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Suspension and Ban Policy

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by KatieFleming, Mar 10, 2017.

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  1. Katie Fleming KatieFleming Former Community Manager

    Hey Crusaders!

    Just a reminder to kindly read our Suspension and Ban Policy. Exploiting/hacking/posting videos of such, etc are not tolerated and your account will be banned or permanently banned (forums AND the game).

    If you see anyone breaking our Terms of Service please send in a screenshot to our Customer Support.



    Edit Nathan, adding to this post so you see the response.

    This is under no circumstances "negotiable" or gray. This is standard operating procedure in any online game.

    If you believe this is helping the game in any way by spreading any form of exploit, you could not be more wrong.

    If you find an exploit, which note, in the case of elites, requires malicious intent to achieve as it doesn't happen accidentally 10 times in a row, you report it directly to us. You even get rewarded for reporting it.

    Naming and shaming has nothing to do with it nor does it benefit anyone. You can write it in a post, but you don't show the exploit. Because we are the only ones that CAN confirm it, act on it, act on the exploiters and fix it. Naming and shaming does in no way whatsoever assist in that process.

    Not reading the terms of service is not an excuse to not follow the rules. If this kind of operating procedures are new to you, I suggest you read up on some other terms of service from other games. If you actually bother to compare (which will kill your brain for days), you'll see we're actually pretty relaxed in enforcement and ignoring minor breaches with either warnings or temp bans.

    Regarding keeping a video of an exploit and saying don't do this, that's also not beneficial. It's enough to say in text that it's an exploit. Because if you don't know how, that's fine.

    If you do know and read "Multiple spawn of elites in a match is an exploit" and you know how to, chances are, you tried it and you are in our logs.
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  2. Pouncey Pouncey Subordinate

    I totally understand the part about banning people who cheat... That makes good sense and is the way it should be.

    But posting videos of people cheating? Gamers only do that on official forums in name and shame threads, to try to bring cheaters to the company's attention to get them banned.

    Still, you must have a reason for being so harsh on this, while most gaming companies would simply delete any name/shame threads to protect the innocent from false accusations. I'm curious what it is. Would you mind explaining what I'm missing?
  3. Brikksmasha DoomedOne Drill Abbott

    So yeah - fix that bug with
    this one thinks that hiding an exploid description behind a spoiler wouldnt hurt
    . Just that option being there is so tempting to go nuts a little, but damn is it wrong.

    Make it go away, plox :<

    PS. Also you should keep that topic with the video of this bug and add a giant neon sign "THIS IS BAD, DONT DO THIS, OR WE WILL PROBE YOUR BEHIND WITH BANHAMMER!".
  4. Git Kwik GitGud Active Member

    >Exploiting/hacking/posting videos of such

    >posting videos of exploits = ban

    literally everyone exploits on this game, half of the threads are about fixing exploits. that's the point of pre-releasing a game. so people break it for the devs to fix on release.
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  5. Shiani Brujah Preacher

    Literally... Literally everyone exploits? Hmm.
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  6. Get 'em Katie!
  7. Git Kwik GitGud Active Member

    spamming OP Dbash is exploiting
  8. I know it may sound ridiculous, but that's not actually an exploit. That's currently working as designed (not a bug). It's the design that needs to be changed. Using OP weapons and mechanics is not exploiting.

    An example of an exploit would be moving a vehicle inside a building with a capture point when it obviously shouldn't fit inside or be able to ride up the stairs.
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  9. Fistikuffz da Harassa Lawro Well-Known Member

    What no porn links allowed doh
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  10. Post Slaanesh stuff, thats not porn thats lore :p
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