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TAC Archetype UAT Nerf Prototyping

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Schwifty, Jul 18, 2018.


Solutions to resolve TAC-GEDDON

  1. Remove the 'Rollex' crouch/roll/shoot bug

  2. Add a Reload Animation Timer for switching from Knife to Primary Ranged Weapon

  3. Increase Ranged TTK by reducing raw damage

  4. Increase Ranged TTK by reducing rate of fire

  5. Muh Bolter? . . . NOES MUH BOLTER!

  6. Other; Please feel free to comment

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  1. Viking Vking Arkhona Vanguard

    good read. Unfortunatly you´ll most likely fall on deaf ears here. Some people here believe that the game should be balanced for the worst players and only around their playstyle (weirdly enough thats almost always melee :thinking: ) Even going as far as saying high skilled players shouldnt be playing at all.

    I totally agree that the only "fix" for this problem which is not a problem at all is a MMR system and enough population to support it. Unfortunatly this will not happen anytime soon.
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  2. NoU Recruit

    so that why we get like bad map carmine assent in game because you do good on it?
  3. Gravord Gravord Active Member

    On the contrary. EC TTK is too short for a Warhammer 40k universe based game. First, most characters wear insanely durable power armors, yet cant feel it much when being one shotted by half of the game weapons or dying under bolter fire in 2s tops, JPA might aswell strap rocket to his back and walk naked with current meta. Second, EC have melee and healers aswell, which OHK makes useless.
    Thirdly, EC as shooter is bad, plain and simple. In comparision to real shooters its just bad and without 40k feel doubt any of us here would play. R6, BF series and plenty other offer much better AND first person shooter experience.
    So no, shortening TTK would only finish off EC for good. Increasing TKK, adding more w40k flavor feel, prolonging fights to make healer actually feels usefull other than revive bots, that would be good for game health and give chance to grow population from current pathetic numbers.
    Lore trivia - ork combat "doctrin" mainly consist of tons of slugga boys rushing with their choppas and doing noise with their dakka pistols... seen that ever in this game?
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  4. LucianNostra Well-Known Member

    Increasing ttk isn't going to help either, part of newb complaints is dying to fast as a marine, the other part is I can't kill anything with muh bolter.

    Also flanking is already not terribly rewarding as ttk is long enough that you can't take down a small group fast enough before the others drop you once they hear the shooting. We don't need to make it worthless to flank
  5. Gravord Gravord Active Member

    If someone cant kill with a current bolter meta he should spend more time in garrison and less on forum. Range ttk is way too quick and anyone saying otherwise is either ultimate bad or delusional.
  6. LucianNostra Well-Known Member

    Yet it's the second biggest complaint of new players, it's always I die to fast as a marine followed by the bolter sucks I can't kill anything before I die.

    So I don't see how making ttk longer will solve many issues and not just lead to more newbs complaining about the bolter
  7. Easy fix considering the fact that those noticeably missing weapon swap animations(Bolter-Knife-Bolter) are already in game.

    Have any doubts? Swap from Bolter to pistol via your weapon swap hotkey. You see and hear an animation and your pistol and knife come out. With your knife and pistol out, if you want to swap back to bolter, you have to again, activate your weapon swap hotkey, you see and hear the swap sequence, and your bolter is back up.

    For some reason Tacs can bypass that entire sequence going from Bolter to knife and from knife to bolter by simply tapping RMB or LMB which results in no delay, requires no weapon swap hotkey and is noticeably missing the animation and delay. That's a huge shortcut and a clear imbalance.

    Simply require the same hotkey input for swapping from Bolter to knife/pistol(and vice versa) and implement the EXISTING weapon swap animations for the pistol/knife when going from Bolter to knife or knife to bolter.
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  8. Lucius Vinicius JojoKasei Arkhona Vanguard

    This override may be due to the fact that without it, Tacs could NOT USE ANY MELEE ATTACKS AT ALL before switching weapons and would be even more helpless than heavies (who could at least put up the sorry charade of a fight). As opposed to, like, all other classes, who don't have to switch and can do it all in an instand.
    So there is a good reason for it.
  9. ^Quoted for context of the below

    Omg I've been thinking of a way to put that for literally YEARS and you've just done it in one sentence!

    Also this, so much this ^. As soon as a TAC Archtype gets their Knife out it should automatically switch them to pistol, then like the Sorcerer who wants to change spells they would then have to make a concentrated effort to switch back to their primary Ranged weapon engaging a reload animation.

    Three strokes of genius in a row all contained in one neat paragraph, someone get this to the devs so they can see how ridiculous the current system is.
  10. Muh Signature answers all of that.

    Your welcome.

    And in other news;

    Good work.png

    With a little luck maybe Rollex will be gone next patch with a reload animation timer for switching from Knife to Primary Ranged weapon following close behind.

    rumors of a Stalker Bolter nerf too? hmmm.
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