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That Little Push? (Steam Workshop)

Discussion in 'Ask the Team' started by AngelsAbomination17, Feb 8, 2018.

  1. I know this is probably just another thread that will divulge into the Warp (Emperor protect us)

    But I know the State of the Crusade has been out for a few weeks and I've read all around the forums that there are multiple barriers to the full implementation of the Steam Workshop. Devs if you are able to answer, that would be awesome. If not, then due to NDA or legality restrictions, I also understand, just thought I'd ask.

    Is there anything that we as a community that could help to get some progress on Steam Workshop? I know it's a long shot but I heard that there is some legal jargon that needed to be sorted out in regard to the rights of player created content. Did you need help with chore items like that? Possibly having some people make a google doc? Perhaps a player has some ideas of how to write contracts and can offer their advice? I feel that there are still people here who care for the continuation of the game, and the efforts of the Lore Team along with the Community Saturday events are an excellent start.

    I'm a founder, I'm not new to this. I've seen the ups and definitely the downs of development. Regardless, I just want to see if little things that we could possibly help out to push things in the right directions and keep the initiative to live on. I maybe preaching to the choir, but I'd figure that I'd speak (at least for myself) to try and offer help or get ideas for other creative people here in the community.


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  2. @Oveur

    These are true game changers guys as well as some great potential for UI customization. Don't let this be yet another missed opportunity of epic proportions.

    It would be nice to know what kinds of things players will be able to implement as far as mods or add-ons. Things like:

    - interactive map mods and map tools. E.g. personal notes, placing multiple personal waypoints, notes for the squad, squad leaders placing a series of waypoints for his/her squad. Various types of "sticky" icons the squad leader can place on a specific squad mate or at a specific location.
    - enhanced messaging system from the squad leader to the squad. Taking the basic "go to" system and making it more user friendly with enhanced functionality.
    - allowing squad leaders to reliably place waypoints, "got to" markers and other types of persistent icons via utilizing the world map. Being forced to try to "line of sight" aim and designate specific "go to" locations from "in world" from all the way across the map(seriously?!) is a broken system.
    - squad leader's intercom channel for squad lead to squad lead VOIP and private text chat
    - custom themed UI for each faction
    - custom themed UI for subfactions
    - custom party windows showing each squad member's HP. In addition showing who is downed, who is critical or dead all via a quick glance at the party window. Healers would be very thankful.
    - custom minimaps
    - custom compass


    - "Warlord" mod/add-on that allows a single designated Raid leader to send map markers and commands to all the other squads or just all the other squad leaders. Basic MMO Raid leader UI functionality with various types of sticky icons(for players or locations) as well as map tools.

    - "WoW Classic - Aura - Mana Bar" add-on that shows the Warp Charge(mana) bar up next to the Stamina bar for Sorc's and Warlocks. The Aura bar starts flashing when the player is at low mana(% set by player). Aura bar is invisible when mana is at 100%. Transparency, location on HUD, shape, designs(plain or decorative), fills up or drains down, and colors of the Warp Charge bar can be set by user in the add-on settings.

    - "Squad Vehicle - Party Windows" mod/add-on. Adds an overlay of the squad transport and/or the squad Predator to the squad tab showing the vehicle's HP status, name of player that's driving, name of player manning each gun, as well as who's riding and who's sitting where.

    -"Who's that driver?" add-on. See the name of player driving an allied vehicle above the vehicle as they pass by instead of just seeing "Predator" or "Rhino" above the vehicle! The name of vehicle driver also renders next to each vehicle when viewing the world map. Vast improvement to teamwork with exponentially faster and more effective infantry to vehicle and vehicle to vehicle communications.

    -"Stop that ping!" mod/add-on that shows the entire squad the name of the player that is abusing the inner squad ping(ping!ping!ping!ping!ping!ping!ping!ping!ping!ping!) feature. Includes built in features of identifying, auto-muting the pings from the player spamming pings and/or auto-kicking the offending party member from the party.

    - "Who killed me?" mod/add-on showing the name of the last allied player that shot you or did damage to your character for those times when a friendly takes 99.9% of your health via 1/2 a bolter mag to your back and then the enemy does that last .1%. This mod assists karma in doing its thing by identifying habitual offenders that abuse the friendly fire system. What the user does with this information is up to them. Payback perhaps?

    Think Mod db or Curse Forge or Curse Gaming Add-ons but for EC via the Workshop.

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