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Tackling Cheaters Before The Game Goes Live

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Khadgar, Sep 25, 2014.

  1. Aeachus Khadgar Recruit

    Hi guys,

    Just a few concerns I'd like to raise with the dev team.

    I'm not a programmer and I don't know how to script. However, I come from a background of Counterstrike, which has a big problem with cheaters. Every time the game goes on sale, there's a new wave of cheaters with aimbots/wallhacks/teleport hacks, among other cheats [like ESP and speedhacks]. It's a big problem, and makes matchmaking a pain in the ass. You go to play a game for fun and one guy on the enemy team instagibs you through a wall, prefires every location where you are, and makes outrageous bunnyhop headshots. It's a problem, and the enjoyability of the game goes from kind of fun to not very fun at all.

    From what I've heard most of these problems stem from the fact that some properties of the game depend on the client's side, some things on the server side. CS:GO messed up big time by making things like hitboxes/player location depend on the client side of things, so with modified .dll files it is possible to teleport and aimbot. According to people who know better than I, most of the cheats in CS:GO would not be possible if this distinction had been more thoroughly considered during the development phase.

    So I ask you, please cobble the cheaters before they can ruin people's games. Valve has an incredibly clunky anti-cheat system, and while the community can help to forward particular cases, on the whole the cheaters remain in the game for up to - and sometimes more - than a month after they are first detected. The plus side is that there are hardly any false positives, but there again, sometimes games are filled with cheaters, and the number of cheaters doesn't die down till a while after. It took a month for the latest influx of CS:GO cheaters to get hit by the banwave, but games are still littered with them.

    So please, please, please, implement some private measures to stop cheaters. Some companies ban computers instead of accounts - If someone got hit with the ban-hammer, their PC is labelled as such, and the computer in question cannot run the game. On the other hand, if someone's little brother was a cheater and used his older brother's PC [who didn't cheat], the older brother could no longer play even though he was legit. This problem wouldn't arise if banning simply stopped people from using a particular account. The problem with this, however, is that when a game goes on sale [like with CS:GO], the cheaters buy 10 accounts for 30 bucks and their cheating subscription works for all of them [since many of the websites promoting them are subscription based].

  2. Aeachus Khadgar Recruit

    Amazing! Thanks for the response. My one concern is that there is a type of mouse on the market with an inbuilt no-recoil hack. You press a certain fire button on the mouse, the mouse itself automates near-perfect recoil compensation. Apparently CS:GO can't even detect this, basically because it stems from the hardware.

  3. Well, has someone found solutions to those kinds of cheats? But it wont be so bad, because your shots have a spread, even if you aim directly at enemys heads.
  4. Tarl68 TARL68 Arkhona Vanguard

    apparantly that particular mouse trick isnt really a hack its a macro,

    and plenty of games already have built in anti-macro programming in their systems to prevent auto-play...I'd be surprised if EC didnt as well

  5. Well you know - I will never claim we are perfect, the whole cheater situation/fight is something we can never win, first there will be cheats and only after we will be able to detect them and fix the issue. For some issues there are no fixes, but if recoil hacks on hardware will become something game breaking we can always consider removing recoil for everyone, then everyone is on equal footing again ;)
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  6. Aeachus Khadgar Recruit

    Thanks for the response =) It might just be better with recoil :p Not everyone would have that piece of hardware, only a few I think. In CS:GO at higher levels of play people sometimes use a 'totem of death' to counter cheaters - One guy crouches down in a corner, another guy jumps on his head and they stay there until the cheater runs round the corner. If the cheater kills one then the other can get him and make a 1:1 trade. The only way the cheater can get around it is by going ham with aimbot. So to an extent players learn to adapt. Still and all, in lower ranked matchmaking cheaters are a nightmare.

    I posted in another thread a few suggestions about requisition points and combat multipliers. There was a little debate about the whole thing, but after a few responses I came up with a few suggestions to supplement the planned system. These were:

    • Give guilds a pool of RP to use at their own discretion [which is either (1) as a tax imposed on guild members which is funneled into the guild RP pool; (2) awarded to the guild based on their performance in battles; (3) donated to the guild by members; or a combination of all three.
    • Guild requisitions are on a separate cooldown
    • Only a specific number of guild requisition points can be actively spent at any one time
    • Cooldown for RP spent by any particular guild is on an RP cooldown timer which applies to that guild only
    You might have already covered all the possibilities but there could be something in there which was overlooked. The fundamental idea behind it was that guilds had a certain amount of autonomy and the resources to deploy combat multipliers in a manner best befitting the situation without breaking the game. It would in effect be a guild bank for requisition points - Care to take a peek? :p

  7. Always care, but not much I can add to that - so let's focus back on topic here please :)
    You are welcome to PM me if you want me to look at other threads - same goes for other devs!
    Only request is - keep it technical for me, even though I can answer also a lot of design, it's not my metier ;)
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  8. Aeachus Khadgar Recruit

    Nah that's sweet, the best thing about EC is that the developer team interact with the customers.

  9. Well we are our own customers too ;) we love what we do and we want to make a game everyone in this community will love as much as we do!
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