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The Dark Eldar - Fallen Brethren Of Eldar

Discussion in 'Eldar' started by Khaldam, Oct 30, 2013.


Which Kabal's shoud be added to the game if the Dark Eldar would be added?

  1. Kabal of the Black Heart

    102 vote(s)
  2. Kabal of the Bleaksoul Brethren

    8 vote(s)
  3. Kabal of the Slashed Eye

    11 vote(s)
  4. Kabal of the Poisoned Tongue

    15 vote(s)
  5. Kabal of the Flayed Skull

    10 vote(s)
  6. Other Kabal

    25 vote(s)
  1. LordDarkhan New Member

    A couple things I need to correct here.
    1. She didn't join the fight. She actually harassed the WAAGH until it chased her forces and lead them to the Imperial world where the Panacea was.
    2. She didn't do it cause she was bored, she did it cause Vect was so bored that he said no one could hang out in the cool-kids-club until someone did irreparable harm to the Imperium (since enslaving whole hive worlds clearly wasn't affecting it.
    3. "Some Dark Eldar Archon" does not do Lady Malys justice.
    Come on, credit where credit is due. Not that this lessens your point any (if anything, it strengthens it)
  2. FarseerDaneel FarseerDaneel Well-Known Member

    Hmm, DE ARE the ones who caused the fall just not the only ones... but likely the worst of the offenders. They didn't run into the webway to escape The Fall, they were already there doing the things that caused it to occur trying to keep their excesses secret... probably doing a lot of the things they are still doing so really they were dark even before The Fall. That's why the city isn't really a city, but rather than a hodgepodge of little secret hidey holes.

    Some Eldar probably did run into the webway to escape and maybe eventually hooked up with the DE, but if it wan't in their nature to do horrendous things they probably have passed on by now to you know who... or maybe the Emperor saved them if they were really good!
  3. Pm713 Pm713 Subordinate

    Doesn't she have some weird heart thing now?
  4. LordDarkhan New Member

    It's so adorable when other members or our race blame us for the Fall. We are remnants of our race's true heritage. As much as our Craftworld kin claim to represent our people, it is we who hold true to our beliefs. It is we who honor our legacy by not changing the old ways. Lord Vect coined our name in his youth to honor the power source that allows to stay hidden from the Great Devourer. He coined it honor how She has no presence in our realm.
    And we were not "the worst of the offenders". We were just another colony, albeit outside of the authority of the rest of our people.

    As for "a hodgepodge of little secret hidey holes", Commoragh is larger than any of the Craftworlds. It's almost cute that you think we're a small community. There are far more of the Dark Kin than there are of the Craftworld Kin and the Exodites combined. We are the True Kin.

    And so you know, we are accepting of all of our kind. We have trade and commerce with our Craftworld cousins, as well as our Exodite cousins. We allow Dark Kin who feel the calling of other factions to leave (as infrequently as that happens), and we accept and Craftworld kin and Exodites who can survive daily life in Commoragh.

    Pm713, the rumor is that she had her heart replaced with a piece of arcane crystal from the Webway. Whether you believe this or not is up to you (I met her once and believe it to my core).
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  5. Valihdyahr Valihdyahr Subordinate

    Commorragh must be huge because it contains a number of 'Stolen Suns', and has been under continuous expansion for thousands of years.
  6. FarseerDaneel FarseerDaneel Well-Known Member

    Physical dimensions and measurements of distance mean little in that realm. Even of less consequence is the laughable claims of how large their forces of are.
  7. Valihdyahr Valihdyahr Subordinate

    Perhaps, but there is certainly a lot of it!
  8. bmurphy bmurphy Menial

    Wouldn't matter to me; soon as Dark Eldar are playable I'll be playing nothing but an Incubus for the remainder of the game's duration.

    Incubi drop the bang on everyone.
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  9. As delightful as that sounds like, I very much doubt that they'd be an ordinary class like a Kabalite Warrior would be, as they're not the frontline warriors, but bodyguards of Archon's.

    Perhaps, however - Dark Eldar could have Incubi as a hero class, to protect the leader of a strike-force? It could be explained lore-wise as the Archon of that particular Kabal sending his own personal guard to aid some important personnel on the ground. It's happened in lore before. (Such as during the raid on an Exodite Paradise World in the novel "Path of the Renegade)

    Oh, Dark Eldar. There's so many cool and fun ways to make them a reality both gameplay-and lore wise.

    I look forward to that day.
  10. bmurphy bmurphy Menial

    Ohhhhhhhh.... I see. So when it means persistent world it's going to be something like PS2? Where you have your individual units you play as but get cert points (I assume they'll be called something different) and can invest into higher tier units?

    My bad; I thought it was going to be like a UO style game but with twitch combat. Still, your suggestion works fine for me. As long as I get to lay kids out with the glorious Incubi, I could personally care less.

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