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The Coming Night Interest/OOC Thread

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by matt23, Jul 31, 2016.

  1. Imperius matt23 Curator

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    Hello everyone. This shall be me trying my hand again, with a Chaos RP. This time, however; I have learned from the first time through (with the help, believe it or not, from @Grall_Stonefist :p). I want to limit this RP to 10 players max (with more to come once it gets moving). This means that the characters that shall be open for play are from the Dark Mechanicus, Traitor Legions, Mutants, and Fallen Loyalists (Ergo Traitor Imperial Guardsmen, Ultramarines, Arbites, ect...) Of course if you have some other ideas for a character you wish to play, please share it with me and I shall approve or discuss it. All character submission shall be done through PM to ensure everything is correct and in line before being added to this thread.

    The time line around which this will center is after 41st so that it gives more options for you as players and more openings for me as GM to go. The story shall, at first, start out much simpler and focused to help set up the base. Your characters come to a space station called The Hole near the Warp Storm called the Heart of Darkness in Segmentum Ultima.

    All characters created will be semi basic, meaning no Chaos Lords or other races' equivalent. Your starting gear will be fairly basic as well meaning basic armor and weapons. I am limiting the number of Pysker players to 1. Which god you fall is up to you though understand that based off the god you choose, your rewards and story shall revolve around. Characters in this RP are meant to be fallen from favor or seeking glory.

    The post frequency I am hoping to stick to is once per day (though RL is never as kind as you wish and should you send me a message I shall be understanding).

    The Combat System I shall be using is based off my own system from the RP Descendants of Blood. This means during combat each player shall have three options for their actions during combat. All Out Attack = 2 Attack Rolls, Balanced = 1 Attack and 1 Defense Rolls, and All Out Defense = 2 Defense Rolls. All of this actions have their pros and cons as can be seen, for example All Out Attack leaves your player defenseless as you have put all your focus on attacking.

    Pysker Abilities shall start as basic. This means that you shall have one ability which shall vary based off what you are and what god your follow. I want to keep things fairly basic so there is something that shall to strive for.

    I will allow for PVP as long as both players agree to it and have a mutual understanding of the outcome. Meaning if you both decide to fight to the death, someone will die as you have agreed to that type of duel. If you both are just sparring, injuries will be equated based off what happened.

    Alright, now for Character Creation. As I always put a lot of time and effort into creating the best environment for you guys as players, I ask that you put time and thought into what you wish to be. This means BACKGROUND/HISTORY is required. No half-assery. Another thing I wish to make clear here is that all characters are assumed to be fallen from favor or basic. This means EVERYONE'S characters are on a level playing field here. The point of this is to build a character from scratch or nothing, and make him or her powerful and renowned. All paths and choices have outcomes that will affect your character in different ways.

    Again, all characters WILL be submitted via PM to ensure they are correct before posting to this thread.

    Player Name:
    Character Name:
    Planet of Origin:
    Legion or Affiliation:
    Physical Description:
    Favored Fighting Style: ergo...close quarters, ranged, combination, etc...
    Religious Views or Devotion:

    Have questions? Feel free to ask away so everything is hashed out.

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  2. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    Player Name: @Uriel1339
    Character Name: Lurielle
    Class: Cultist (Lost & Damned)
    Age: 17
    Ritualistic Knife (zig-zag dagger)
    Las Pistol
    Pulse Rifle
    Modified Tau Armor
    Planet of Origin: Dal'yth
    Legion or Affiliation: Gue'vesa (Tau for 'Human Helper')
    Physical Description:
    Lurielle wears the Tau Armor at anytime, even sleep over her regular clothes, the Tau insignias have been painted over with the same color as the armor to make it 'faceless'. She has no helmet, only the full body armor and the probably far too long worn black bodyglove beneath which is Gue'vesa standard issue to make the Tau Armor more comfortable. She has maroon-red dyed hair hanging from her head, usually loose over her shoulders. Her face is scarred with battle wounds and makes her look more in her mid-20s, perhaps early 30s through the early exposure to war.

    Reference Image for Armor & Rifle:


    Lurielle was born into Tau culture by having been born by human allies (Gue'la) of the Tau. She was raised with the mentality of the Greater Good and how evil the iron fist ruling of the Imperium of Mankind is. How her grand-grandparents were liberated during the Damocles Gulf Crusade and because of that they can enjoy living in freedom, self-expression and living for a greater goal than survival and sacrificing yourself to a faceless God-Emperor.

    However for Lurielle there was always a pursue for the stars, deep space exploration. That is why she signed up for the military corps, also known as the Fire Caste, to become a Gue'vesa and serve the Greater Good as a proud soldier. What a naive child the 12 year old girl was.

    She was enrolled in the Fire Academies like other Tau younglings and learned how to use Tau equipment, from armoring up over the bonding rituals to where to aim on Imperial tanks.

    4 years later, the usual cycle of a Tau cadet, she graduated to go under her Trial by Fire. The Troop was deployed on a world that was recently liberated from the Imperium and her squads task was easy: Simply keep an outpost protected. It was just a communications outpost and a couple of raids were anticipated. An attack never came for a week, but in the night she would have horrible nightmares and whispers of doom and death. And she was not alone. A week went by without an attack.... Then two, three... Eventually a whole month was over. And when they finally were ordered to pack up due to lack of enemy sightings they came out of nowhere.

    Crazied humans which were wearing little more than their regular garments, in hundreds against the ten-man strong squad. The defense went well, until reinforcements with Chimera tanks came and crashed right through the walls of the outpost. There was little melee training in the academies of fire, nonetheless these humans were basically throwing their lives away as they charged mindless into the Gue'vesa squad. In the end, two others survived with Lurielle, each of them drenched in blood, sweat and tears. The female Gue'vesa even had to throw up when she saw a blade decapitate her former classmate.

    They investigated the corpses to identify their allegiance, amongst their leader Lurielle found a unique zig-zagged dagger. She brought it inside the outpost where her squad leader treated the other survivor. Lurielle heard how they conspired to get away with a ship. Filthy Traitors... And so she stabbed with the newly found dagger her squad leader through his back and heart, and slit the throat of her wounded comrade who only watched in shock his leader slump to the floor.

    She was to make a report... But a better idea came to mind. Yes... They were right, the Tau were using the humans to play meatshields. Why else was there no Tau stationed here, suffering through those nightmares, waiting a month until the attack comes? Lurielle wanted to see the stars, worlds and explore and she would just have that. So she stole a Tau Barracuda and headed off.

    Or so was the plan. Instead Lurielle was shot down in the next sector, crash-landed, miraculously survived (barely) and ever since is on the run from the Tau, with the eternal desire to see more of the stars. Having nothing more than her Pulse Rifle, the ominous knife and her survival instinct...

    Favored Fighting Style:
    Religious Views or Devotion: Undivided (leans towards Slaanesh)
  3. Bossaroo bossaroo Well-Known Member

    Character Name: Derdak Targus
    Class: Chaos Apothercary
    Age: 230
    Equipment: Narthecium, bolt pistol, mark VI power armor, combat knife
    Planet of Origin: Medrengard
    Legion or Affiliation: Iron Warriors
    Physical Description: a heavily scared iron warrior he has removed both arms and one leg with one of metal as is his legions method for dealing with the corruption of chaos. the Apothercary rarely removes his armor and his helmt remains on at all times. His armor has even more scars than Derdak himself
    History: Derdak has seen many battlefeilds over the centuries. He has seen the walls of Fortress laid low . He has seen the armies of corpse emperor followers smashed. He has seen many worlds burn in the glory of the dark gods. He had served many years under the warsmith Honsu and now finds himself further carrying on the service of the dark gods.
    Favored Fighting Style : Close range
    Religious Views or Devotion: Chaos Undivided leans toward nurgle
  4. Player Name: @BuriasDempsey
    Character Name: Eva Kronen
    Class: Storm trooper
    Age: 30
    Equipment: Black carapace armor, Chainsword, bolt pistol, Imperial Guard Grenade launcher
    Planet of Origin: Badab Primaris
    Legion or Affiliation: The Tyrant's Legion
    Physical Description: 5’11’’ Athletic build, Green shining eyes that have slit pupils instead of circles, black lipstick, and black hair reaches to her hip that's usually tied up in a bun, crimson inked rune sleeves. Usually wears fatigues usually seen on imperial guardsmen under the armor plates.
    Armor reference

    History: Eva was born in a period of time of her planet where the citizens were used to living under the direct rule of the Astral claws, many in fact supporting it after Huron himself cleansed the upper class of the corruption that had long stagnate within the caste of nobles. Growing up under such pretenses, and the constant reassuring propaganda that blared out on the speakers, many were recruited into the restructured PDF which was now called The Tyrant's legion. The purpose of the legion was to fight off the pirates that come from the Maelstrom and it was even planned to be apart of the force that would eventually drive out such elements out of the zone. Being the daughter of factory workers, she took what seemed a way out of quiet ignominy and joined the legion. Something that would give her a chance to rise to a position of power, something she had craved since learning of her family's place in the grand scheme of things.

    Training was harsh, weakness in soldiers being absolutely intolerable, but were others were washed out Eva thrived. Eventually inducted into the ranks of storm troopers, she found herself excelling in close quarter combat. After a number of operations against piracy activity and earning accolades, rewards, and even some prestige, she was in firm belief she had found her calling. But this of course was before the Badab war came into being , with Lufgt Huron's seceding from the Imperium. With little understanding of the events that began transpiring, she found herself along with many other natives of Badab fighting forces of the Imperium who called them traitors. Where they not fighting the threats to the Imperium that lay in the Maelstrom? Had not the astral claws clean out the xenos filth that laid in their very hives? Is this how the Emperor thanks his servants?

    With over ten years fighting in the Badab war, the Tyrant's legion becoming an auxiliary force to the renegade space marines, the fighting was brutal and extreme. Most of the time they would get to fight Inquisitorial storm troopers, getting pitch firefights that devolved into melee shortly after. But it would get much worst as loyalist astartes made landfall. Mortal legionnaires against Astartes of many different chapters, many a times it was just trying to hold onto an objective till Astral claws could come in. It was a thankless task, hundreds dying in exchange of a couple of astartes. Her squad were lucky to have even brought one of them down on their own through judicious use of explosives and a building.

    But in the end it was all in vain as the loyalist forces surrounded the palace of thorns and Lufgt Huron himself supposedly slain. The renegade forces fled, which included the very few Tyrant Legionnaires, to the maelstrom on any craft that could carry them. With the Astral claws becoming the pirates they once fought and her own actions now meaningless in this renegade chapter, Eva became disenfranchised with it all and became just another pirate among several others. During this time she became more familiar with chaos, gaining a cursory knowledge, from both human cultists and xenos that worship the warp. After serving awhile on a red corsair crew she decided it was time to strike out on her own, her craving for power driving her yet again. And she knew she wouldn't get that chance on a ship were humans were considered another resource like powercells and canisters of fuel. Slipping off the ship on its next stop, she would go out to become a merc in a world of Renegades, cultists, and violent xenos mercs. 'Better than nothing.' she guessed.

    Favored Fighting Style: Close quarters/Melee along with demolition work.
    Religious Views or Devotion: Heavy leaning to Khrone, sees chaos as a means to an end.
  5. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    I guess the fall for your guy was that he barely survived the Ultramar campaign or ran away afterwards or something? Also no Planet of Origin? You could have at least rolled with Medrengard! :D
  6. Bossaroo bossaroo Well-Known Member

    Yeah , i couldnt think of one so thanks for the Medrengard ! And yeah he ran away after everything to shizen pist Macragge campaign also i purposely left his history vauge. Also a Tau to chaos convert human. They have been all over the place.
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  7. Player Name: Tuska the Daemonkilla
    Character Name: Malrak "The Lost" Skyruss
    Class: Psyker
    Age: 25
    - A notebook with Tzeentch markings chained to his waist with a pen
    - large dark blue hooded cloak
    - Chaos corupted force staff
    - Las carbine
    - bolt pistol
    - Carapace armor
    Planet of Origin: Taranis
    Legion or Affiliation: Tzeentch cultist/Former Sanctioned psyker

    Physical Description:
    A rather tall example of humanity(6.2) Malrak is slightly muscular with pale skin but his arms and hands have mutated to have bird like claws at the end of his finger tips and have turned a light blue. The rest of his body appears human enough but is covered by his dark blue cloak that even hides his face underneath a large hood. His face is plain and isn't really indistinguishable from most other people and his black hair is shaggy while his blue eyes always seem to be looking into the deeper meaning of things.

    Malrak was once a sanctioned psyker until during an assault on hive city held by a Tzeench cult opened his eyes to the truth of the changer of ways. He discovered the will of Tzeench when it saved his life when the dark God reached to him by commanding him to kill the commissar of the unit he was assisting during the assault. When the commissar was killed by what seemed to be a stray bit of shrapnel but was really a piece of redirected glass levitated by Malrak that caused the guardsmen around him to flea the battlefield which in turn created a route in which several cult members were able to escape in the confusion. Malrak having seen this and partaken in the death of a commissar decided to follow the cultists to find that they where entering a large warp rift headed to the eye or terror. Tzeench having been both pleased and in a good mood that day decided to gift Malrak with mutations that enhanced his strength and turning his finger nails into claws and his arms blue. While these sudden mutations were quite painful the cultists had seen him as one of Tzeench's chosen and dragged him through the rift into the eye of terror where they taught him the ways of chaos. When his conversion to the ways of chaos was complete and he learned all he could he left the cult in search of a grander purpose and ways to gain the favor of the Changer of Ways.

    Favored Fighting Style:
    Keeping his distance and using his powers to grind his enemies into dust
    Religious Views or Devotion: Devoted Tzeentch follower
    Powers: His specialty is telekinesis but he also has training from being a sanction psyker
    Starting spells: Crush and Nightshroud
  8. Imperius matt23 Curator

    Alright guys, after speaking with @Maleth I'm the topic of balancing non Astarte humans and Astarte players, I have decided to change things up ever so slightly. All human characters may have two ranges weapons and a melee weapon to start off with as well as Carapace level armor. This is meant to even things out combat wise.

    For example @Uriel1339 's character is already set...
    Pluse rifle and laspistol are his two ranged.
    Combat knife (assumely) is his melee.
    Modified Tau armor is his Carapace level armor.

  9. Could I move Malrak up to a primaris?
  10. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    Cool I am a prime example. I guess it's then like specially plated Armor, like Iridium or something. Since I pretty much had in my mind regular Firewarrior armor (from the looks)

    The ritual knife is my melee and was supposed to be equivalent to a combat knife, yea. Pretty much this:
    (just no gold grip)

    No questions.

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