawing process of the stasis capsule. She would then find herself staring into an androgynous, humanoid pointy-ear creature.

    3. A lost local sentient alien with psychic abilities who was swimming in the nearby area when the space hulk crashed down. Exploring in curiosity through a gaping hole in the weird metal chassis it entered, only to find the hole behind itself to be suddenly closed. And as such, the Krakenoid named Zoth is stuck wandering like everyone else. Marching without really a goal, he walked into a bipedal bulky blue-skinned creature and some pointy-eared sitting up in a weird looking metal object, looking like it woke up from a long nap. It seemed neither of them yet noticed Zoth.


    Room 2; Hallway:
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    4. Teja Yvon, Tactical Marine of the Raven Guard Chapter, did not only survive the crash but was conscious throughout the entire time. He managed to rush through two vessels which were torn asunder behind him, clinging with hands unto the Necron vessels hallway, legs hanging in the air before managing to get footing and activate his mag-lock boots. Just before the impact some sort of phase shield materialized behind him, protecting him from death. From the crash a massive set of power armor was sent his way, too slow to deactivate his mag-lock boots, it collided with him, knocked him off the ground and had the corpse of a Space Marine lay on top of him. Although once the set of armor was rolled off and on it's back, the Salamander within started to groan and wake slowly. Indeed, it was a fellow battle brother, as his original mission report stated. With luck - the Terminators supposedly on the space hulk were still alive, too.

    5. Before the crash a valiant Lexicanum, almost ready for his Codicer exams, fought half a dozen of Daemons by himself, having gotten cut off from the Terminators that he was accompanying to identify artifacts of the Salamanders. The furies attacked one after another relentlessly, not giving him one moment to fight back with his power sword. He became so desperate that he channeled his powers and unleashed a torrent of fire, shooting out of his mouth and incinerating the lesser creatures of the warp. That in combination of the Great Rift hitting in the very same moment left the psyker at the mercy of the warp. A war of the mind ensued between him and various entities of the warp trying to wrangle for his soul and body. It was so severe that his body entered a comatose state as the Space Hulk crashed into an unknown world. And by the time he awoke and had successfully fought off the beasts in his inner mind, they made sure if they couldn't have him, they had completely annihilated all of his memories of his personality and purpose. But maybe, the Emperor's Light was yet with him, when his eyes opened and gazed into that of not just a fellow human, but a fellow Space Marine.


    Room 3; Stasis Chamber:
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    6. As a trained machine of war, Darius-Epsilon-27 was proud to be part of a reconnaissance unit to an Explorator vessel. However, it went south from the moment they realized it had become part of a Space Hulk. The exploration went well until they reached the actual hull of the explorator vessel. Members of the Dark Mechanicus had gotten here first, or maybe worse, the ones which were once loyal to the Omnissiah had become corrupted. Firefight ensued immediately and lasted several days with high casualties on both sides. Only the shockwave of the immaterium stopped the combat, causing the Skitarii and members of the dark mechanicus to turn into ragdolls. In the process, Darius-Epsilon-27 got his Ominspex severely damaged. But he was lucky enough to get banged against a powerful magnet in a workshop which kept him in place while dozens, if not hundreds of traitors and loyalists flew past him into oblivion. Only when the Space Hulk crashed, he was dangling above what seemed an abyss without a bottom. Just then, the power in the magnet surged, shorting it out and causing him to drop into the hole. The Skitarii fell at least three decks deep and landed due to luck in a pile of corpses. When he climbed out, his entire equipment was still on him, but looking around made him realize two things. Number one, he was inside of a Necron vessel and the hole he just fell through suddenly had closed. Second. He was not alone, a bizarre human-like creature just finished drinking off a corpse's blood before rising to his feet and facing Darius-Epsilon-27.

    7. Blood Crow had many interesting adventures, some closer to death than others. But this was definitely the first one where all of their comrades did die. Everything before the crash was a blurry of fighting, murdering and grabbing as much loot as possible, throwing it on top of an anti-grav cart. But Blood Crow remembers the pain after the crash of this massive piece of junk. Having had been stuck under a support beam for a good hour, although it could've very much felt like days. Having only feasted on blood before even arriving on the space hulk, they already were drained. And now that. Nonetheless, the Vampyre managed a way out, found an oddly convenient pile of corpses and feasted on the freshest one they could find. Just as Blood Crow was satisfied once more, there suddenly was a metal man, a Skitarii Ranger, standing, watching him.
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    BC had lifted there helmet partially off as they feasted on the fresh corpse, there body demanding they get something in there body from there time imprisoned here under a steal beam, As it continued to drink they jammed there siphoner into another corpse aiming of draining it to replenish there own supplies. It wasn't until they felt two eyes and heard the clanking of metal on metal did they turn up to see something that caused there blood to run cold a a Skitarii ranger, seems the admech had gotten stuck here as well and one had found them.

    Taking their mouth off the body and the siphoner out,they kept the corpse still in one hand and kept their hand near their needle rifle with the other they was ready for at a moments notice to use as a shield and to toss it at the skitari and play a game of hit and run into the shadows. Though maybe they could use some diplomacy to cool the situation before it escalated any...?

    There one hand going over there helmet they put it down over there mouth once more, they were finished using their mouth to feed and the urges sated for the moment. "So Metal one? I may call you if I may, would you happen to be in a mood to talk yes?" BC asked looking to the admech. "Quite a disgusting seen you have walked in on, was getting weak down here without any liquids and sometimes one must be force to barbarism to survive." They said looking to Skitarri.

    This was something they had slowly become accustom greeting others, especially when they walk in on them doing there deed and having to feed, Especially will allies it was so much easier, though with strangers could go either way until you earned there trust or perceived trust. They had always remembered how hard it was at least around those that weren't family and had the similar curse, though at least with them be a bit more civilized with it.
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    Teja got to his feet first before anything else. He nursed his head and thanked himself for listening to his Sergeant regarding helmets and displays of courage for slightly more glory.
    He grabbed his bolter and knelt to to check up on the Salamander..
    "Do you share some of Vulkan's famed constitution, Nocturnean?" His voice was in normal speaking volume but still it sounded like it was deep and hushed, like someone who doesn't speak much. He helped the emerald armoured Astartes on his feet.
    "Because our mission got a lot more complicated, just now."
    He slapped the Salamander's pauldron and held his bolter with two hands.
    "My name's Teja."

  4. < @Wata @Uriel1339 >

    The Salamander groaned as he laid on the ground, confused about quite a few things that was going on. Why was his head pounding? What was going on? Where was he?

    ...who was he?

    He felt himself being picked up to his feet and put one hand on the ground as he was pulled by the other arm. He had metal on his body, what was the deal with this? It didn't seem to encumber him any, so he didn't pay much attention to it. Especially when he looked up and saw something with a pointy metal face staring at him. "Wagh!" he yelped, jumping back a little in surprise. But then it began to speak, and ended up holding some sort of gun - his own and his sword laying somewhere nearby probably, just forgotten.

    "Nocturnean? Vulkan? Mission?" he cocked his head a little, confused about whatever it was that the metalman was saying. "Teja..." he looked down a moment, thinking. He didn't remember anything about who, what, when, where or why. Or even how. But the other seemed to know, so he looked back up at the beak-faced metal man. "Do you know something about me?"
  5. Wata Wata Arkhona Vanguard

    A moment of silence followed. This was unexpected. It was even more complicated than he initially thought.
    "You really hit your head good did you? Why can't you all just wear helmets, chances of survival go up considerably with one."
    Teja removed his helmet. Pitch black eyes, mohawk hair and a really pale face greeted the Salamander in return.
    "You were looking for a trinket of your Chapter in this cursed place, you and the rest of the Salamanders. Stop playing games and get a grip, we shouldn't linger about."
    He quickly eyed the shadows of the dark hallway they were in, worried for his brothers and the chances of their mission.
    "Others might still live. We should regroup and try to raise them on comms as soon as possible."
  6. < @Wata @Uriel1339 >

    The Salamander cocked his head and moved his hand to rub it, checking for any wounds. Whether from the gauntlet or because there simply weren't any, he didn't get the feeling that he'd hit his head. Nevertheless when Teja removed his helmet, the other marine's eyes widened a little. "So.. you're not made of metal." he said softly, looking around and then back at the pale head. "But... Salamander? Is that what I am? What do you mean by chapter?" he asked, not quite getting the feeling that he was in danger from this guy - and not understanding the rest of this place.
  7. Wata Wata Arkhona Vanguard

    Teya's sigh had a hint of defeat and disbelief that followed the Salamander's words. Personally he was grateful he wasn't so receptive to the Immaterium as some.
    "This is going to be a long mission..." He mumbled and put his helmet back on. "Yes, you're a Salamander, a warrior of fire, you hail from Nocturne."
    He picked up the Salamander's sword and shoved it in his hand.
    "Now be quiet and follow me. Maybe your battle brothers are able to revive your memory."

    Teya opened vox and tried to hail the Ravens, while he did so he slowly started moving forward bolter at the ready.
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    Oxana was worried. This time things had gone really badly. She had survived so far - even though she'd had to make adjustments she never thought she would have to make - and her place in the world had changed in ways she just wouldn't have believed possible. But now she was separated even from the strange comfort of the Enclaves, where at least she could put her skills to use. She checked her head, and then her gear, paying special attention to the small hard case in the top pocket of her pack. Everything seemed all right, which was a relief. Then she looked around.

    Perhaps there was something to do here, after all. Oxana was naturally cheerful and inquisitive, traits she easily put to use for the Greater Good. Which could, she reminded herself, be served anywhere. The only thing in the room of note was a long stasis pod, about the size one would need for an Air Caste. She peered inside. No Tau, but there was definitely someone in there. And the pod was cracked, so she busied herself with thawing it out before anything went too wrong and the person suffered. Concentrating on the task kept her mind from wondering about the fact that she was on a strange collection of ship smooshed together like so much Kroot DNA.

    Sitting back, she watched as the occupant emerged from its fancy chamber. It was really a marvel, and she wanted to study it, but life and safety came before machinery in her teaching. And studying the person would be rude. Especially without proper introductions.

    "Hello," the blue-skinned maiden said, cheerfully, looking up at the Eldar.
  9. Zoth was quite confused and disoriented at the moment, he had gone into the weird metal thing thinking it might make for a nice cave to live in but when he went inside something closed behind him and now he's stuck in it. He used his ice staff for support as he dragged himself through the dry hallways. His people were aquatic but that doesn't quite mean he was entirely used to being on land for extended periods of time. He had climbed up to the tops of glaciers before but he usually just sat on the top for a long time. Never walk around on his legs like this for so long, while not exactly physically weak the act of walking like this was simply awkward for a being more used to moving around in water.

    His mind of course was busy with other things aside from forcing his legs to move in this awkward pattern. He was one of a few of his kind that could control the formation of ice with just their mind. Granted he was still quite young and not nearly as powerful as the elders but he felt confident in his abilities. Then again one could say a fish was pretty confident in itself but that didn’t stop his kind from swimming up and swallowing it whole. But then again he is but a child, though he would prefer the term young adult if such a thing existed in his own language. His glowing blue eyes blinked for a moment as he tried to clear his blurry vision.

    Once his vision had cleared he realized he had stumbled upon something new, a strangle sleepy looking thing that was smaller than him. He wasn't sure what to do after he had spotted it, he was naturally curious but also cautious. He decided to move forward ever so carefully until he heard some alien sound and proceeded to quickly crouch down and try to hide.
  10. Vanestus Vanestus Subordinate

    *Running System Diagnostics*
    *Weapons Intact*
    *Armor Intact*
    *On-board Data-Stores Intact*
    *Omnispex Unit Severely Damaged -Addendum: Repairs Possible, Seek Out Nearest Repair Site*
    *Wireless Up-link to Mechanicus Networks -Severed-*
    *Attempting Re-connection*
    *Re-connection Failed*
    *Continuing System Scan*
    *ERROR - Anomalous Code Detected*
    *Attempting Purge of Unknown Data...*
    *Purge Failed*
    *Beginning Quarantine Countermeasures*
    *Quarantine Successful - Anomalous Code Contained*
    *Scan Complete*
    *Beginning Reboot*
    *Reboot Complete*
    *Startup Procedures Finished*

    Optics slowly flickering back to life Darius' training quickly kicked in causing him to begin scanning his surroundings. Taking in his surroundings he began running a comparison search of what he was seeing to his data-stores, allowing him to recognize the room as the interior of a Necron vessel. His scans were soon interrupted by a strange sucking sound. Turning to face the source of the sound he saw what appeared to be a person leaning over a human corpse. Walking closer to them Darius realized that it was actually an unknown form of abhuman that looked to be feeding off of the corpse. As the creature moved away from the body he saw it move over towards a Needle Rifle while keeping its grip on the body. Positioning his hand to hover over the hilt of his Taser Goad Darius said in an synthesized voice,"Unknown individual, step away from the body and identify yourself at once."

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