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take out carmine assent of game

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by NoU, Aug 7, 2018.

  1. NoU Recruit

    can carmine assent be taken out of game becuase it so easy to camp and is very boring to attack. i will not play that map anymore because of that. it is an easy defender win, like i have seen won by attacker like 1 time. so annoying when you get out of tank and nearly instant death by autocannon camper, not good fun. or you can go long way without tank to be killed by heavy weapon quickly and do nothing back. or also you can go where there is turret shooting at you all the time so you die quick there as well. look at defender kills and attacker kills. defenders get like times more. most other maps good in game why this one so bad? like my favorite map is blackbolt. many different ways to points, no camping of tanks so no die nearly instantly when get out of tank.
    carmine assent is a broken map please remove it from game soon as possible.
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  2. Lady Rheeva Steam Early Access

    Carmine needs some work but it doesn't need to leave the rotation. The map requires some effort to attack and Chaos spamming Havocs+Sorcerers is an awful experience but it's not actually worse than Agnathio or Ronan, it just happens more often.

    FYI: Blackbolt is the old 'Defenders always win'-map. Basically the only way to win is by rushing C in full force and hoping noone is defending it.
  3. Yeah Carmine needs work. Personally though, I agree with @NoU in that it needs to go, at least until it's fixed. It's my least favourite map in the game, I really despise attacking it, and will normally jump onto the other faction in the hope of getting in as a defender.
    Two things Valrak said of that map: "This is the worst map in any game I've played" and "This map is so f*cking stupid! Why would you make something so f*cking bottlenecked"
    And he has a point, it is very bottlenecked
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  4. Lady Rheeva Steam Early Access

    There are 4, good vectors into A, one of which is always on lockdown. 3 for B, 3 for C. Add jump-assaults to that and you can keep the defenders on their toes.
    It suffers from the same problem as any map in the game which is the defender-spawns being way too close to the objective-points.
    It is probably the most frustrating map in the game right now but it isn't "bad", just very easy to play right as defender compared to other maps like Maggon or Zedek that have just as powerful positions but somehow encourage people to run away and die outside. (Try taking Zedek C against A CSM-stack and you will praise Carmine)
  5. Sunbreak Sunbreak Subordinate

    It's not perfect but its a challege.
    Requires some different tactics that is all. i.e instead of getting out the tank and dying to the autocannon, try a stalker bolter or using the tank to surpress/destroy the autocannon. He's fixed in position. Easy target.
    Jump marines to capture the top floor, then get a few to attack from the top to distrupt the back lines and you can break through.
    I get people don't like the challenge but other than deducting 10 lives from A its alright. Most matches I've seen are down to the wire. Feels like a hard fought defensive victory and an awesome win if you're an attacker
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  6. Lord Ravagerx Deadknight Well-Known Member

    complete overhaul add more def barricades
  7. Construct_ Thraxus First Blood!

    Remove timers and tickets add a tug of war mechanic with rewards for flipping zone, each time zone's flipped defender and attacker positions are switched. Fixed.
  8. Rathael Rathael Arkhona Vanguard

    Assuming we're talking about that 3-point one-after-the-other map with that really tall hill in the middle that was recently implemented, I actually swap to a stalker loadout just for this map. I find a disturbing lack of counter-strategy to weapons that are good at holding chokes like plasma cannon.

    Stalker bolter is very effective at annoying the hell out of plasma cannon users peeking in and out. They fire slow-travelling easily-avoided plasma globs... while you can tap them 2 or 3 times if they peek for too long. More importantly, stalker bolter used at extreme range is awesome for forcing enemies into cover. This allows allies to move forward and claim important ground. I found this extremely effective when pushing the hill leading up to the second point.

    What those allies do from there is up to them. On LSM that usually involves just become lemmings and walking to their deaths 1 by 1. That is not a fault of the map though. That, as always, is just LSM players being dense.

    Failing that if I'm on my usual JPA, I just try my best to harass and clear out balconies of havocs. Heavy weapons are the main reason these defense points are hard to take. The heavies have to be distracted and harassed otherwise it just becomes a stupid meat grinder.
  9. toad Chesstoad Menial

    It's not a balanced map.

    Only way to win as attackers is to be a much better team.

    Haven't lost a game on defense yet when I began on A (except once when most of team was flickering fire sorcs). Even entered a game on defense with 10 mins left and 20 tickets on C. Was an easy win.

    Not in the least balanced. Only possible to win as attackers with extreme asymetery. Rebalance or add to trash can.
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