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Stuttering and Rubberbanding - please help!

Discussion in 'Ask the Team' started by Iskarioth, May 19, 2017.

  1. Iskarioth Recruit

    (If there's a tech corner or help subforum I didn't find it so please move it accordingly if I'm wrong here)

    I've endured this since I installed the game but I really reached my limit: the game keeps stuttering to the point where I and my enemies (mostly the latter) start rubberbanding all over the place. I even saw vehicles take flight, quite literally.

    First of, I'm tech wizard but not a complete scrub either, so here's my rig and the things I already tried:

    GeFrorce GTX 1060 6GB (latest driver)
    Intel i5-4690k CPU @ 3.5ghz (OC to 4ghz)
    8 GB RAM

    - I already switch of all other programmes
    - I turned my graphics down to 'low'
    - I did a ping test and played other online MP games to compare my ping and performance (no issues there)
    - I updated my GPU's drivers and checked it and the CPU via CPU-Z and GPU-Z to see the load.
    - I even tried to use the tricks posted on this board about adding a starting command to the .exe and high prio to the process in the task manager

    but all to no avail. My pings not great (between 60-80ms) according to the ingame window and my frames are pretty stable at 60 and I still suffer from crippling stuttering and lagging, sometimes even rubberbanding. Sometimes I die without even see the enemy or shoot at them but do no dmg since they aren't really there, or suddenly appear out of nowhere.
    The strange thing is, it's random, some games are fine, many are bearable though barely and some completely unplayable. In all those I have roughly the same FPS and Ping! I'd add a video but I'm not good with that stuff.

    I'm completely out of ideas - PLEASE HELP!
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  2. Eavydakka Khaernakov Subordinate

    This is an issue i found myself few times, mostly when i played on europe servers, it seems to have something to do with the information youre receiving being a bit delayed but the next info being on spot, so thats why they go forth and back all crazy, the system tries to keep you updated of their position but the problem is the info you receive 1 time says "he is 1m away from you" while in the next 0.2 seconds "he is 3m away from you"

    Sorry this is not a helpful comment because i stopped trying to fix it a while ago, just commented this because this is what i think is the issue, your best bet is to just quit that match and hope you get a new one that is not the same

    A thing that MAY work tho is(if you use one, if not no idea then) to reset your router, just turn it off for a while and on again, dont actually reset it unless you know the IP and all those other numbers on the config
  3. Don't go messing with your stuff for that. The servers are full of laggy players. I get the same with a ping between 44-66ms. It's because they allow some rather high latency players on and well, we all know what laggers do to the server.

    It's the cause of the teleporting, the cover piercing bullets, the magic "two shot", the shots that hit - yet do not register, the micro stuttering, and the rubber banding. They have two server regions for a global player base. It's one of my only real gripes with an otherwise fun as hell game.

    Heck, I play with the eye candy off in a vain attempt to stop it, but of course, I can't. It's not on my end. It's the servers struggling to sync us. I just turn it down out of habit. I can't do a thing about players with a 300ms+ ping.
  4. Iskarioth Recruit

    First of all thanks for the replies. I already chose the server closest to me and since I'm german the Frankfurt Server is as close as I could get. It would be really helpful if they displayed ingame on what Server you end up playing and what kind of ping the enemies have.
    Still, I have to wonder weather there isn't another issue at work, along with those you mentioned. Because in some games I keep stuttering back and forth myself, in a way that I usually encounter when I am in fact the one who's lagging, yet my ping isn't even nearly as bad as it would need to be to cause such a delay. If there are just a few guys lagging than I shouldn't feel a time lag that seems to apply to everyone, right?

    I find it exceedingly annoying when pricks tell me to 'learn to aim' or 'L2P' when the game itself is hindering me. I keep getting killed in situations where I should be victories, especially melee is difficult when you can't really see in time what the enemy is doing to respond properly.
  5. Ryan Gosling RyanG Steam Early Access

    Just don't take the game seriously, then the bad service won't make you angry.

    of course if you're the sort of person who likes to take things seriously, you might as well go play something else. If it hasn't been fixed for three years what makes you think the developers view it as a problem? Just blowing hot air tbh.
  6. Iskarioth Recruit

    I'm actually a little flabbergasted since this is by far not my first F2P game and they usually work very hard to keep players happy on such a rudimental level. If I'm not the only one suffering from such a profound basic issue then I truly fear for the future of this game. Why's there no such thing as a tech corner or some professional help?
  7. Eavydakka Khaernakov Subordinate

    Because bE be like: eyy man can u play? then it works!

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