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Speed Of Play/death & Melee Attack Speeds

Discussion in 'Ask the Team' started by PANZERBUNNY, Mar 16, 2015.

  1. We've all played ultra fast paced games like Team Fortress and other quick spawn, combat, death mechanics. Will EC go down a similar road or will provisions be made to make the battles between us last a little longer to illustrate the epic events?

    Sure, landing a hit on someone with a Las or plasma Cannon will obviously fry him, but when it comes to taking Bolter to the enemy, any ideas how things currently are? Giving heavy weapons and explosives an advantage over general types of weapons in regards to kill capacity helps if there are cap restrictions on those classes.

    Also, will melee be more bulky in some cases when it comes to engaging or will we be sliding through each other in a mass brawl with Korean particles flying off our weapons, lighting up the night sky?

    Delays on attack? Weapon speeds? Possible stun from being blocked by a Stormshield for example?

    So many games these days make melee extremely gaudy and over the top.

    And the last question. Can we move through the enemy or can we block? This is a big thing. It's relevant to melee and also carries with it significant extra strategy to the game.

    Suddenly those Terminators become more than death incarnate. They become incredibly tough to move roadblocks in the corridor fighting we are sure to see.
  2. Rikamar Rikamar Well-Known Member

    In past livestreams they demonstrate bolter time to kill (which is closer to Gears of War & longer than Battlefield/Call of Duty), melee combat changes, and along with the 8v8 battle demonstration. Can find things here, Aka's Twitch Episode Summaries thread.

    "Giving heavy weapons and explosives an advantage over general types of weapons in regards to kill capacity helps if there are cap restrictions on those classes." by that do you mean limit to total number of players able to play as a certain class? If so, there won't be such a thing. Can play any class you want at any time. Spawning as Elite & Hero classes will be situational and have high a price + a lengthy cooldown attached.

    Not sure what you mean by bulky but melee fighting will have impact to it as well as Eldar being agile. Different weapons would have different attack speeds in terms of weapon types. Possibly vary between weapons within a type too. There are power attacks that can be charged up to make a stronger swing and canceled. There will be a stagger from blocking (maybe have to block at the right time?) also a stagger if your guard is broken. What weapon you are blocking with will also matter, both in terms of weapon type and the stats of that particular weapon. Stormshields block all damage but will have a block meter I liken to Dark Souls stamina. Apothecary can also inflict poison with his narthecium so that can effect combat speed.. Can see some mechanics in Into The Warp Episode 13. It won't be gaudy. It will be brutal. Devs are still expanding and adjusting on the melee combat system.

    "Can we move through the enemy or can we block?" I assume you are referring to situations like in Planetside 2 where players can't stop other players from running through them. If that's the case then yes there will be body collision.
    "15. Will there be body collision? So that players can actually block entrances and not have enemies just run through and around causing a lot of friendly fire. No collision for friendles so troll can't trap their team.

    BRENT: Yes, characters have proper collision. There is still walking collision on friendlies so the world looks and feels real (we don’t want a ton of space marines standing on one spot clipping through each other), but we’re making sure there are ways to get through them regardless (like rolling)."
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  3. Great answers. Pretty much what I'd like to see is all in.

    Apart from accepted Chapter colours, have they mentioned anything along the lines of Camo? All store unlocks I would assume. Skins, skins and more skins.

    Mechwarrior Online is a great example of a versatile custom camo system. Buy the camo, mess around with the colours. If that is too much, static camo skins would also be fine.

    I prefer the way that Warframe does their colour, where you can buy them on their own or in a group for a discount. Mechwarrior colour is extremely expensive and doesn't offer a bulk buy.

    I know people who have easily dropped a few hundred bucks on colour and camo alone in Mechwarrior. The same will hold true for this game if the tools are there.
  4. The uniforms of the Imperial Guard are camouflaged in order to protect their wearers by hiding them from sight.
    The principle is that what the enemy cannot see he cannot kill. This is not the way of the Adeptus Astartes. A Space Marine’s armour is bright with heraldry that proclaims his devotion to his Chapter and the beloved Emperor of Mankind. Our principle is that what the enemy can see, he will soon learn to fear…
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  5. Rikamar Rikamar Well-Known Member

    Last I heard about armor colors would be varied trims and main colors being adjusted to different shades of the Chapter's used colors. Keeping them recognizable but varied. For Eldar we don't know yet. Some want strictly Aspect Warrior colors others want Craftworld colors and I want both, even have AW colors with CW trim and vice versa. In Warframe I color my armors with Craftworld colors :D

    Each armor piece in the store will change colors to your chosen sub-faction, Elites & Heroes as well (I don't know about CSM Fallen hero). But in searching I did find this line said by Brent talking about weapons not being just skins in Q&A Answers Compilation Thread question #3,
    "- That doesn’t mean we can’t have things like color-swaps or adornments on weapons though. The rule is to use common-sense."​
    I was under the impression that the current 4 involved factions didn't utilize camo patterns but then the Eldar Ice Hawk Cannon showed up in the RTS. So could probably get camo patterns for weapons at least. Armor less likely but who knows. Or possibly remove a camo from another weapon. Changing a weapon themed after a specific sub-faction, such as some of the Chaos ones, to be more in line with your played sub-faction would be nice. Or maybe RTS weapons don't have that option, at least Founders stuff. For recognizing what that weapon is and/or for the narrative behind the weapon. I don't know. Could ask in the next community Q&A Questions Compilation when next it's open.

    Also these links to Twitch Episode Summaries talking about armor colors. Livestream Warp Echoes Episode 3 @15:09-21:36 plus Into the Warp Episode 13, 2nd question in the Q&A @58:52.

    Somewhat related to colors, and in no way official just an opinion, said by Ivan here.
    "if we did add successor chapters, my preference for handing it would simply to be cosmetic, and for all mechanical purposes they would be considered part of their first founding chapter."​
    Which I would agree with but could be exceptions, Black Templars for example operate with enough difference to warrant more than just being cosmetic.
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  6. Yet we have actual art work of Marine chapters out of their parade colours, with campaign colours that fit their environment. OPPS with that one.

    Badab war chapters are an example. Check the old companion. There is precedent.

    Chapters have been known to use camo or change their scheme depending on the environment of their campaign and it helps earn them money.
  7. Parade colours? thats just the usual colours, and no we dont, they have shown some "colourfull" marines in the live streams, and it is perfectly normal for marines to allways where their colours loud and proud, even scouts do it, but then also us cameleonic cloaks, to expect marines t camulflage themselves over their chapter colours is to expect Ogryns to teach the teori of Hawking radiation.
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  8. Parade colours are their normal colours. Even the most vain of Marine Commanders would be silly to keep their colours if they drastically broke with their environment on extended campaign. Here's the proof.

    Same thing in Battletech. Mech units had regimental colours and would regularly fight in them, but if there was an advantage in preparing ahead of time with camo schemes to blend in, they would.
  9. Because it's a fancy way to say normal regimental or unit decoration.

    That's why.

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