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Stormboyz, why must they choose between their gob and their rokkit pak?

Discussion in 'Ask the Team' started by GrazewoundZeroLow, Dec 17, 2018.

  1. Good afternoon,

    For those who may not know, each Ork role gets their own gob. A piece that goes into the wargear 1 slot, and is shown as a beaten metal jaw slapped on their helmet or bolted straight into their face.

    For the stormboy, it shares the w1 spot with the rokkit pak upgrades. This forces the player to choose between having xhealth/xarmor/xtoughness vs +1 fuel. While this seems as a no-brainer, not everyone wants to hop along the ground instead of flying haphazardly through the air.

    I wish to make a suggestion that will not only benefit the stormboy, but all JPAs... Why not make the jump pack, and all their advancements, as a passive?

    The JPA with still benefit from their +1/+2 fuel, visual upgrades of their pack, etc, but now will have other options due to the open w1 slot. As it currently stands, a JPA role must choose between either extra armor OR extra health, for when he/she lands to attack.

    Of course, I'm aware this idea may backfire -- simply due to the crazy gear combos Orks and CSM can do.

    Thank you for your time and consideration.
  2. Krayt Krayt Preacher

    So what would be the point of playing Ground assault if JPA can be as taky and have more agility at the same time?
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