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Discussion in 'New Player Tips & Training' started by R39525, Jun 11, 2017.

  1. Engravr R39525 New Member

    I'm totally new to Eternal Crusade and have had difficulty finding out the simplest things that I'm sure most people here already learned the hard way. So I started this thread to create a place where inexperienced people like me can ask for more help and experience people like you can likely point us to where to get that information or just tell us what we need to know.

    1. HUD: I'd love to read a document or watch a video about what each little thing on the HUD is telling me. This would include:
      • NAVIGATION: How do I know which way to get to a capture point?
      • STAMINA: How is my stamina indicated on the HUD?
      • HEALTH: How is my health indicated on the HUD?
      • RADAR: What does the radar screen show me and what is the best way for me to use it?
      • CAPTURE POINTS: I understand the three letters near the top of the HUD represent the state of the capture points, but there are some items to the right of them that I don't understand.
      • Anything else that I missed.
    2. SCREEN IN BATTLE: There are many things on the screen besides the HUD that I don't understand. This might include:
      • FRIEND OR FOE: How do I recognize friends from foes so I don't shoot up my own team?
      • BLUE THINGS AROUND THE BORDER: I see little blue icons that move around the periphery of the screen. What should I know about these?
    3. CONCEPTS: There are some general concepts that are not clear to me. What are the following? How do I get them and use them?
      • LOAD POINTS (LP):
      • RTC:
      • UNLOCKS:
    That's enough to start with. I hope other people will post topics for tutorials here as well.
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  2. M-state Alchemist M-state Steam Early Access

    Lets take this from the top.
    1. HUD
    • Navigation - Here is some detailed maps and some hints and strategies.
    • Stamina - Is represented by yellow bars that appear next to your crosshair when you evade. How fast it regens and how many bars of stamina you have is affected by your current load-out. Note that sprinting is unaffected by stamina but prevents stamina regen.
    • Health, Armor & Toughness - They are displayed in the bottom right and are affected by your current load-out. Armor regens and health doesn't but toughness mitigates a % of dmg done to you from all sources. However weapons with higher penetration ignores a % of that toughness.
    • Radar - Shows friendlies with either blue or yellow arrows and enemies red. Only marked or those within line of sight of others will show on the radar so don't expect to see all foes. Arrows that are faded are either higher or lower than you. Ammo crates and vehicles are also shown on the radar.
    • Map - Remember that you have a map that you can use any time. Enemies and points will show on the map as well.
    • Capture points - 3 points if yellow need to be defended and if red need to be capped. The bar beside it is for the attackers to fill. If the attackers cap and hold 2 points for more than 7 minutes (I think) or fill the bar they win. The clock under each point means that if that point is capped the match is extended giving the attackers more time.
    2. Screen in battle - Green triangles are shown above allies not in your current squad. Where as squad mates are constantly shown on your hud. Their current class is signified and their name and health is visible without moving your crosshair over them. Downed allies have a yellow cross above them that slowly lowers over time and if it empties they die. They can also be finished by enemies via weapons or executions. You can interrupt an execution with melee. Downed enemies appear with a yellow skull that follows the same principles as downed allies. You can safely finish them for an extra 20xp or you can execute them and receive 100xp. But know when and when not to either revive or execute.

    3. Concepts
    • Load-out Points - Or otherwise known as LP is the limit of how much you can equip each load-out with as each weapon, mods, war gear and trinkets cost LP.
    • Experience Points - Or otherwise known as XP is how you level up. The higher your level the more advancements you can purchase. As certain advancements require a certain level.
    • Advancements - Advancements can be bought with advancement points or AP. These give you war gear, trinkets, LP cost reductions of weapons, squad leader boosters and other healing abilities along with offensive spells for only chaos and eldar.
    • RTC - Rogue trader credits or RTC is premium currency you can use to buy cosmetics or RTC weapons. The weapons are not pay to win and cannot be modified as they already have been and are only master crafted variants of weapons.
    I may have missed a few things but that covers your questions. If you want to know more just let me or other members know. Just add it to your list and either me or someone else will answer them.​
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  3. Engravr R39525 New Member

    Hey M-State, thanks for the comprehensive answers. Here's some followup questions.
    1. Load-out Points - Okay, but what limits how many points you can use on a loadout? Is this fixed or does it vary? If it's fixed, at what value. If it varies, what causes this change?
    2. Experience Points - "XP is how you level up."
      • What does "level up" mean? Is that your rank or something else?
      • Right below my rank is a progress bar that says "225/12000 XP".
        • What does the 225 represent? Is it my XP total or after reaching rank 2?
        • What does the 12000 represent? Is it the XP I need to get to rank 3 or rank 5?
    3. Advancements - I see that I am rank 2 on one character and I have 6 advancement points (AP). Looking at the advancement tree/map it looks like the highest rank is 5. I imagine this whole advancement scheme is quite complex to decide what track to follow. It is likely something that you learn as your time here matures.
      • How do I advance in rank?
      • How do I gain AP?
      • Are AP only used to purchase advancement "things"?
    4. RTC - I see I have some RTC. I also have Requisition credits too.
      • What are requisition credits?
      • How do I get them?
      • How do I use them?
      • How do they relate to RTC?
    5. Purchase System - There seems to be at least two purchase systems here; the Advancements system using the AP currency and the Rogue Trader Credits system using using RTC as currency. I guess the Experience Points kind of automatically upgrades your rank as you accumulate XP. Is this a fair description? Did I miss anything about these three currencies? (I don't know how to classify the Requisition credits yet because I don't know what they are.)
    Thanks again M-State. I feel just a little bit smarter now than I did yesterday ... but you be the judge.
  4. 1. 1,000 load out points for standard class, 1,400 for veterans unlocked at rank 5
    2.Kill shit pvp/pve, heal people, defend and capture points. level up means you're technically getting stronger and having access to more powerful war gear/equipment. after every rank your xp resets so in your example of 225/12000 you will need another 11,775 xp to gain another rank/level. excess xp from your previous rank/level carry over if you earned more than what was required in a previous pvp/pve.
    3. Advancement can be found in the advancements tab and simply read and unlock if you have enough points to make you more proficient with chosen weapon skill,utility and access to more powerful armours spells ect.. if you choose for example the bolter advancement it will cost you less loadout points so you have more points to spend on your characters equipment so in theory making you better equipped and potentially more powerful. AP is gain much slower than requisition points and xp but gained as you play the game.
    4. Requisition points are used in the store to purchase loot crates that randomly choose new equipment within the loot crate category. there are weapons and scopes you can purchase directly if you're impatient but most people buy the least expensive to the most expensive crates as it will be more beneficial for a new player. RTC can be bought or won during campaigns. There are items in store such as weapons and armour skins that can only be acquired with RTC premium currency. You cannot acquire premium weapons and armour skins advertised in the rogue trader store through requisition points spent on loot crates.
    5. If you want to experience this game as fast as possible I suggest you play pve and jump on a heavy bolter. Dont hold down the trigger and never choose normal mode it only gives half the xp and requisition points per run and really pisses people off that ain't new not to mention that the difficulty on hard if you know how to shoot is barely noticeable. don't make the grind twice as long for yourself and others. tap shots to the head, conserve ammo, share ammo with teammates for extra xp, watch your heat level on your bolter, if it maxes out then you're in cooldown and cant fire essentially letting your team down.
  5. Engravr R39525 New Member

    Thanks Spock for those words of wisdom. Do people level up in multiple races? That must take a long time.
    Live long and prosper.
  6. M-state Alchemist M-state Steam Early Access

    Leveling up all 4 factions will take you a long time but with all that experience you start to dominate in matches. It's also a good idea to play all factions so you understand how each faction functions both gear wise, player base behavior and strategies. Understand them and you can better counter them. Know thy enemy and know thy ally. And you shall know thy victory.
  7. Most weapons from the RTC store can be modded. Exceptions are the Sternguard Bolter, Abaddon's Grace and Gatekeeper’s Bastion, since they are premodded.
  8. M-state Alchemist M-state Steam Early Access

    Well I've never spent a single bit of RTC even though I have so much saved up. I'm too indecisive about cosmetics and I don't see the worth in RTC weapons. So I didn't know that. Should've guessed that the pre-modded weapons were the only unmoddable ones.

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