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Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussions' started by KroozaNob, Apr 24, 2018.

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    SPOILERSPOILERPSPOILERSPOILER Go watch the movie Go watch the movie Go watch the movie

    Just came back from the cinema, HOLY STAN LEE IT WAS ZOGGIN AMAZING!!!
    Great fight scenes, great humor, great character development fot Thanos, overall, the satisfactory climax of the build up of the entire universe.

    The banter among different characters was amazing (looking at you StarLord, trying to act like a big man in front of Thor).

    Spider robot is best spider ever.

    Tony Stark actually spending most of his time in his suit, kicking arses with its nanobots machines.

    And a cliffhanger where heroes actually die and the villain is not just laughing maniacally, but he is actually satisfied with the outcome of his sacrifices, believing his choices were the right ones till the end.

    P.S. cheecky buggers starring as a giant dwarf smith zoggin Peter Dinklage himself.
    Friggin badass movie!

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