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Tau And Chaos?

Discussion in 'Chaos Space Marines' started by Montyr, Apr 6, 2014.


What do you think? Why not team up two people that could care less about each other?

  1. What a great idea haters Teaming up

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  2. Just another tAu

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  3. For Chaos!!!!!! not the xeno taU

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  4. Kill the Alien, the mutant' the Heretic.... wait WHAT!?!? there teaming up, well F***k!!!!

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  5. Just No... what would they its Very unlikely

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  6. Sure why the hell not who doesn't love Ch(A)os piped out Tau?

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  1. Crit Crit Subordinate

    They care little because they are naive of course they will try to indoctrinate any race they meet they tried with the Orks initially but I bet the Tau will think of Chaos just as barbaric as Orks and even more fanatical than the Imperium.
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  2. Soltarn Necrosis First Blood!

    [​IMG] I disagree.
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  3. But that encounter is based on the two sides 'allying' beforehand. The Necrons helped fend off a Tyranid invasion and then turned on the Tau when they were invited down to the planet.

    And, honestly, the Tau trying to unify the Necrons is as crazy as them trying to unify the Tyranids or Chaos.

    Last I recall, the Greater Good stamped out any religion not involving the Greater Good - so they might be able to unify warbands in the same vein as the Night Lords and Iron Warriors - those who don't worship Chaos but use it as a tool necessary for bringing down the Imperium.

    If the Tau could promise them something greater... then they might have allies in the department of Traitor Marines who despise/are indifferent to Chaos.

    As for Chaos manipulating and making use of the Tau... I don't think they could -entirely- manage that as effectively as with the Orks. Remember, with the Orks, it's basically a point the herd at the biggest source of enemies.

    Tau would involve enough deception and machination to make a Tzeentchian drool.
  4. Stamping out religion is an imperial thing, the Tau only really care about whether or not you serve their ideals, that though being arguably religious encompass the cultures they absorb while allowing them to preserve their identity, given the similarity to their caste system, an adopted race essentially becomes their own caste.
  5. I thought the Greater Good sort of supplanted worship of the Emperor and etc.?

    I know it doesn't change the semi-religious practices, like the Kroot still feast and stuff (which is both religious and for producing stronger/different Kroot creatures).
  6. Well it is a bit difficult to stay true to the ideals of the Imperium when you accept the rule of xenos and use some pretty pretty heretical advanced technology. I have read that the Tau had been allowing Imperials to continue Emperor worship after they joined the Empire, but yeah for the reasons I stated that can be problematic.

    But no, the Greater Good doesn't act as a direct replacement for religion. For Tau it's basically political, cultural, and religious, but for adopted species they only require them to support it politically.
  7. Ah, that makes sense.

    Still, I think that would be problematic for Chaos followers to get into - mostly because the gods espouse personal achievement over everything else. So, for Chaos at least, the Greater Good would 'stamp it out'.
  8. I agree for Nurgle or Khorne dedications, given their uncontrollable nature. But if a system were in the control of a Tzneetch, Undivided, or possibly Slaaneshi cult, then there is a good chance they wouldn't try to eliminate it, depending on how well they govern. Whether or not that bites them I'm the ass, well that would make a good story.
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  9. It would - I only figured they wouldn't necessarily approve of Tzeentchian or Slaaneshi cults/activities... but then I have no idea what Tau culture is like. I just figured Tzeentch's habit of political manipulation and double-dealing wouldn't sit well with the caste system of the Tau.

    Or, actually, I don't think a cult following Tzeentch would because - if a caste is formed around the new integration - then their advancement has a political ceiling they can't get beyond no matter the political maneuvering.
  10. Seth Seth Arkhona Vanguard

    The Tau allow free worship. A good example is that they allow humans to worship the Emperor as long their beliefs do not hinder the greater good cause.
    I think only Farsight and the ethereals have some knowledge about chaos while the rest of the Empire does not know about their existence.
    But I do think chaos would be makerd as lost to the greater good cause like nids and orks.

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