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State of the Crusade - 2018

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Oveur, Jan 18, 2018.

  1. Nathan Richardsson Oveur Senior Producer

    You all should head over to our official news on Steam to check out the latest State of the Crusade.

    Happy new carnage everyone! Who would have thunk that we’d still be alive in this fresh hell of a new year? We’ve gotten the wrath of all the gods deservedly; we’re not happy where we are, you’re not happy where we are.

    Yet we don’t give up because of the potential. If you give up, you can be certain you will die.

    I joined EVE Online when we were 30,000 players. When I left we were more than 400,000. I believe because I’ve seen the turnaround happen, more than once.

    Death is forever, so since we’re dead, we can do what we want

    As we return from the holidays and revisit our plans for the year, we can start sharing what’s ongoing. Some of this isn’t new to you, some of it is. Some of it sounds crazy, some insane, some useless.

    However, we have UAT – the public test server - as our working development server, so we are going open and wide on testing things earlier, sometimes just “hey this sounds crazy,” and we try it out. Come join us if you want in on the game.

    This is because we work with what we have. Some of the things we think of are simple to materialize as we have shelves full of material in various finished states, and our strategy is tools to create content, rather than hardcode content. With tools, you don’t need nearly as much engineering time to materialize even meaningful changes, new maps, even new game modes.

    Initiatives this year for the crusade of the ded

    We’re still waiting for answers, confirmation, and approvals on some of these, as well as being blocked technically, so this is what our intent is for 2018. They will be covered in more detail as we get closer, and we see that we won’t get bent over by a god in the last meters before launch, ruining plans yet again. There is more, but I figured it would be better to get some of the information out and reveal later.

    • Steam Workshop

      We weren’t clear when we told you we had finally gotten the green light to have a workshop. What wasn’t clear is that it meant we could start the work, preparing it. This is still ongoing, and it will open as soon as I can. I’ve been working for more than a year getting this through all channels, and yet there is always more, some tech, some legal, some just because they can. Join the community Workshop discord channel, I hang out there on occasion, and there is super cool stuff there.

    • New game modes

      We have experimented with game modes, we have some who are working, missing only bits and pieces, as well as the ever wonderful UI changes to display the state of the match. Right now we’re wrapping up our take on 5v5 team deathmatch as this was a low hanging fruit. There is, of course, a king of the hill kind of mode, the ever famous battle royale variants, and mixing up things in our current modes. Good thing with new game modes is they don’t always need a new map. Our system allows for multiple modes to exist on a map.

    • New maps, variations of maps, and map buffing

      We have maps that are in a progressed state we can finish up, we intend to cut up some of our current maps to make variations as they have large areas unused today, and we intend to try to utilize those unused areas in the original maps. Perhaps with capture points which are for other classes?

    • Scream while dying ™ and other drastic balancing

      Screaming after you died in a way not clear to you, in milliseconds, is not fun. Screaming while dying is at least having some fun until you die. This means drastically increasing survivability, which can be done through quite a few ways. It should also result in more epic battles. After all, we’re supposed to be a tactical squad shooter of superhumans and Xenos. So why not try it all out? We can always change back.

      Fewer but far more durable vehicles are part of this. A tank rolling in is supposed to be epic. Infantry taking it out is supposed to be epic. Shooting infantry with anti-vehicle weapons is not epic, but being the person shooting the tank with the anti-vehicle will get the cheers.

      You can participate in the discussion here on how to achieve it.

    • Volunteer Teams

      We’re starting volunteer teams. In online games, this is common as a source of feedback. We have some groups already, the latest to open is the Campaign and storyline writers group that just delivered a series of 6 campaigns for each faction, that we will now process. It’s fantastic.

      We should start the same formal volunteer groups for the workshop, and for general development on our test server – and probably used discord as we hang out on the informal Eternal Crusade discord, and the workshop. Jump in. Want to be part of leading them? Post on the forum and show that your milkshake brings all the boys to the yard.

    • Partnerships

      When we talk about funding, never having had an ad campaign, our steam reviews suck the genitalia of crossbred quadrupeds, and as it only costs 100 dollars to publish a game on Steam now, our visibility is none.

      Publishing and partnerships are where we, after having our rights back from Bandai Namco, can find worldwide partners for co-development and co-publishing, except with worldwide rights. Right now, most are working on their own games and don’t have funds or time to do this, especially after big name launches crashing so hard lately. We’re in talks, and these things take a long time, but it is still active.

      Finding a partner, and funds flowing, opens up for reviving our console builds. We had them ready for final certification when their publishing was pushed out. Imagine that. So getting them back could be low hanging fruit for a new partner.

      Partners also include “wholesale,” where you have platforms that either has a very special purpose. This can be a Humble Bundle for charity, but it can also be like the Intel gaming bundle partner program. That means Intel partners go in and select in bulk, games to have in a bundle. We’re there, and other similar ones. It also means we’ve added three more digital retailers, where they have our most recent products, and we’ll do special promotions with them.

      Epic Games is also a partner. We use their engine, just like PUBG and Fortnite. One day we will be able to update the engine we use, version 4.12 – and get the latest updates. As you may know, these games are quite similar at their core. So when games with more than 10x our revenue and size need stuff getting done, we’re hoping this will end up in the Unreal Engine for the benefit for all.

      There is more out there that's still in the starting phase and will become huge. Amazon / Twitch Prime, GOG getting bigger, and we are almost non-existant in huge Warhammer markets. We have the download stats, player stats etc. and it is amazing how many territories and countries don't know about us. Yes, seriously. Only 60,000 downloads from Russian territories? I think there might be a couple of more players over there.

    Three years after joining, and here we are, so let's reflect

    No, we’re not Planetside 2, no we’re not Skyrim with 1000 player battles, no there isn’t open world maps yet, no it most certainly is not what you signed up for, many years ago. Addressing larger issues on the Top 10 lists, or even gods forbid, getting to start work on the open world gameplay maps hasn’t happened either. Because it’s all about the money.

    The money I get, we use to operate and develop. Yes, we have had a lot of changes and moves to sister teams, I'll let them post if they want to. They are still just next to us and we get them assigned for specific projects so it's not all bad. They pay them instead of us! KEK

    I’ve seen lately a strong undercurrent in the community that is “what can we do?”. And you’ll end up with something like the Eternal Crusade Clan initiative.

    Saturdays from 2 PM to 8 PM EST, the clans are going to focus their playtime to increase online concurrency, allowing for more matches in all factions and generally a good time. I’m going to broadcast this on all our media. There will be enough servers, they always automatically fire up new hardware based on players.

    This year is the year of nasty-nice. Bring the criticism, bring the initiatives, help us on the test server deliver the new combat experience of Eternal Crusade, be nice, but stay your nasty selves. Toxicity is not welcome, so let’s all surprise our cold dead hearts this year, with nasty-nice.

    If I suddenly disappear after I post this, you will know why.

    Nathan "Frank" Richardsson and team.
  2. Details Details The Spriteful

    2018-01-18 13.39.00.jpg
    but how soon are we talking about?
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    In the grim darkness of the far future there is only "Soon™"

  4. Krooza Nob Bozz KroozaNob Well-Known Member

    Love ya man, ya zoggin bearded nordling git. looking forward to da new content and good luck finding promising partners that can give ya a proppa kicking to restart the game!
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  5. HowSoonIsTau.jpg

    All is progressing as the Etherals have foreseen for the Greater Good, Guel'la...
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  6. Razmirth Sneaky-krumpin Subordinate


    But interesting read @Oveur. I’m not gonna say I’m thoroughly impressed, but it sounds like you guys still have a hand in the cookie jar so to speak, and are doing what you can to make things better.

    That being said....

    I’m not trying to turn this into a doom and gloom thread by saying this. Remember, you asked for criticism. And I’m sorry if I sound grumpy, but it’s 5am, me and my three kids are sick, wife is 39 weeks pregnant and can’t sleep, which means I can’t sleep, and I’m getting ready for work by taking a morning crap In the toilet, which is diarrhea cause I’m sick, and my weird obsessive cat is licking the same spot on my leg with his sandpaper tongue, and he won’t stop no matter how many times I shoo him away. SO, bear with me, as this is the only chance I’ll get all day to day my peace.

    After reading all the upcoming things, a lot of it sounds like smoke shows and mirrors. Things like new content, maps etc sound promising, and i think that will help for sure. But other parts like getting new funding but no one wants to invest after so many crashes this year? While that may be true, I think if you combine that statement with,

    I think the answer becomes a bit more clear. It’s more like no company is willing to invest in a game that has already crashed. And I don’t say that to be rude, just trying to be honest. Current player base is average of 300 at peak, 150 during regular hours. That’s literally back to launch numbers, and I know because I’ve looked it up on steam. I think it would Be one thing if you guys were looking for a partner back when free to play launched and there was 5000 peak player base, but at this point? You guys are like a homeless guitar player, and you’d be lucky to get a few cents/dollars thrown into your guitar case by passer-byes.

    This doesn’t mean I want the game to fail cause I don’t. I want to see it grow, and that’s why after a year and a half, I’m still supporting it by playing, even though i constantly feel it’s against my better judgement. I think the core experience is good, but I also know a few other things.

    1- game crashes are becoming more frequent again. My game, along with people on here, have all had recent problems with games crashing randomly. I literally uninstalled the other day and reinstalled, and to no avail. Voice chat is off, and I’ve verified integrity. This leads me to beleive that there are things being missed/not kept current. This is probably one of them biggest detriments to the game, along with insanely high ping and latency at times.

    2- new players are scared off from the elite veteran community. Spending your whole game running from tranposrts and spawn points isn’t fun, only to be gunned down in 2 seconds by 20 headshot maniacs. That’s not to say the should be punished for their skill, but it’s the truth.

    3- I find balance is good right now, but there are two communities specifically that have been completely ignored and, if anything, alienated and pushed out. Yes, Eldar and Orks. We have been subject of constant nerfs and lack of content, while LSM and CSM get all the glory. and no, a special 17 Canadian dollar avenger shuriken catapult which shoots gold glitter instead of blue doesn’t count. Cool? Yes. Enough to bring back the hundreds/thousand or so xenos players? Nope.

    4- speaking of CSM and LSM, you know how many people are so turned off because they are stuck playing only two factions, on the same maps? I know there’s a fair number out there, but inevetiably it seems torias and medusa are the big maps that always pop. Often 2-3 games in a row. I mean there’s other maps, but I hardly see them after being in que/games for an hour at times. Lack of diversity isn’t helping, both with races and maps. Which is why I’m glad to hear some maps are coming, but for heavens sake, make them pop more often somehow.

    These are the main issues I feel are inhibiting the game. Am I wrong? No. I know for sure I’m not wrong, because I’m not the only person who feels this way, and I’ve had a year and a half of being part of the forums and guilds/online communities to listen to others points of views as well.

    Take it for what you will. I’m done pooping, the cat has had his fill of licking my leg and has now moved onto my arm, and I’ve killed 15 percent of my phones battery to write this. Therefore my work day is about to start. Thanks for being honest about the current state of the game @Oveur.

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  7. Sitting to long on the toilet is one of the main reasons for haemorrhoids.
  8. Horus Firskon Cipher

    Mmm ... new promises.
  9. Lady Rheeva Steam Early Access

    I think we are facing two, major problems (with the game itself, not the business-side)

    1) Stagnation. EC is a good title, it really is. Solid balance, no PTW, interesting art and concepts. It my not be what we dreamed of or what it could have been, but as a WH40K-shooter, it is virtually without competition in its niche and a lot of the more recent changes have gone on the right direction.
    However, none of that matters. People don't care about what they already have, they prefer to chase excitement and hype.

    This is why I like "Death is forever, so since we’re dead, we can do what we want" so much.
    There are things you just don't do to a living game, bad business practice, more likely to break everything than to fix anything. But here, there really isn't much that could still break.
    To use Frankenstein as an analogy: you don't expose a living human to a ton of electricity and hope it has a positive impact. But a dead one might come back to live. Doesn't have to, but might work.
    I am really hoping this will speed up development even with the current lack of resources, at least a bit.

    2) Bad, new player experience.
    Scout: Complete one Match - 46%
    Warrior: Reach Rank 3 - 17.9%
    Veteran: Win 10 Matches - 15.4%
    Overzealous: reach Rank 5 - 4.3%
    And, may I remind everyone that your first Rank 5 should take maybe 100-150 hours, hence: next to nothing!
    When you join your first, real match, you are not prepared for anything, have no idea, what to do and see only toxicity in chat. I vaguely remember it was hard even trying to figure out, what direction the enemy was coming from.
    For pretty much your entire first, 200 hours, you are dirt. I can not recall a non-alt character level 5 or less I would have taken seriously in a fight.
    Only if you pass that period, the game starts to be enjoyable.

    And this is something the community, we, have the power to fix, perhaps even more than the devs. It would help tho to have a better platform to reach new players. Preferably something in-game, since you can never assume everyone reads the steam- or the official forums. Faction-chat would be a great start.
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  10. Zael Zael Well-Known Member

    Just a few questions

    Will it include templates for map-making? Or would map-making be too much responsibility to entrust it to the community?

    (Space Hulk-map, bombed-out-Hive-with-lots-of-balconies-and-levels-map, tank-map...)

    Is there a timetable for a cut-off for brainstorming, so we can compile the ideas we have so far to one large list of suggestions and focus on categorizing and polishing them?
    Please don't forget to balance this with the firepower of the main-cannon of the battle-tank. Trying to kill a tank with a tank is hard enough as it is.

    Because you're secretly mo-capping for your Titan?:D;)

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